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How to pass an interview at MTS: questions and answers
How to pass an interview at MTS: questions and answers

Like any event of this type, the interview at MTS is held according to the traditional plan. These strategies have been developed for a long time and work flawlessly. Do not expect any tricks, tricks, attempts to catch you on trifles. You must understand that there are many MTS salons in the CIS countries and there are plenty of workers required in these places. Therefore, without any doubt, getting a job in a simple position is even more than realistic. How to pass an interview at MTS?

What do you need to start?

To start working in "telesystems" it takes a little, just not to be pierced in the simplest requirements. It is worth noting that MTS is one of the few companies that has an open access to an interview with the HR director. There you can easily find all the basic requirements for future employees.

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What should I pay attention to before going to an interview at MTS?

The initial requirements are also nothing special. How to pass an interview at MTS:

  1. First, write a resume. In his interview, the HR director notes that it should not be very detailed. Your task is to focus on the essentials. It is not necessary to list all the last 20 jobs that you managed to change. The last two or three will suffice. But it’s worth describing your professional skills in as much detail as possible, especially for those competencies that are related to working specifically in the field of communication communications. Another important rule is that the resume should not exceed one page. No wonder they say that no one even reads scribble on 10 sheets. Your task is to prove to the employer as briefly as possible that he should choose you.
  2. How to pass an interview at MTS? Don't underestimate the power of looks. Have you paid attention to how consultants look in branded salons? Approximately in this form, and you should come to an interview with a recruiting manager. This is, first of all, a classic style of clothing, a neat hairstyle, not bright makeup. You should look like a ready-made employee, outwardly evoke only positive emotions that correspond to the desired position.
  3. Be sure to research the company you want to work for. On the one hand, you might think that absolutely everyone knows about MTS. But this is not enough. Take the time to see whatthe company lives, what services it offers. If you show off your knowledge, it will only make a positive impression.

And always remember that any employer will appreciate punctuality. Do not be late under any circumstances. It's better to arrive a little earlier and wait than to be late and immediately create a not very pleasant impression of yourself as a future employee.

If you believe the reviews of how the interview goes at MTS, we can conclude that there are a minimum number of dissatisfied people. People note that the conversation takes place in a relaxed manner, there is no pressure from the employer. Also, candidates are pleased with the positive attitude towards all applicants, regardless of work experience.

Usually negative comments are only left by those who did not get the desired position and their feedback is quite understandable.

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What do they ask in an interview?

Thanks to the fact that MTS does not hide information, and the recruitment department shares official data, we can prepare answers to questions asked at the meeting in advance. How is the interview at MTS for a sales consultant:

  • You will definitely be asked about what duties you performed at your previous job, and what you did best.
  • You will also have to talk about what heights you have reached in your career and what achievements you consider the most important and significant.
  • Also, the recruiting manager will definitely ask about your biggest failures incareer.
  • And nowhere without a question, where do you see yourself after five years and whether there is an MTS company in this future.

Just don't think that all questions will be limited exclusively to the professional sphere.

how to pass an interview at mts seller consultant

How is the interview at MTS sales consultant?

Recruitment manager in any case will be interested in your personal qualities and psychological characteristics. Particular attention is paid to stress resistance, the ability to resolve conflicts, maintain a good mood and optimism, because your working day will not be the easiest. These qualities will be tested first, for example, you will be asked to simulate a situation in which you have to resolve a conflict. Options can be the most unpredictable. And employment depends only on how clearly and balanced you respond.

The main recommendation for future employees is to maintain self-confidence and a positive attitude. In this state, you will definitely succeed in convincing everyone around you that you are the most valuable employee that the company simply needs. Thus, you can pass an interview at MTS.

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Tests after the interview

In fact, to pass an interview at MTS for a sales assistant is not the most difficult stage when applying for a job. The company has a monthly adaptation program for new employees. Its goal is to ensure that the new employee receives all the necessaryknowledge of what he has to do, learned to competently perform duties, ask questions. And also we must not forget about adapting to a new team.

At this stage, you should definitely not relax, because the employment contract has not yet been concluded, this is just an internship. Try to show yourself in all its glory, demonstrate diligence, responsibility, punctuality. The most important thing is to make the right impression on future bosses.

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Your task during this period is to demonstrate a desire to learn something new, to show your diligence and responsibility. A mentor will be assigned to you, who will form an opinion on the outcome of the work. It is possible that at the end of the internship you will have to go through another interview, but not with the recruiting manager, but with the salon manager. He will be your direct supervisor. It is up to the manager to decide whether you should continue working at MTS or not.

Remember that the company values ​​focus on results and hard work, not work experience.

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