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Mind management: concept, definition, basic principles and thematic books

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Mind management: concept, definition, basic principles and thematic books
Mind management: concept, definition, basic principles and thematic books

Few modern people know how to manage their time. Despite the popularity of time management, people get lost in the flow of information, and they can’t manage to fix their lives. And all why? For the reason that they do not have a single system for structuring information. Mind management will help you bring order to eternal chaos.


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Modern people operate with many concepts, the meaning of which is not always clear to them. To skillfully use a system, you need to study it thoroughly. Do you want to improve your life? Then you just need to get familiar with mind management. But first you need to understand what it is. Mind maps are diagrams that a person draws in order to better structure information. Such schemes help people memorize information and sort out existing knowledge on the shelves in their heads. If you have an information distribution system that you follow, you willIt is not difficult to understand how mind management works. Well, if there is no such system, then you will have to create it, remember it, and in the future structure all the information received in one and only way. Such a system helps to streamline not only knowledge and information, but also human life.


Have you heard about mind management but don't quite understand the system? Why do people draw diagrams for any occasion? Most often, such smart cards are used by students and entrepreneurs. Schemes help to remember information, structure it and keep it in the proper form. Such a system can help you learn foreign languages, put things in order in your life plans and finally understand your true purpose.

Mind management teaches a person not only to structure information, but also helps to develop willpower. Especially at the first stage of creating a system, many people experience failures. If a person indulges himself and stops using his system, then chaos gradually begins to spread. If you do not give yourself any indulgence and use smart cards constantly and for any reason, a person can become more collected, more efficient and, most importantly, more productive.

Smart cards are good not only for adults, but also for children. With the help of visual pictures and simple logical chains, you can help the baby to know this world. For example, to distinguish vegetables from fruits or to understand the structure of various technical gadgets. A simple and visual system helps a person not to memorize information, butto get to its essence with the help of logical conclusions.


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Mind management system helps people structure their knowledge. It is sometimes difficult for a person to remember or remember something. Why is this happening? For the reason that a person does not create associative links. Mind maps help create a good structure that will pop into your mind every time you need it. Why is knowledge lost, but mind maps remain in memory? The thing is that a person perceives information better, which is visually supported by something. But few facts are supported by pictures. Therefore, information learned by ear is quickly forgotten. Having drawn a diagram that seems simple and logical to you, you will have no problem remembering it. Remembering one concept from the chain, you can restore all the others, as they are chained to each other. Some consider such a system of structuring information as one of the methods of mnemonics. And these people are not far from the truth. Human memory is a limitless resource if you know how to use it properly.

How to draw a map?

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Mind management technology is very simple. You need to draw the central oval of the diagram, which will indicate the main topic, goal, or any other information that you consider to be the main one. Further from the center to the sides, you should draw multi-colored lines. These will be sub-objects that are somehow connected to the center. Spend associativelinks and label each arrow. The objects that will be attached to the center can be of various shapes and colors. The diagram should be clear to you. There is no specific system for structuring the map. But you need to keep in mind that the system you have developed should be traced in all your schemes. Then you do not have to remember every time where and how the arrow goes and what it means. For example, you can highlight important information in red, and secondary information in blue.

You need to draw, carefully focusing on work. Any distraction will prevent you from remembering the information. By fully dedicating yourself to the process of developing a diagram, you will be able to remember and structure information faster and better.

Be sure to pay attention to the arrows that connect different pieces of information. They must not be empty. You need to write an associative transition on them. Even if at the moment it seems to you that everything is already logical, do not be too lazy to write it down. Memory can play a cruel joke, and then your logical scheme will seem incomprehensible to you. Therefore, all logical transitions must be carried out in writing. Pictures will not fit here. Transitions can be without entries only in everyday schemes, where it is difficult to lose or forget some of the information that you encounter every day.

Main and Minor

Above you got acquainted with the concept of mind management. The process of setting values ​​and understanding the basics of working mind mapping can take some time. What is the main problem for beginners? That people cannotdistinguish between the important and the unimportant. For example, when translating a summary into a diagram, a person must understand the main essence of the event. For example, when analyzing a topic in psychology, it should be put in the center. Next, you need to highlight several different scientists who thoroughly studied the issue. The next division is the analysis of their theories and the application of theories in practice will follow. Having created such an algorithm, it will be difficult to get confused about who and what thought on a particular issue. In a similar structure, you can parse any other question. For example, it will be easy to draw up a plan for repairing an apartment. The name of the room should be put in the center, and on the sides in circles - write the main stages of the repair, such as wallpapering and creating a false ceiling. But the choice of curtains for windows can be singled out as a separate additional link in the existing system.


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The optimal scope of mind management is business. A person who plans to develop his business must have a good idea of ​​each stage of his work. If there is no such representation, then the business will not last long. How do smart schemes help in work? Using such a system, you can plan meetings, plans for the future, or systematize information for each employee. Agree, remembering a large amount of information that is not needed so often is rather stupid. But in order not to lose sight of this information, it should not only be written down and forgotten, but re-read and refreshed from time to time.


Do you want to become the best student in school or on the course? Then instead of standard lectures, you need to draw information in a diagram. What for? Many students are faced with the problem that they are bored of listening to boring lectures of teachers who do not know how to present information vividly. If you encounter a similar problem, don't worry. It will be easier to delve into every word of the lecturer if you initially listen carefully to the person and structure everything said by the person. Sometimes it is difficult to build the whole system at once if the teacher presents the information in the wrong order and haphazardly. In this case, you can just draw blocks on associations, and when the lecture is over, you will have to spend a little time structuring everything you hear. But don't worry, your hard work will pay off when you can recall everything that was said in the lecture in a matter of minutes, just by looking at the sheet with your sketches.

Time management

management technology

Do you want to organize your life? One of the goals of mind management is the systematization of any information. Therefore, mind maps are great for life planning. How to create your own system? To do this, you need to write out all your main life goals around the central block called "life". Further, each goal is subdivided into several more blocks. For example, he alth should be divided into sports, proper nutrition, regular medical examinations, etc. Each sector of life should be given its own color,so that you can easily not only navigate the diagram, but also remember everything that you wrote. And in order to better create associations, one should not write down words, but sketch their meaning. For example, a he alth block might be green with a red plus drawn on top. Choose the associations that suit you. This will help you not only better navigate your schemes, but also encrypt your information from prying eyes.


mind management goals

Even the best mind management cases won't help you if you don't put some soul into your schemes. Why? Mind maps only work when a person creates them with their own associations. If a person uses other people's cards or draws schemes thoughtlessly, then no effect should be expected. Miracles don't happen. Yes, the mind management system is good, and it has made life easier for many people, but these same people have put a lot of effort into editing their system of perceiving information and learning how to fit it into visual pictures. Why is it so important to pass all the information through the visuals? When you open any book on mind management, you will realize that the first thing the authors write about is that it is very important to use the creative hemisphere of the brain in compiling mind maps. It is his inclusion in logical work and in the memorization of information that works wonders. If you ignore this part of the charting, then you will not be able to benefit from the popular system.


Do you want to change your life? Then youyou need to start practicing mind mapping every day. Bekhterev's book "Mind Management" says that it takes about two months for a person to make charting his habit. If you make maps from time to time, then you will not be able to achieve good results. Only constant practice will help you hone your art and bring it to perfection.

Constant repetition

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In his book "Mind Management" Bekhterev writes that information is remembered not only with the help of associative links, but also with the help of constant repetition. If you want to quickly memorize a lecture or learn some notes, you need not only to make an intellectual map, but also to review the diagram every day. It won’t take much time to refresh the information in your memory, but such an exercise will bring colossal benefits. It is best to reread your charts before going to bed or right after waking up. You should be fully focused on repeating information, and not combine the process of viewing mind maps with watching your favorite TV series.


Do you want to master mind management quickly? Sergei Bekhterev gives some advice to his students:

  • Color different blocks of information in different colors. It is desirable that you associate each color with the block for which you defined it.
  • View your mind maps once a day - in the evening. This will help to quickly refresh the memory of the necessaryinformation.
  • Draw more, write less. Pictures are better remembered by the brain than words. The thing is that fantasy will be spent more on creating a drawing than on writing a word, and the brain does not like to work in vain.


To master the art of mind mapping, you need to read these books:

  • Sergey Bekhterev, Mind Management.
  • Tony Buzan, "Supermind"
  • Tony Buzan, Mind Maps. The Complete Guide to the Powerful Thinking Tool.”

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