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Money by Installing Apps: Working Ideas, Tips and Tricks
Money by Installing Apps: Working Ideas, Tips and Tricks

The topic of making money on the Internet is so popular and relevant that now only the lazy are not interested in it. It is worth saying that many people have already found an opportunity for additional or basic income, which is especially important during the next economic crisis in Russia. And in other years, the majority of Russian citizens can only dream of a decent standard of living. We will not cover the topic of making money on the Internet in its entirety. It's too broad. Therefore, we will focus on a specific direction.

Money by installing apps

make money by installing ios apps

It is worth saying that since the advent of the Internet, it has increasingly penetrated into the lives of ordinary people. For more than a year now, there has been a hype around mobile applications that most users massively install ontheir mobile devices. A logical question arises. Is there a way to make money by installing android apps? And if so, which one.

In addition to installation, there are also tasks in which you need to rate the game or leave a review about the application. They are attractive because they give more income than the standard installation of downloaded files.

How to get started?

earn money by installing mobile applications on ios

First of all, you need a smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet, on which the user can not only download, but also install the application to earn money using the installation. There are a lot of applications, and it's very easy to do it.

In fact, all the user needs to do is download, for example, a game. It takes quite a bit of time. Especially with fast internet. Earnings on the installation of applications is the sum of the number of downloaded files. In the future, the earned reward can be withdrawn to an electronic wallet. The same money can be used to replenish the balance of a mobile phone.

Money by installing applications is quite simple. The user's task is to visit the application store using the link, and then download and install the specified file. Often, advertisers are asked to rate or leave a small review.

Do not be afraid that over time the device's memory will overflow and this way of earning will become unavailable to you. After installation, it is enough to launch the application once, after which the user can delete it. However, in some cases, advertisers set a condition -use it for one to seven days. It's not that long. Therefore, you can constantly earn money by installing applications, remembering to delete old files and download new ones.


Money by installing applications, first of all, is attractive to users because it does not require any special knowledge or special skills.

earn money by installing ios applications with withdrawal

In addition, accessibility is considered an important advantage. Earnings on installing applications are available to anyone who has a tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet. You can download files at any time, being absolutely anywhere. This also creates additional convenience.

Among other things, this way of earning does not require initial costs. Many already have a modern gadget with the Internet, on which you can install files and then receive payment.

Some users are looking for a catch in everything and believe that making money by installing applications is fraught with pitfalls. However, there is an opposite point of view, assuring that there are absolutely no risks for users. After all, all applications need to be downloaded from Google Play.

Work ideas

For those who are interested in making money by installing mobile applications, there are three options. Which one to choose, the user will decide on their own.

Firstly, this is directly downloading the specified files with subsequent installation.

Secondly, some app owners give tasks in which you need to leavefeedback or share your opinion about the previously downloaded file.

Thirdly, almost all applications for making money on installing ios applications with withdrawal offer a referral program. This means that each user can earn not only by installing certain files. It also has the ability to invite other users to register in the application. In the future, he will be charged a certain percentage of the income of previously invited participants.

In fact, these are three working ideas for those who are of some interest in making money by installing mobile applications.

How much income can I expect?

To assess the potential attractiveness of such a method of making a profit, the user must know what kind of reward he can count on. So, how much money does installing iOS apps bring to enthusiasts of this business?

First of all, don't count on a specific amount. Because it's not a fixed salary job. Here the user receives a reward only for the actions performed.

In addition, a lot depends on the following criteria:

  • model of device used;
  • location;
  • operating system;
  • advertiser generosity.

However, in order not to leave you in complete ignorance, we will name more specific numbers. So, downloading an application is paid on average from three to ten rubles.

Is it worth it?

earn money by installing mobile applications

Of course, manyafter reading this information, the desire to master earnings on the Internet by installing applications will disappear. However, you need to understand that such work does not require enormous efforts. It only takes a few clicks to start downloading the application, wait for the download to finish, and then make a few more clicks to install the file. In fact, this whole process that needs to be repeated many times.

Earnings from installing iOS applications per month will depend on the number of actions taken. The more of them, the higher the final reward for the user.

Most likely, in this way it will not be possible to earn large sums and get a worthy alternative to a permanent job. However, experienced users claim that making money on installing mobile applications on iOS allows you to pay for Internet services. For some, this is more attractive than wasting time on social networks.

It's up to you to decide if this reward is worth your time or if it's better to look for another way to make money online or offline.

How to increase income?

Probably everyone is interested in this question, regardless of the amount of income. However, in the case of installing applications, this interest is especially relevant. After all, a payment of three to ten rubles can hardly be considered sufficient.

So, one of the ways is to install a special application that changes the IP of the device and its location. In a way, this is cheating. However, with this approach, you can get more paid tasks.to install apps.

There is another popular option, but it requires a lot of money. In this case, you need to bet on the referral program. The bottom line is that you invite new users to register and earn money by installing applications. Nothing more needs to be done. Now the system will pay you a certain percentage of the referred users. Such profit can be called passive. However, it will take some work to attract users.

How to attract referrals?

make money on your phone install apps

There are several ways, among which each user can choose the option he likes. By the way, people are attracted to network marketing in similar ways, creating a kind of team and subsequently receiving a percentage of their income.

  1. Acquaintances and friends. You can tell them about the opportunity to make money by installing applications, tell them that this is a proven way and provide your own link.
  2. Comments on the Internet. In some cases, this looks like spam. However, users do not miss the opportunity to leave their referral links on social networks and other sites where possible.
  3. Video. If you manage to record a short video about your own earnings, it will be possible to advertise a referral link in it. You will need to put the recording on video hosting. The more views you manage to get, the more partners you can lure in the network of your own referral program.
  4. Forums. Another way to advertisereferral link. However, it is important to write an attractive description that does not look like spam. As with the previous option, try to maximize the reach of your post. Find ten or fifty forums and patiently post on each one.

Don't expect amazing effects after a single recording. Be patient and persistent at the same time. Know how to convince people. Try different ways to attract referrals without focusing solely on one.

make money online install apps

Who pays?

The most incredulous are skeptical about the possibility of making money on the phone by installing applications. They do not understand who will pay for downloading some obscure files. Let's clear things up and look into this matter.

So, app owners who want their developments to take the first positions in the App Store and become even more popular are charged.

Rating depends on the number of installs. That is why developers are interested in increasing the number of downloads. In some cases, advertisers are even willing to compensate paid software. In the future, they pay back their own costs, and users get their penny by mastering the earnings on installing applications. This method is available even to sociophobes who categorically refuse to find a job in a team.

In addition to the above-described cheat indicators, there is another reason why developers are willing to pay for installing the application. It's peculiar, butat the same time a costly way of promotion. In this case, advertisers are counting on the fact that some installers will not remove the application, but will continue to use it in the future. In fact, they consider paid installations as one of the ways of advertising. The effectiveness of this method is difficult to assess unambiguously. Therefore, in most cases, paid installations are just cheating indicators.

Earn by installing applications on PC

If for some reason the user cannot use a tablet or smartphone, but a computer is available to him, this method of making a profit does not lose its relevance.

First of all, to make money by installing applications on your computer, you will need an emulator of the iOS or Android operating system.

After downloading the above program, you need to make sure that the technical characteristics of your computer meet. For example, the emulator may not start due to an insufficiently powerful video card.

If everything went well, then the user becomes available to earn money by downloading applications.

User misconceptions

Let's look at the most common:

You think that you need to pay something for the installation, and you will not be able to earn money in this way

Only free apps are offered for download. If this is not the case, it is better to refuse the task. There is a high probability that you just got scammers who want to make money on you. Installing applications should bring you additional income, not unplanned and completely useless expenses.

Do you think that forspecial knowledge is needed to start, this is another delusion

It is highly likely that you already have the device you need to make money. It can be a smartphone, tablet or computer. An internet connection is also required. You will also need a minimum amount of time and a desire to master this way of earning. Note that among the conditions listed above, not a word was said about having specialized knowledge.

You assume that installing unfamiliar applications is not safe

Hurry up to give up another misconception that interferes with your earnings. Advertisers offer to install games and other applications from official sources. Therefore, potential users do not risk anything. However, if in doubt, it is better not to risk it. Earnings on installing applications are not so high.

You think that downloading files will replace the main job

This is also a delusion. Making money like this is pretty easy. Therefore, there are an incredibly large number of applicants, and there are much fewer advertisers who are willing to pay for installing applications. That is why you should not count on large sums. However, it is quite possible to make money on small joys such as paying for the Internet or buying inexpensive cosmetics.

Tips & Tricks

In order not to be disappointed in such work, it is important to adhere to certain rules:

  • You should not consider this method as an alternative to the main work. This is just an additional income that allows you to recoup small expenses.
  • If out of stocksmartphone or tablet, you can use an ordinary computer. However, you must first install an emulator program on it.
  • Try ways to increase your income. Not only download applications, but also complete other paid tasks. For example, their subsequent evaluation.
  • Invite your friends, connect them to your own referral program and get a percentage of the income earned by partners. In the future, this will generate passive income for you.
  • It is desirable to use as many services as possible that allow you to earn money by installing applications. This will allow you to increase coverage and learn about new tasks earlier than others. There is quite a lot of competition in the field of making money on installing applications. That's why you need to keep track of new offers.
earn money by installing apps on pc

So, making money by installing applications is a simple low-skilled job that does not require specialized knowledge to master. That is why it is available to every owner of a smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet. This is an elementary way to replenish your e-wallet with a few hundred rubles instead of reading meaningless statuses on social networks or competing with virtual opponents in an online game.

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