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Manufacturing business: ideas, examples
Manufacturing business: ideas, examples

If you decide to open your own business and are planning a production business process, that is, you are going to start producing some goods, you should know what to focus on. The determining factor in such cases was and remains the presence of consumer demand for one or another type of product planned for release. Having decided on this issue and occupying a suitable niche, you will ensure yourself at least half the success.

But selling the goods is not all. Until the moment of a successful sale, you have to carefully calculate the entire process of its production, from the purchase of raw materials to the release of finished products. When planning your activities, it is important to have a clear idea of ​​the existing pricing mechanism, take into account all the necessary costs and the need for certain material resources.

In order for the proceeds from the sale of goods not only to cover the costs of production, but also to make a profit, the creator of a manufacturing business needs to carefully prepare to implement his idea with a well-thought-out plan. It should contain all the necessary calculations and take into accountcosts.

Manufacturing type of business - why?

Why did we decide to talk about mini-production today? In the context of changing economic relations, small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses are quite relevant. This is especially important when the state pursues a policy aimed at import substitution.

manufacturing business

Organization of a small manufacturing business, strengthening its position and further development is a good opportunity to further enter a serious domestic market. And in the future - and on the outside. That is why this article will be devoted to the most promising business ideas, the implementation of which is possible at minimal cost.

In the West, small business is actively in demand almost everywhere. You will not surprise anyone with small family businesses for the production of anything and for any need. Even in the so-called years of stagnation, tourists traveling around Europe could observe examples of manufacturing business in the form of products of local artisans put up for sale at the entrance to any of the villages. For example, products made of gypsum, plastic or wood were offered in abundance - in the form of small garden forms and decorative figurines (gnomes, etc.) intended for arranging and decorating a garden plot.

Today, this idea - a business at home - is picked up by enterprising compatriots. What just do not produce in our post-Soviet space! Everything is produced that can be made in the conditions of the city and the countryside with the help of a smallproduction team, family or even one person. Business ideas that require minimal investment are especially welcome.

In our article, we have collected a number of ideas that allow you to open a small manufacturing business in the conditions of both a big city and a small town without overwhelming capital investments. So, let's get acquainted with the most popular of these offers.

1. Sewing car covers

You can get by with an initial investment of 50,000 rubles. To implement the idea, you will need to buy the necessary sewing equipment and get good patterns for covers for different brands of cars. Then your task is to find customers who are interested in this type of product. Tailoring will be individual for each specific car. Details of the order are discussed in detail with the client in advance.

This product is more than relevant. After all, the cover of the car will protect it from the scorching sun, accidental scratches and inevitable precipitation. For variety, you can complete your range with seat covers. They are in high demand and easier to make.

home business

To start working, you should register an individual entrepreneur, solve the problem with renting premises, purchasing equipment and tools. Then you hire a minimum number of employees and invest in the distribution of advertising. As elsewhere, income is directly related to its quality. The number of orders received and the level of profit depend on a well-conducted advertising campaign.

2. Business planfurniture manufacturing

To open a workshop of a small furniture workshop with work on individual sizes, a slightly larger amount will be required - about half a million rubles. Furniture can be produced both frame and upholstered. Such services are now in high demand, and the production of custom-made furniture is growing rapidly. This is due to the increased level of income of a certain part of the population and the desire for non-standard and interesting design of the home.

Case furniture is most in demand. They are engaged in ordering and acquiring it not only for residential premises, but also for educational, medical organizations and offices. In a city with a population of more than 250,000 people, this business project is already quite relevant.

Point of acceptance of orders can be organized in any crowded place. However, with the initial promotion of the case, a well-placed advertisement with a current phone number is enough. Making furniture is not as complicated as it might seem to an outsider. The profitability of this business can boast of quite high. In some cases, its level reaches 200%.

The implementation of the idea, in addition to the design of the IP, requires the rental of a suitable room (at least 50 sq. M.), Where the production workshop will be located. Then it is necessary to purchase the necessary set of tools and search for good reliable suppliers of materials with the conclusion of the necessary contracts, as well as hiring personnel.

furniture manufacturing business plan

In this business plan for the production of furniture, the initial costsconsists of acquiring all the necessary working tools, training hired workers and paying them, purchasing materials and accessories, and, of course, advertising costs. The level of payback and profitability of your furniture shop is directly dependent on the mastered production volume and the amount of goods sold. Trade markup may vary. In some cases, its size can reach up to 50-200%.

Conclusion: with a considerable initial financial investment in the first months of the existence of this production business, within a year of stable operation, you will fully return all the funds spent and, most likely, will remain in a good profit.

3. Frameless furniture

Your production company can also deal with a new modern type of furniture - frameless models. You will need to design and sew non-standard stylish ottomans, soft voluminous chairs. The purpose of these objects with a bright and unbanal design is to decorate game rooms, children's and youth rooms. This business project can be very interesting and in demand due to the ability to create exclusive author's products.

The implementation of the project is impossible without the participation of an experienced creative designer. In addition, you will need to find a supplier of high-quality modern materials. Other expenses include the rent of the production premises, the purchase of equipment for professional tailoring and the cost of staff salaries.

Implementation is optimally carried out at first, using the already promoted site of somestore, as well as by concluding agreements with large furniture stores and centers. Experienced entrepreneurs believe that this project may well pay off within 3 months. The cost of a fashionable upholstered chair with filler is approximately 1000 rubles, but you can sell it at retail from 2500 rubles. and more expensive. And we are talking about minimal frills in the field of design. If you start working on individual orders, designing and producing complex models according to unusual sketches, the increase in profits will be even greater.

manufacturing business options

4. Furniture can also be wicker

Here's another option for a manufacturing business. You will need to invest a little less money in it - up to 100,000 rubles. The essence of the creative idea is the opening of a private workshop, where unusual and stylish furniture from natural wicker will be made. This eco-friendly material is now more popular than ever. Headsets from it are produced both for kitchens and for relaxation. They are placed both in the country house and in the city apartment.

In addition to furniture, it is possible to produce kitchen decorative items - baskets and flower stands. Work is possible alone - without the involvement of assistants. The workshop can be equipped in a fairly modest room. This is a real home business. The main problem will be only the purchase of raw materials of proper quality, in connection with which most true masters are engaged in harvesting vines on their own.

Cut willow lashes all year round, they do not require mandatory storage indoors. TherebyThe cost of wickerwork can be reduced and profitability can be increased. You can also save money on renting a store. It is quite possible to sell such products through an online store. If you establish cooperation with any design studio or furniture salon, as well as develop individual projects to the taste of the client, you can get a very good income. The expected profit from the project is at least 30,000 rubles. per month, and the payback period is no more than two months of work.

5. Tombstones

At the start, you will need about 300,000 rubles. The project is to open a workshop for the production of tombstones and all related paraphernalia. The material can be concrete, artificial stone, etc. For natural reasons, this service will always remain in demand. Although the competition in this market segment is quite tough.

Arrangement of such a business is possible in a rather modest-sized room, for example, in a garage. Another option is to organize or rent a workshop in the cemetery area. To get started, you will need to buy the necessary equipment with tools, purchase molds for pouring the mixture and a machine for complex engravings. In addition, it will be necessary to somehow solve the transport problem, that is, the task of transporting manufactured monuments to the installation sites.

On average, the cost of a set of material for one tombstone, taking into account the engraving, will cost you about 20,000 rubles. It can be sold twice as expensive. 100% markup will allowpursue the development of production, improve the quality of services and acquire non-standard forms.

business ideas for production

6. Casting cinder blocks

Here we are talking about investments of about 200,000 rubles. The idea is to organize a production process for stamping building cinder blocks with subsequent sale to the public and private firms. Such material is quite relevant due to its wide application in the construction of residential and industrial facilities and various buildings for household purposes. If your workshop is located near a major city or traffic intersection, you will be provided with a stream of constant orders from private developers, entire teams and representatives of the local construction business.

It is possible to implement the idea, having three or four people as employees and a production facility equipped with a convenient access area. The main item of expenditure is the rent of a warehouse or other industrial premises and, as in previous cases, the purchase of the equipment required by the technology.

In addition, you will need to buy raw materials and reserve the amount to pay wages to workers. This business is somewhat seasonal. Profits increase sharply during the warmer months, when construction activity is busiest. If your shop is running at full capacity every day, the actual output per day is 350 good quality cinder blocks. The cost of each of them is 38 rubles. By selling your products at market prices (about 60 rubles per unit), you will receivedaily income of about 7,700 rubles. If the pace of production is not reduced, then within two months the purchase of equipment, along with all associated costs, will be fully justified.

During the winter months it is more difficult, but it is possible to produce products in reserve with the expectation of a summer construction boom. This manufacturing business does not require mandatory certification, which is important for a budding entrepreneur.

7. Production of foam and aerated concrete

This option, compared to the previous one, requires large investments - from 540,000 rubles. The project is a real mini-factory, which will produce foam and aerated concrete blocks, which will then be sold to construction organizations. Why is this project relevant? The mentioned new types of building materials have successfully replaced concrete, which is familiar to everyone, because of its practicality and low price. Increasingly, buildings and structures of any kind are being built using foam and aerated concrete. Demand for it does not fall, and the production process is quite simple.

commercial production business

The structure of expenses in this case is similar to the previous option. The possible productivity of a small plant is about 10 cubic meters of quality products during each shift. With stable operation, you can count on a monthly turnover of about 650,000 rubles. Subtracting all expenses, both direct and indirect, we get the amount of net income equal to approximately 200,000 rubles. Thus, while maintaining the proper production volumes and a good level of sales, the mini-factory will pay offafter about six months of stable operation.

8. We produce neon signs

If you are ready to invest about half a million rubles in a business, one of the winning projects could be the opening of a mini-workshop engaged in the production of neon signs, as well as other advertising objects made by customer orders. You will also have to deal with the installation of your products and its further maintenance.

Such a trading and manufacturing business is relevant in a large city with a constantly developing sales and various entertainment areas. Oddly enough, the competition here is not too great yet, and demand is already quite stable. You can produce your products in a medium-sized non-residential premises by purchasing or leasing a mini-factory designed for the production of neon products. Costs will also be required to purchase all the components needed for production, vocational training for glassblowers, remuneration for managers involved in finding clients, and maintaining the office.

The minimum amount that the manufactured and installed neon strip (1 meter) will cost is approximately 700 rubles. It is possible to sell the same segment for 1000 rubles. Thus, the level of net income is 300 rubles. per running metre. Design features, complexity of configuration or installation will raise the price of the finished product by an order of magnitude.

To achieve self-sufficiency as soon as possible, it will be necessary to establish a rapid turnover with the involvement of a large number of customers. Therefore, advertising in this type of business is more relevant than anywhere else. Of course, subject to the high quality of work andfollow up good feedback from customers.

manufacturing business process

9. Making metal doors

The shop for the production of steel doors will require investments of approximately the same level - about half a million. Competition in this area is quite tough, but products of the middle price range with good quality are in stable demand. If you can provide a good balance in terms of cost, quality and variety of services provided, the project can be very profitable.

To implement the idea (a workshop of small capacity and occupying a minimum of space), it will be necessary to organize a room in a remote area, but with a transport interchange. Initially, you will have to purchase a set of production equipment, tools that the installation team will work with, as well as all the necessary material and components. At an average pace of work, the productivity of a small workshop during a month is about 200 metal doors. A standard door, depending on the configuration, has a selling price of about 7000-9000 rubles. The profitability of this business is about 25%, so the planned income may exceed 300,000 rubles. every month. To increase turnover, you will need to actively advertise your own services and seek contracts with a network of large hardware stores.

We have listed just a few manufacturing business ideas. In fact, there are a great many of them. Unfortunately, within the framework of a separate article there is no opportunity in detaildwell on all the proposed diversity. By digging around the Internet, looking at the surrounding reality and thinking about the needs of your particular locality and its inhabitants, you will no doubt be able to find much more worthy manufacturing business options. Good luck with your favorite idea!

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