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Ideas for production with minimal investment at home

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Ideas for production with minimal investment at home
Ideas for production with minimal investment at home

Small business ideas are suitable for those who intend to start their own business, but do not have a large start-up capital. There are quite a few options for getting on the path of being an entrepreneur with just a garage on your asset list. If you thoroughly approach the production process and competently build work with clients, you can get a good profit in the first months.

How to start with limited resources: ideas

Producing in a small space is a good way to create a stable income. But, as in any business, when starting a small business, you need to consider the key factors that can affect the final result.

First of all, you should find profitable and reliable suppliers, and then determine the ways to sell the finished product. A marketing strategy is especially important if products have a short shelf life.

It is important to calculate the profitability of your business: ideas for production at home may not work with the wrong forecast of profit and expenses. During the calculation process,determine whether employees will be hired. This is important, since such a decision leads to the need to register employees and allocate funds to pay them.

You also need to initially resolve the legal issue by registering an IP.

business ideas for men production

Small production ideas can be exemplified by the following options:

  • soap shop;
  • production of semi-finished products;
  • mini-bakery;
  • furniture shop;
  • sewing workshop;
  • butter making, etc.

Such activities do not require large investments and give the first profit in a relatively short time. Over time, the business can be expanded: rent a more spacious room and reach a fundamentally new level of income.

To see the full picture of the possibilities, consider other mini-manufacturing business ideas.

Production of paving slabs

Such products do not lose their popularity. To open such a production at home, it will take from 80 to 160 thousand rubles.

The release of the first batch of goods will require the following resources:

  • vibrating tables;
  • forms;
  • a room with an area of ​​50 m or more2;
  • mineral additives and pigments;
  • phosphor (if it is planned to produce a luminous tile);
  • rubble, cement and sand.

You will also need 2-3 assistants to produce the goods in the right amount.

small production ideas

To those beginnersEntrepreneurs who choose this type of activity will not have to obtain a license and certificates. With a simple production process and stable orders, the sale of tiles will fully recoup the costs within 3-8 months.


It won't take a lot of effort and money to implement such a production idea for a small business.

If earlier it was necessary to install a kiln, now this process can be replaced by the use of special polymer additives designed for clay. This innovation allows you to significantly speed up and simplify the process of producing pottery.

You need to understand that some areas of this craft require a higher level of skill. For example, to make ceramic dishes, you need to be trained by a professional. If the plans include the production of souvenirs and magnets, then the purchase of special forms will be enough.

To start the production process, you need to purchase a potter's wheel, which will cost an average of 75 thousand rubles. Other expenses will be required for the following:

  • stack set;
  • acrylic paints;
  • molds for the production of figurines;
  • polymer clay.

You can start making pottery in a small room. The main thing is to prepare convenient and reliable shelves for placing finished products.

Production of frameless furniture

This idea has not yet lost its popularity and can bring a good income at a relatively modest cost.

Target audience inIn this case, these are young families with children with an average income level. An obvious plus of such an idea for production at home is the possibility of opening an online store and sending finished products to any city in the CIS countries and beyond.

The most popular positions are bean bags, soft sofas and ottomans. All that is needed for production is a sewing machine, high-quality fabric, good loose filler that will take the shape of the body of the person sitting, and consumables.

In order not to miscalculate with the design, it is worth analyzing the products of competitors and paying attention to the Western market. This will help identify the most popular positions.

small business production ideas

The starting capital for such a mini-production business idea is from 10 thousand rubles.

Wicker Furniture

The initial investment in this case will be approximately 40 thousand rubles.

The first 20 thousand will have to be spent on training - courses on the basics of weaving. This is an important step as it will have a direct impact on the quality level of the finished product.

Another 20,000 will be required to purchase these tools and raw materials:

  • knives, drills, saws;
  • screwdrivers, chisels, side cutters;
  • pliers, sandpaper and glue.
home production business ideas

A workshop for the production of wicker furniture will need a room of 30 m22. You will also have to organize a small warehouse. The production process at all stages is associated with manual work.

The assortment can be wide, suitable for both cottages and apartments.


This is a good business idea for men. Production of this type will require tangible costs at the very beginning, but then it will bring a good, stable income.

To start you need:

  • Find a room from 60 sq. meters with good ventilation, as well as cold and hot water. It should have a place for utility rooms.
  • Purchase the necessary equipment. These are a flour sifter, a dough mixer, an oven, a dough sheeter, a proofer, a cart designed for bakery products, and a special table on which the dough is cut.
  • Get certificates. This refers to the sanitary and epidemiological conclusions for products and production.
  • Selection of employees. Most attention should be paid to the choice of technologist and bakers. If you have the funds, you should hire a cleaning lady, an accountant and a cashier.
mini production business ideas

With good quality products and the presence of regular customers, the profitability of a bakery can be 50-60%. At the same time, sales will be approximately at the same level at different times of the year.

Modular paintings

These products became popular due to the creative format of visual image transfer: one image is divided into several parts/modules.

This production idea is highly cost-effective and easy to implement. To start the process you will need:

  • good computer;
  • professionalplotter or quality printer;
  • stretchers and fabric.

The room in this case should have an area of ​​at least 60 square meters. m.

Two people will be able to start production. The desired level of demand can be expected in cities with a population of 80 thousand people. The margin in this case is high, so the business will quickly begin to bring tangible profits.

Making modular paintings is an affordable and profitable business

Because the paintings are easy to transport, they can be sold through an online store.

If 50 sq. m of finished products, then the profit will be at the level of 75 thousand rubles.

Garage options

With such a small property, the possibilities are limited. Nevertheless, there are enough garage production business ideas that will allow you to have a stable profit. Here are the options in question:

  • producing cinder blocks;
  • production of decorative artificial stone;
  • release of frame furniture;
  • manufacture of country greenhouses;
  • acrylic countertop release;
  • manufacture of bio-fireplaces;
  • manufacture of bouquets of soft toys, etc.

If the starting capital is very limited, then it makes sense to consider alternative options for using the available space.

Garage can be used for production or rented out

If you have a garage, you can earn as follows:

  1. Organize a collection point for secondary raw materials. Here it is importanttune in to a special workflow and negotiate with factories and plants that can make bulk purchases.
  2. Rent. You can rent a garage to a car owner who does not want to leave his car in the open air.
  3. Glass cutting. To get started, you will need to buy a large table that will be covered with a soft cloth. You also need to purchase glass cutters, a ruler, a tape measure and the material itself - glass.
  4. Open an outlet. What exactly will be sold depends on the demand within a particular territory. It can be building materials, vegetables, books, spare parts, etc.
  5. Seasonal warehouse. You can provide garage meters to other people to store bicycles, tires and other property that needs to be put somewhere for one or two seasons.

When working with a garage outside of production, it is important to prepare for the fact that the first money may not appear immediately.


It is real to start on the path of entrepreneurship, starting with small production. And there are many options for both men and women. You can produce completely different products: from soft toys to biofireplaces. The main thing is to properly organize the production process and build trusting relationships with customers.

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