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How to make money on "Otzovik": writing reviews, payment terms and real earnings
How to make money on "Otzovik": writing reviews, payment terms and real earnings

Most freelancers once had to think about how to make money on Otzovik. This job is great for people who love to express their personal opinions. To write reviews, get a stable income, sharing your own experience of using certain products with network users, you don’t need special skills - you just need to be able to clearly express your thoughts. How much can you earn on Otzovik and what nuances do you need to know about in order to increase income? You will find answers to these and other questions in our article.

Purpose of the service

The Otzovik social network was created eight years ago. Creating an independent platform where users could share their impressions after using various products and services is the goal that the site developers originally pursued.Internet users go to this social network not only to find out the opinions of strangers. The popularity of the resource is also explained by the fact that it provides an opportunity to receive a stable passive income.

Here everyone can find an interesting niche for writing reviews - these are car dealerships, shopping centers, dental clinics, films, music, cultural events, food, household chemicals, clothing brands, etc. Text written in any of the topics will be paid as soon as it passes moderation.

It's not a secret for copywriters how to make money on "Otzovik" - there is nothing complicated about it. It is important to write only such comments that will not harm the reputation of the site. Otherwise, the administration reserves the right not to allow the text to be published, and to block the author's profile.

But most importantly, users have the right to create both positive and negative reviews about services and products. Moreover, they receive for this not a one-time fee, but a regular profit. As the number of views of published materials grows, so does the income of the author. The editors of the site especially appreciate the authenticity, plausibility and uniqueness of texts, so those responses that are more like advertising or, on the contrary, are stated in “dry” technical language, are usually not published.

how to make money with feedback

Who uses the site

Each view of a written review brings a few kopecks to the author's piggy bank, but the more texts are posted, the more profit will be.Those who are thinking about looking for a remote job are often interested in whether it is possible to make money on Otzovik if you are not a journalist, philologist or writer? In fact, in order to share your opinions and impressions, it is not at all necessary to be an engineer, doctor, technologist, have a higher education and relevant certificates. The social network is open to everyone.

While some people are thinking how to make money on Otzovik, others have already registered and are receiving income. Among the users of the site, it is also worth noting the official representatives of large Russian companies. However, they are not present on Otzovik to write product reviews. The task of individual employees is to study the opinions of people, take into account recommendations, respond to claims and complaints. This model of interaction with the consumer allows you to timely eliminate existing production and organizational failures. Feedback from their customers on the Otzovik website is supported by companies such as:

  • PJSC Sberbank of Russia.
  • Qiwi payment system.
  • Mobile operator "MTS".
  • Svyaznoy electronics stores.
  • Yandex.Taxi.

How to make money on Otzovik

Payment for written texts on this site is called a bonus. The author receives a certain amount for his work immediately after publication. How much you can earn on Otzovik per month depends on how many reviews will be posted. The amount of money reward for each of them depends on the number of symbols, as well as the presence of uniquephotos.

If we consider in detail the issue of prices and tariffs, then on average, for a review of 5 thousand characters and several photos, the user will be paid no more than 20 rubles. There are no fixed rates per thousand characters. There are no rates on Otzovik, as on copywriting exchanges, where the average cost of a thousand characters without spaces is 40-50 rubles. For detailed interesting material with unique images, you can get more than 1000 rubles there. But how to make money on Otzovik with such a pricing policy?

how to earn on feedback

The amount of the fee depends on the subject. On Otzovik, as already noted, they write about absolutely everything, so everyone will find a suitable category for themselves. But on the other hand, the choice of topic determines how much you can earn on Otzovik. For example, texts about technology or travel destinations rank higher than texts about books and movies. This is explained by the demand and popularity of queries in search engines. The principle is this: what users search for more often is paid at a higher price.

In addition to the bonus, authors get paid for viewing their published articles. This is the whole point of passive income. How much can you earn on Otzovik? To maximize profit, it matters how often users read the already published works of the author. Moreover, the view that lasted at least 15 seconds is counted, that is, the person must linger on the page with the review, and not just open it and immediately close it. The author of the texts gets a penny,but the more people read his recommendations, comparisons, descriptions of goods and services, the better the final result will be.

Most profitable topics

When answering the question of how to make money on Otzovik, you first need to understand what topics are popular for the majority of the Internet audience and what queries an average user creates in search engines, that is, a person without specific hobbies.

Reviews of a limited number of topics get on the main page of the site. Thus, popular niches are determined in which it is profitable to work. All texts that are present on the main page have the highest rates of views at the moment, which means they are popular with readers. First of all, these are reviews of various goods and services for home and recreation. They are rated higher because users show maximum interest in them. Consequently, such themes attract visitors to the site, which increases the advertising monetization of "Otzovik" and contributes to the growth of authors' income.

is it possible to make money on feedback

In order to constantly earn money on the Otzovik website, you need to write as many reviews as possible about household appliances, mobile phones, and electronics. After all, before buying a refrigerator, most users get acquainted with the opinions of buyers. The same applies to hotels, tour operators, excursions. All these services cost a lot of money, and in order not to throw a substantial amount down the drain, people play it safe by re-reading real reviews. Bank loans, online stores, languageonline courses, beauty salons and medical clinics are all in demand.

Unclaimed categories

There are also less popular niches. For example, reviews of films and books are not read as often as they are read about texts about household appliances. To get an idea about a computer game, subjective responses also do not help, so users are more likely to look for reviews and trailers. Only a few read reviews about the premiere, planning to visit the cinema. However, it is worth noting that in the first days of rental, comments about sensational new products can even take places in the TOP of Otzovik. It is impossible to say for sure how much you can earn during the period of maximum popularity of a film or cartoon, since the formula by which the author's fee is calculated is unknown. The only thing you can be sure of is that literally in a week such reviews will become useless and will practically cease to generate income.

Another nuance that you should pay attention to is the restrictions on writing articles. For example, if a review contains less than 500 characters, it will not be possible to receive a bonus for it. In addition, in order to have a constant income, you need to work constantly: the accrual of funds will stop if the author does not publish a single article in a month.

Take the first step

Everyone who is interested in how to make money on Otzovik, first you need to register in this social network. On the otzovik.com website, this procedure is not much different from the standard one. Step by step instructions for registration looks like this:

  1. Come up withlogin and password.
  2. Please enter a valid email address.
  3. Read the rules of service.
  4. Tick "I accept the terms and conditions".
how much can you earn on feedback

There is a small toolbar in my account.

  • "Mail" (letter icon) shows if there are any unread messages from "Otzovik" users, as well as new text status notifications.
  • "Money" - this item contains information about the balance.
  • "Reputation" is a numeric indicator that means how many times users voted for published reviews and how useful they found the author's article for themselves.

At the bottom of the site there is information about cooperation, advertising, as well as answers to the most popular questions and a button for contacting technical support.

Instructions for writing reviews

How to make money on Otzovik? You need to start by clicking the "Write a review" button. The key is displayed in the author's personal account. Next, we will dwell on each stage of work:

  1. Select a product or service to review. On "Otzovik" we earn on any topics. Which of them bring more profit is noted above.
  2. Correctly indicate the object of your response (for example, a Samsung Galaxy J6 smartphone, a Toyota Corolla XI 160 sedan car). Several examples of correct formatting are attached below the data entry field.
  3. Make sure that a bonus will be credited for writing a review. If, when entering a product name orservice was highlighted automatically, which means that other users have already covered this object on the "Otzovik". It will not be possible to earn money, as the rules of the site say, if more than 30 texts have been written about it. In this case, it is advisable to choose another subject of the article.
  4. Direct writing a review. The information entered in the Overall Impression field will become the title of the article. It is important that it encourages reading, be effective and inviting enough. Then, insert the main text into the “Review text” window and, if necessary, add a photo. Here you need to try to reveal the topic as much as possible.
  • Highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the described object. Thus, the author sums up, gives an overall assessment by which the reader can determine whether he should even use this product or service.
  • Post a review. Before sending the work for moderation, it is advisable to click the "Preview" button to make sure that the images are correctly positioned and that there are no errors in the text.

This step-by-step instruction is literally the answer to the question of how to make money on the Otzovik website. The process itself is quite simple and understandable, there are no difficulties, so for many, writing reviews is a kind of hobby, a hobby that brings pleasure.

is it possible to earn on feedback

Ways to increase income on Otzovik

On their profile page, each author can see such an indicator as "personal factor". It is formed by multiplying cash accruals forviews. For example, if five kopecks are charged for one reading, then with a coefficient of "3" for each view, 15 kopecks will be credited to the author's balance. All beginners have a coefficient equal to one. To increase this indicator, on which income literally depends, you need to:

  • make your profile as informative as possible by entering personal data, defining areas of interest, preferred topics, etc.;
  • write only relevant and informative responses;
  • fill in all fields of the standard form, including optional ones, with each publication;
  • break text into paragraphs, write correctly, observe punctuation;
  • add information to "description";
  • reply to readers' comments.

Judging by the feedback from the authors, it is quite difficult to increase the coefficient, and it takes a lot of time. For example, the indicator increases for those whose reviews often end up on the main page. Authors who have been awarded the title of specialist in a specific narrow-profile topic can also count on a rate increase.

Text for the main page: how to write correctly

There is no doubt about whether you can make money on Otzovik. Another question is how significant such earnings will be. In order to receive a stable and more or less decent income, you need to strive for the TOP of Otzovik. If the article is placed on the main page of the site, it will be seen by many people and the number of views will increase, and, as already noted, the profit also depends on this. Accurate information about how much they earned on"Otzovik" authors, who managed to hold the lead for a long period, can not be found. But even without exact figures, it is clear that their income is much higher than that of newcomers.

The work will remain in the list of the best reviews until it is moved by new, more popular articles. In order for the text to take a place in the TOP, follow these recommendations:

  • do not forget about unique images - it is advisable to include as many photos taken by yourself as possible;
  • write mainly on "relevant" topics (household appliances, tourism, medicines, dietary supplements, cosmetics, etc.);
  • remember that the review should be readable and interesting.

These are simple rules, but not everyone succeeds.

how much can you earn on review per month

Followers and rating of the author

The higher the reputation score, the more other people's reviews the author can rate. Why is this needed? It's very simple: this will increase the number of subscribers with whom you can share views. Such mutual assistance between the authors of the Otzovik website helps each of them to receive high marks and increase their ratings.

It is forbidden by the exchange rules to ask other users to view a review or vote for it. You cannot do this directly through private messages. However, there is an unspoken “subscription for subscription” rule between authors. It is enough just to subscribe to a particular author and evaluate a couple of his works. Mostcases, users respond mutually, subscriptions and ratings. Further, new feedback from colleagues will be notified, and they will be displayed in the news feed. To maintain “mutual friendship”, it is desirable to show mutual interest in the work of your subscribers, evaluate them and, if possible, leave comments.

The only downside to this mutually beneficial partnership is the need to spend a lot of time looking at other people's reviews. And given that some authors write several papers a day, there may not be time left to write their own articles.

Earn on referrals

Many people ask, is it possible to make money on Otzovik if you participate in an affiliate program? The income that a referral link can bring can really increase the overall profit from the site. Moreover, often an affiliate program brings in more money than bonuses and pay-per-views. Each registered user of Otzovik has the opportunity to use a personal referral link. This information can be found in your personal settings.

You can distribute the link in any way you like. Most authors post it on social networks and personal sites, recommend the service to friends, or record an informative video on their YouTube channel. There is nothing illegal in this type of earnings, there is not even a minimal risk if you do not distribute referral links through mailboxes using spam and do not use other prohibited methods.

how much can you earn

Maywhether to block or refuse payment

The main reasons why a review does not pass moderation are:

  • content in the text of well-known information (for example, the composition of the product, brand history, review-description of the product and its technical characteristics);
  • use of spoilers when writing reviews, that is, the premature disclosure of important information that spoils the impression of the reader of the film, book, game;
  • uninformative texts with a high percentage of "water", spelling and punctuation errors;
  • explicit advertising, spam;
  • call for violence, promotion of fraud;
  • condemnation of political and religious views;
  • publications about weapons, adult products, illicit drugs;
  • non-unique text, photos, videos;
  • poor image quality.

After refusal to publish, the author has the right to make appropriate adjustments and send the review back for moderation. This is not prohibited by the rules of the resource. However, there are some points that must not be violated. Failure to do so may result in account suspension. Users of “Otzovik” can get into the “black list” for such violations as:

  • bulk advertising or prohibited information in private messages;
  • incorrect behavior (insulting other users, obscene language in the text of works, provocation to conflict in the comments);
  • use of programs to cheat rating, personal coefficient;
  • creating multiple accounts with one user.

For writing a review with a bunch of grammatical errors, of course, no one will block your account. However, if the author commits a gross violation of the rules, his account will be blocked, and the funds on the balance will be frozen. In the event of a similar situation, you need to contact technical support and understand what happened. If the author did not violate anything, perhaps there was some kind of misunderstanding and subsequently the issue will be resolved positively.

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