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How to make money on "Dota 2": ways, earnings, reviews

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How to make money on "Dota 2": ways, earnings, reviews
How to make money on "Dota 2": ways, earnings, reviews

Many people are wondering how to make money on "Dota 2"? This article will describe several ways in which you can really get passive income on a regular game. Let's figure out what advantages and disadvantages exist for each option, find out what examples there are to follow in a particular type of activity. In general, we will learn how to make money on Dota 2.


Image"Dota 2" tournament stadium

This is both the most difficult and the easiest way for a person to make money on Dota 2. However, it should be understood that only a very talented person can succeed and get into the best team in the world. You will have to spend a lot of time on this computer game to become a pro at it. Every esports player has a different experience. Someone got into the team, having played only five thousand hours. And someone very hardworked and only after 10 years of playing, but with a full store of knowledge on the game and with 20-30 thousand hours played, he gets into a simple team. It all depends on how a person can quickly and effectively learn to do something. However, the result is certainly worth it. After all, not everyone knows how to make money in Dota 2.

The idol of many players is Said SumaiL Hassan. This man is the strongest professional player who first started playing this game at the age of eight. According to relatives, he always had a passion for this game. He spent all his free time in a computer club, and, naturally, his parents were very skeptical about his son's hobby. But already at the age of 15, the youngest player in Dota 2, who got into eSports, began to play for one of the strongest teams in the world - Evil Geniuses. Just 180 days later, Said Hassan, nicknamed SumaiL, won the Aegis at The International 5, becoming the youngest player to win the tournament. With the money he earned, he bought a house for his parents.


  1. Of course, glory. Such a huge audience as in Russian eSports cannot be found anywhere else. Crowds of spectators, fans around the world. And everyone will recognize you when you "light up" on the professional stage.
  2. Money. A lot of income from the tournaments you win. Esports is a very good way to make money.


  1. Training. They are very long and long, without them nothing will work. You need to be a strong person to withstand them every day for 14 hours. SumaiLplays for 9 hours, but this is not so much. Most esports athletes train even harder.
  2. Talent. Of course, if you start playing this wonderful game after reading this article, you are unlikely to succeed. However, this is not a sentence, and if you are really ready to spend your time and effort on it, then proceed. And if you started playing this game a long time ago, then you have even more chances, since you already know how to play. Try to get into some small organization and start playing with competitors. You advance - you get into a better team.
  3. Losses.


Team Manager

You can get into the field of e-sports without talent. You can just more or less understand the field of teams, players. Who is stronger, who is weaker. You need to be able to negotiate with people, to have acquaintances with many highly qualified people. It's not just the communication skill that every person has. You need talent to negotiate with a person so that he listens to you. Not everyone can be a manager. How to make money playing Dota 2? Get a job as a manager first in a simple team, then move on to more prestigious organizations.

Example of a good specialist: Cyborgmatt is a person who works as a manager for one of the best Dota 2 esports teams, namely Team Secret.

Once he interviewed esports players himself. Now he is considered one of the most successful managers.

Before you get high enoughposition, namely to become the manager of Team Secret, this person did everything that was possible. He tried to become a blogger, tried to be an interviewer, met all the people who are very important for the field of computer games. Analyzed matches, was a commentator. It got to the point that he tried himself in the activities of a technical specialist, but he did not succeed. In general, during his work in the field, he managed to do a lot in order to deserve such a significant position. As a result, he was hired as a manager, and precisely because he had worked and met different people before, Cyborgmatt was able to use these acquaintances, acquired communication skills and take an already successful team to another level. He became part of the best team in the world. Who knows, maybe he will become a coach in the future, and maybe a player. So, how to make money on Dota 2? Of course, you can do this on the Epulze website. However, more on that later.

Dota 2 Tournament


Participation in the life of your team. It is also a huge experience in communicating with people, experience in the game and not only. The main friend of the team is the Cyborgmatt manager. He is always up to date with events, all the news, etc. He communicates with the team, he is like the sixth player. He knows the entire Dota 2 esports industry, all the players and all the teams.


  1. Invisibility. Most likely, the fans of the team you work for may not even know that a person like you even exists. Since you don't shine anywhere, your name is notindicated. All that is said about the team is 5 players and a coach. All. However, you probably perform one of the most key roles for the team. If this doesn't offend you, then you should get to work.
  2. Amount of work. The manager is the heart of the team. He will do all the work for her, think for her. Therefore, there will be a lot of work for him, but they will also pay well. You will have to forget about your own home for a bit, because together with your friends you will travel to different cities and countries for new tournaments and new victories. And if there are no matches, sit in the bootcamp, that is, in the so-called training center, and fulfill your duties. The manager solves many problems, even orders food for dinner in your big cottage or hotel. Did the team show bad results? This problem also falls on your shoulders. Get ready!

Epulze website

Stadium by tournament

How to make money on "Dota 2"? Whoever has the one and only talent - not to lose his line in the game, he can raise income. And now we are not talking about match-fixing, where you will earn. Now there are a lot of sites that offer you to play the game for money 1 on 1. Just register, bet your money, wait for the player. If you win him on your line, you get yours and his money. One of these sites is Epulze, you can earn good money on it. You bet 300 rubles, you beat your opponent, and you already have 600 rubles in your pocket. Everything is simple and fast, because the game 1 on 1 lasts no longer than 10 minutes. Howearn in "Dota 2"? Answer: a lot, but it is impossible to know the exact number.


Cyber ​​sports tournament
  1. No training. You don't have to spend dozens of hours playing in the normal (5v5) mode, you just need to memorize the exact rules and practice the game 1v1. It's much easier and faster, and you don't need to practice much. Work on your hero and defeat the lane with him in the game.
  2. No commands. Such a sphere (a 1v1 game) is not at all developed, and there can be no team of one person. So far, this is just a game for money, nothing more. However, you can earn money from it. It all depends on personal skills. For many, this is a big advantage, as they do not like to work in a team and interact with other members.


eSports Tournament
  1. No players. This site is quite small online, so it is difficult to find an opponent. However, it is possible, and you can also earn money here.
  2. It is difficult to find a person who will play for money. Basically, everyone plays for the free currency that is on the site. However, if you search well for an opponent, you can always find him.


Reviews from people working in this sport are mostly positive, so they receive more than high income. The only disadvantage of this work is that it is necessary to devote a lot of time to the virtual world. But many people argue that a good job with a high income cannot be short.

In this article weexplained how to make money in Dota 2.

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