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How to make money for a student at the age of 13: ways and options for earning, tips

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How to make money for a student at the age of 13: ways and options for earning, tips
How to make money for a student at the age of 13: ways and options for earning, tips

Many students dream of a personal income and financial independence from their parents. And how can a schoolboy make money at the age of 13, and is it possible? Getting money for a teenager is not easy. However, it is quite real.

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Of course, formal employment at this age is impossible. After all, according to the current legislation, the employee must be over 18 years old. However, many teenagers start working and earning income much earlier than their adulthood. And there is nothing wrong with that. The main thing is that it is not particularly difficult for a teenager, does not distract him from school and other activities and allows him not to take pocket money from his parents.

How can a student at the age of 13 make money? Several methods can be used for this. Each of them is worth considering in more detail.

Working on the Internet

How can a 13-year-old student make money? The Internet provides the greatest opportunity for this. Online earnings are presented in a variety of variations, and many of them are so simple that they can cope with the proposedeven a teenager is capable of tasks. How can a student at the age of 13 make money on the Internet?

The easiest way to earn income on the World Wide Web is to repost and like. This does not require special skills and does not take a lot of time. This type of earnings is available to anyone who has a personal computer, smartphone and Internet access.

How to quickly make money for a 13-year-old student on likes and reposts? To generate income, you will need to create your own page on social networks and make it active. You will also need to register on special sites that offer work, or on the freelance exchange. All money received will be credited to the e-wallet account, which also needs to be opened.

How to make money on the Internet for a student of 13 years old? There is another option. It is similar to the previous one, but more time consuming. It consists in writing comments. An order for such work can be obtained at the copywriter exchange. It consists of writing comments on a specific page or website. At first glance, everything seems complicated. However, do not be afraid to take such orders. A person who does not understand the topic can write abstract things.

How to make money on the Internet for a student of 13 years old? To do this, you can take part in paid sociological surveys. There is nothing difficult in such an activity. That is why such work is quite suitable for a 13-year-old teenager. They don't pay that much for it, but that kind of money is definitely enough for pocket expenses.

How to make money quickly for a student 13years? To do this, it is enough to listen to music on the Internet. The fact is that the creators of some sites place ads on their resource. Money for listening to music allows them to attract an audience. Obtaining such income is possible after registering on a specific site indicating your favorite genres and performers. For listening to them, money will be credited to the electronic wallet.

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How can a student at the age of 13 make money? A good way to get real income on the Internet is to create and maintain your own blog based on a separate resource. Such an activity, among other things, is very interesting. A teenager can write about his hobbies and about himself, as well as publish various useful materials. Of course, this task is not so simple. However, if you accurately determine the topic of the blog, which is interesting for the target audience, then the attendance will be at a fairly high level. If such an activity becomes successful, then it will be possible to start earning income. For this you will need:

  • connect contextual advertising;
  • publish articles on order;
  • post banner ads, etc.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for making money on the Internet. The main thing is to show a sincere desire to work and become financially independent.

Distribution of flyers

How can a student at the age of 13 make money during school hours? One of the most popular destinations for teenagers is leaflet distribution. The essence of such work is quite clear and simple. Necessarycome to the customer, who will give a pack of flyers. They will be handed out to passers-by on the street or visitors to public places. Payment for such work is usually hourly. And it is perfect for schoolchildren due to the relatively normal level of earnings and flexible schedules. It will take from 3 to 5 hours a day to hand out leaflets. This will allow the teenager to earn pocket money without compromising studies and other activities.

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A person of this age will certainly be denied official employment. That is why those who decide to do just this type of income will have to spend some time looking for the right place. In addition, due to the lack of an employment agreement, the student may well become a victim of an unscrupulous customer who either does not pay money at all or gives less than what was agreed upon. In this case, it will be impossible to prove your case. That is why, before applying for a specific employer, you should ask about it from friends who have de alt with this person.

Baby care

How can a student of 13 earn money? A girl of this age may well get a job as a nanny, looking after a small child. Of course, strangers most likely will not want their baby to stay with a teenager. That is why it is recommended to offer your services for a modest fee to acquaintances or friends of parents, as well as neighbors.

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This work is especially suitable for teenagers whose families haveyounger children. In this case, the student, while looking after his sisters or brothers, has gained experience in dealing with young children.

Animal care

Where can a student of 13 earn money? In the event that the search for acquaintances with children was unsuccessful, it is worth finding someone around who has animals. It often happens that a person works late, and his pet is homesick. The practice of hiring people who care for animals is especially developed abroad. The duties of such an employee include walking a pet, as well as feeding it. This direction is a great option for a teenager. It will solve the problem of where a schoolboy at the age of 13 can earn pocket money.

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However, it should be borne in mind that not every owner of an animal will entrust his pet, as well as the keys to the house to a stranger. That is why it is worth looking for such a job among friends and acquaintances.

House cleaning

How can a 13-year-old student make money? Teenagers are quite capable of light physical labor. It can be cleaning someone in the house or in the entrance of a high-rise building. At first glance, such work seems very unattractive. However, there is nothing shameful in it. The main thing here is the end result.

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If you agree with the owners about cleaning the apartment, then it is quite possible to do this 1-2 times during the week. The amount of payment will depend on the total area of ​​all premises. The more square meters, the more money shouldowed for their cleaning.

As for work in the entrance of a multi-storey building, here you will have to negotiate with its chairman. Such an offer will also be beneficial for residents.

Sale of handicrafts

Where can a 13-year-old student make money? Teenagers can also earn income by selling handicrafts. Today, such things are very popular and in demand in the market. Such work is suitable for someone who knows how to knit, sew, do crafts, and also create various decorative elements. They can be sold while earning money.

It is easiest to sell handmade products on social networks, on the pages of which you will need to place photos of the work. In order to achieve greater success, it is recommended to invite friends, ask them to repost, and also promote publications. This will allow you to find your customers.

This type of income suits a teenager very well. Such a direction will allow him to develop his abilities and talents. It will not take much time, as all orders will be individual. At the same time, the student will have a unique opportunity to learn how to communicate with clients and learn the basics of running their own business. With the successful promotion of this direction, it is possible to organize a small Internet business at the age of 13.

Post up ads

How can a teenager make money at 13? To do this, you can use an option similar to distributing leaflets and sticking up ads. The meaning of this work is the same. The customer gives pre-preparedadvertisements in the hands of the performer, and he must walk around the city and paste them on poles or specially designed information stands. As a rule, the employer indicates in which area his order should be completed. So if someone thinks that you can take ads and just throw them away, getting paid for it, then he is counting on it in vain. After all, such work is easy to check.

You can stick up ads from 2 to 4 hours a day. The schedule of such work is flexible, and payment depends on the volume performed.

Courier service

How can a student at the age of 13 make money in a big city? A wonderful option for this age will be the offer of courier services. Such workers are always needed, they are especially relevant for stores and restaurants that launch a delivery service. Of course, in most cases, companies prefer to deal with those who will be employed full-time, not wanting to take on schoolchildren because of this. However, you can always find small shops or offices that have recently opened and have not yet established their client base. It is simply unprofitable for such firms to take a courier for the whole day. Schoolchildren can get jobs here.

Providing such services, you should expect to be paid by the hour. However, the level of income received sometimes varies greatly depending on the city, region, and also the company. You need to look for something that is suitable only for a particular student. It should be borne in mind that when performing such work, you will have to be responsible for the delivered goods. When a teenager has problemswill have to bear financial responsibility.

Income from homework

In order to earn money, the student does not have to search for any unusual ways. He can do his daily work, while receiving money. This activity is suitable for those who study well. In this case, a successful student is able to do what is given at home, to those who are lagging behind in the subject. And he can do it for money. Abstracts and presentations will also be well implemented.

boy learning lessons

This direction is in great demand. Many students do not understand the subject, but they do not want to get a deuce in it and be punished.

When looking for such orders, you should unobtrusively offer your services to students in the class for a modest fee. Most likely, there will be those who want it right there. This option of earning will allow, in addition to generating income, to improve your knowledge and skills. However, don't take on too many orders. Indeed, in this case, there will be no time left to study other subjects, which will lead to a drop in their own academic performance.

Generating income from plots

How can a schoolboy at the age of 13 make money in the summer without a computer? To do this, you can agree to clean up areas adjacent to private houses. Such services will be especially in demand by the elderly.

Teenagers living in the countryside can start their own business during the summer. In rural areas, it is not necessary to wait for a minor to do this. On a plot owned by his family,you can produce products that can later be sold. Such an enterprise does not require registration. There will be no need to pay taxes. The main thing in this case is your own desire and the support of your parents. For example, young potatoes, radishes, early cucumbers and greens can be sold from your plot in the garden. In the case when there is a highway near the village, trade can be organized directly by the road. If this is not possible, then you will need to go to the regional center to the market. It is desirable to add berries and mushrooms from the forest to the entire range of products. Trading is recommended on weekends.

Not only profitable, but also a pleasant experience will be breeding rabbits. These animals breed quickly, which will make it possible to earn good money selling young animals by placing an ad in the local newspaper or taking the four-legged animals to the market in the regional center.

Snow removal

How can a schoolboy at 13 earn money in winter? When the first frost hits, all "summer" ways to get money become unworkable. In this case, the teenager will be able to do snow removal. For this work, he can get good money. The main thing in this business is to show diligence.

You can start by clearing aisles and paths in garages and private homes. By the way, in Western Europe this type of income is very common.

In order to get such a job, a teenager will need to interview the owners of private houses. If they agree, the student will receive an order from them. Ascustomers best viewed:

  • pensioners;
  • familiar parents;
  • single women;
  • rich and very busy people;
  • everyone else who doesn't want to clean their lanes.

Word of mouth will help in finding customers. If a teenager does a good job, then people will be happy to use his services every winter.

In addition to cleaning the paths, we can offer snow removal from the site. To do this, you need a wheelbarrow or sled. For a fee, it will be possible to help the janitors of your house. For example, sprinkle sand on the paths or peck ice on them. To do this, you need to agree with the elder in the house. It would be nice to invite your friends to such a job. Cleaning together will be much more fun, and you will earn more while doing this, significantly increasing the area cleared of snow.

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