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Mobile Internet in Europe: the best rate
Mobile Internet in Europe: the best rate

Mobile Internet in Europe and abroad is of great importance when traveling. With the help of the World Wide Web, you can call a taxi, contact the hotel administration, get the best route for seeing all the sights, and so on. However, not all tourists understand how you can use the mobile Internet in another country where there are no Russian mobile operators. In our article, we will try to deal with this issue in more detail.

How to choose the right SIM card for a tourist?

So, mobile Internet in Europe is simply indispensable for tourists, but how to choose a SIM card so that you can travel around different countries with it and not pay a lot of money for the tariff? There are three most common options:

  • buy a special travel SIM card at a mobile phone store;
  • purchase"sim card" from local mobile operators;
  • go on a trip with a Russian card.
Sim cards of various colors

The first option is ideal for those who travel frequently and use mobile Internet in every country. The second is the lot of people who intend to return to the place of purchase after a while. You can travel to Europe with a Russian SIM card only if it has a favorable tariff.

Traveling around Europe: is it worth it to travel with a Russian SIM card?

Cheap mobile Internet in Europe is a rarity, especially if you use Russian SIM cards switched to international roaming. The cost of Internet traffic and free calls can be regulated through a special mobile application, however, you will have to pay a monthly fee for such a service. After analyzing all kinds of tariffs and options, we came to the conclusion that the most profitable option for a Russian tourist is a tariff with the following conditions:

  • the cost of one minute for an outgoing call within the country is 5 rubles;
  • the cost of one minute for an outgoing call to Russia is 15 rubles;
  • the cost of 10 megabytes of Internet traffic is 5 rubles;
Tourists in Europe

Moreover, it is also worth noting that the mobile Internet is limited to a daily traffic of 200 megabytes, exceeding which you will not be able to access the Internet. A similar trend is observed in all operators of the "Big Three", and the tariffs practically do not differ in cost. ToUnfortunately, Russian SIM cards do not have any advantages, so it would be best to choose one of the following options.

Advantages of European SIM cards

As noted earlier, a fairly profitable mobile Internet in Europe is one that is based on the use of a SIM card purchased from local mobile operators. It will be most beneficial to purchase a card for those tourists who constantly return to the same country for business or pleasure. Explore the options offered in advance to find the most optimal terms of use for yourself.

SIM cards in the European Union

Many tourists are worried about the paperwork for the "sim card" - and in vain. You can purchase a card of any mobile operator using a passport or any other document confirming your identity (driver's license, service certificate, and so on). The cost of communication services from local operators is much cheaper than from Russian ones, however, the following remains the most advantageous offer for a person who travels all the time.

How good are tourist cards?

The best mobile internet in Europe is the one that is accepted with travel SIM cards designed specifically for travellers. You can buy them in almost any mobile phone store in Russia or abroad, or in stores specializing in travel goods and equipment.

Why are such cards considered the most profitable for tourists? It's all about the cost of servicesoffered by local operators. Their tariffs are much cheaper than those of Russian cellular companies. In addition, most tariffs have removed the restriction on Internet traffic, that is, you can watch movies, listen to music, download games while traveling - and all this without any restrictions.

Orange SIM card with Go Europe tariff

Many tourists have used these SIM cards at least once as they offer some of the best conditions for mobile internet users. Ideal for a person who goes on a business trip or vacation for a few weeks. Well, the tariff "Forward in Europe" is suitable for those who like to travel to different countries and always stay in touch with family and friends. The cost of mobile Internet is 35 rubles per day - a relatively small cost for Europe.

SIM cards from Orange

Also, the Orange SIM card is interesting because it allows you to distribute Wi-Fi to other devices. It will be enough to purchase one card and insert it into a phone or modem that can distribute the Internet. After that, in the hands of your family will be almost unlimited access to all devices. Judging by user reviews, mobile Internet has a fairly high speed. You can download a movie in good quality on a laptop or tablet in just 30 minutes.

Mobile card from Three

To connect mobile Internet in Europe, you can purchase a SIM card from Three, which en titles its customers to use 3G and 4GInternet for only 48 euros per month. However, the card can only be used for 30 days, after which it ceases to be active. The Smart Passport option allows you to distribute the Internet to other devices and use communication services in unlimited quantities.

For those who plan to visit the UK, a SIM card from Three will come in handy, because in addition to unlimited Internet, the owner will also receive free calls in the amount of 3000 minutes to local numbers. Also, this "sim card" is valid not only in Europe, but also in Asian countries. Check with the operator for a complete list, but today it includes 43 countries.

"Sims" from Ortel with Internet Flat tariff

If you want to connect unlimited mobile Internet in Europe, you should definitely look at the possibility of using SIM cards from the German company Ortel, which is best suited for those subscribers who are used to traveling to European countries on business trips for a long time. The range of services includes not only unlimited Internet, but also minutes of free communication.

SIM card from Ortel

The Internet Flat option allows you to use your SIM card throughout the EU. However, the SIM card is designed for use for no more than a month, since after 30 days it is automatically blocked. For only 30 euros, the client is given access to 3G Internet, the traffic quota of which should not exceed 11 gigabytes, as well as 250 minutes of free calls. As for communication with the owners of RussianSIM card, the call rate is 1 euro per minute.

Global Sim and its terms of use

This SIM card is most suitable for people who like to travel to countries not only in Europe, but also in Asia. In addition, Global Sim is the best option for those who plan not only to use mobile Internet, but also to call their relatives in Russia, because calls cost only 3 rubles per minute! There is simply no better offer in this area.

Blue sim card

However, with mobile Internet, Estonian SIM cards are not as rosy as we would like. Firstly, access is limited to 5 gigabytes per month, which is quite small for travelers who like to chat on social networks and watch videos about cats. Secondly, for such a service you will have to pay an additional 29 dollars a month, which today is about 1900 rubles.

Global Sim New for Turkish guests

Also deserves special attention is a SIM card called Global Sim New, which was developed specifically for tourists who visit Turkey and Europe. This tariff offers users 5 gigabytes of mobile Internet for $ 29 in Turkey. As for Europe, the cost of the Internet is only one cent per 1 megabyte. That is, for the same $ 29, the client will receive the right to use mobile Internet, the quota of which is limited to 2.9 GB of traffic. A very good option for those who travel a lot between Europe and Asia.

As for outgoing calls in Russia, theyare $0.39 per minute from Turkey and $0.49 per minute from any European country. Of course, there are much more favorable tariffs for using in Europe, so we placed this SIM card in last place. In the following sections you will find information about what tourists write about which SIM card is best to use abroad and what you should pay attention to when buying a SIM card.

Reviews of tourists

Girl with a phone on the beach

If you believe the reviews left by tourists on various thematic forums, then the most preferred option for mobile Internet in Europe is SIM cards from Orange, which have already proved themselves to be the best among many travelers. However, many tourists in their comments note that they purchased SIM cards from other operators, as they provide much-needed services for them. For example, for many people, not completely unlimited Internet is much more important, but the ability to communicate with subscribers of the country in which they reside. Therefore, before purchasing a SIM card, be sure to study the conditions that are offered to you so as not to overpay extra money for those services that you will not use.

Video and conclusion

As you can see, in order to use mobile Internet in Europe, it is not at all necessary to connect additional options on Russian SIM cards or purchase cards from local operators. Although if you watch a short video,below, you will understand that purchasing SIM cards in European countries is a very outdated option, which is practically devoid of prospects.

We hope our article helped you decide on the choice of a SIM card to access mobile Internet in Europe. Try to analyze as many options as possible, read the reviews, because, as practice shows, many operators lure customers with bonuses without any hesitation, and along the way impose unnecessary services at a high cost. For example, if you use only social networks and a search engine, 3G Internet with traffic up to 5 gigabytes should be enough for you. I would also like to ask our readers to share their opinion about which SIM card is the best for Europe. You may be able to help someone else make a choice.

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