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How to become a secret agent. Questions and answers

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How to become a secret agent. Questions and answers
How to become a secret agent. Questions and answers

Secrets and investigations, chases and romance, danger and glory - and that's not all that makes the work of a scout attractive. Is it really? How to become a secret agent? You have to ask him yourself. But how to meet him? Nobody knows or sees them. That is why they are secret. Let's try to figure it out.

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Spy get out

First of all, define the terminology. Spy, resident, intelligence agent - who is who? Do they all work as secret agents?

A scout is a full-time employee of intelligence organizations who has received the appropriate education and has undergone special training. Can work in the status of a legal or illegal intelligence agent. Often uses intelligence agents to perform tasks. That is, assistants who are not professional intelligence officers, but perform certain tasks and assignments. It is they who can be called secret agents, since usually this activity is not advertised.

Resident - intelligence officermanagement, leading a group of intelligence officers and agents. Creates a residency - a network of secret agents.

Spy - the word itself has a negative connotation, and this activity is despised throughout the world. It is believed that a scout works for an idea, and a spy sells the secrets of the Motherland for money. Or, as they used to say, "everyone who works for us is spies, all enemy spies are spies."

Therefore, if, asking the question of how to become a secret agent, you think about your future profession, then you have a direct path to scouts.

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Spies out there… Spies in here…

The complication of almost all types and areas of activity in the modern world has led to the fact that narrow specialists in each profession are becoming more and more in demand. How to become a secret agent? You need to decide on the scope of your primary professional efforts.

A law enforcement officer can become a secret agent in subversive activities in enemy territory. Working in the security and protection services of the first persons of the state and large corporations is another way to retrain.

How do professionals in other fields become secret agents? There are many options. The main thing is to become an expert in your field and have access to important information. Industrial espionage is active in the information business, pharmacology, and high-tech developments.

The most famous example of modern times is the theft of documentation and drawings of the Manhattan Project (development of the atomic bomb). BiographyManfred Rothsch can be used as a guide for a novice agent (Tornado fighter). The story of the spouses Michael Zottoli and Patricia Mills, secret agents of our days, is also interesting.

Become a true professional and the relevant services will find you.

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You fit us

The choice of a candidate for the role of a secret agent is based not only on professional skills. Personal characteristics are taken into account: stress resistance, speed of reaction and decision-making, adaptability and much more. The biography is carefully studied and analyzed, additional knowledge and skills are evaluated.

The times of universal agents, who both control a helicopter and break ciphers, masterfully dancing tango, are gone. But the more you know and be able to, in addition to your main activity, the more likely you are to positively solve the problem of how to become a secret agent in real life. Foreign language proficiency and physical fitness are a priority. Acting skills, computer proficiency, conversational and negotiation skills, the ability to persuade and listen to an interlocutor, knowledge of classical and modern painting, survival skills or an expert assessment of elite wines - everything can be needed.

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Let them teach me

If you are not ready to wait for offers from intelligence organizations and are going to actively build a career as a secret agent, you need to think about education.

  1. Institute of the KGB them. Andropov, created in 1938 andwhich has changed more than one name in its history, is a real forge of Russian intelligence personnel.
  2. Leading language universities. MGIMO, Moscow State University, MGLG - many secret agents keep their diplomas among their documents.
  3. Top 10 schools in biology, pharmacology, informatics and computing.

There are many ways to become a secret agent. You can often achieve what you want in the most unexpected way.

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