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Residential complex "Botanical Garden": comfortable and modern housing

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Residential complex "Botanical Garden": comfortable and modern housing
Residential complex "Botanical Garden": comfortable and modern housing

The center of Moscow is being built up more and more. One of the attractive developments is the Botanichesky Sad residential complex, which is being developed and created by the Pioneer group of companies. This developer has proven itself from the best side, in addition, each residential complex designed and built by its specialists has an attractive appearance.

Project features

LC "Botanical Garden" is the embodiment of ideas about comfort and convenience, which are actively practiced in housing construction today. This area is conveniently located in the very center of Moscow, next to the Main Botanical Garden and very close to metro stations. The Botanical Garden residential complex, according to the project, consists of 9 buildings, which will be erected in four stages. At the moment, active construction is underway.

residential complex "Botanical Garden"

The phased construction will be as follows:

  • First, two towers of buildings with 24 floors and buildings of variable number of floors will be built, in which 683 apartments are planned;
  • the second stage is the construction of 3 multi-storey buildings, which are built on the basis of monolithic technology with an emphasis on ventilated facades;
  • in the third stage, multi-section buildings will be erected in 464 apartments, which will already be sold with a finished finish.

These three stages, according to the project, are comfortable class housing. But the last to be built is the business class building, which is planned from 7 to 17 floors.

Infrastructure development

When buying an apartment, we are looking for options that would be convenient in all respects. The residential complex "Botanical Garden" (Moscow) is conveniently located in the city center in close proximity to metro stations. During the construction, educational institutions (kindergarten and school), playgrounds will also be erected. As Pioneer notes, when developing the project, great attention was paid to ensuring that those who bought apartments in the residential complex could immediately resolve the issue of the place where their children will study.

residential complex "Botanical Garden" Moscow

Specially for this, a school for 550 children and a kindergarten for 240 children will be built, and both institutions will be combined into one building. The residential complex "Botanical Garden" in Moscow ("Pioneer") involves the placement of an educational institution next to a landscaped park area. It, in turn, is located on the banks of the Yauza - this is where the windows of the garden and the school will go.

No cars in the yards

Another feature of the complex is the implementation of the concept,which involves the organization of the yard space without cars. This will be achieved by the construction of several underground parking lots at once, which will unload the yard area and allow it to be arranged more rationally. As the developers themselves note, the implementation of such a concept will make the Botanichesky Sad residential complex an even more convenient and comfortable area for living. In addition to the harmony of the facades, the buildings are distinguished by a well-balanced layout. And this also contributes to creating a pleasant environment for residents.

About architecture features

Residential complex "Botanical Garden" ("Pioneer") catches the eye with an original design solution. The Japanese architects of the Nikken Sekkei bureau were engaged in the embodiment of the visual concept.

residential complex "Botanical Garden" "Pioneer"

The world's largest architectural and design bureau strived to ensure that the spirit of change prevailed in buildings. This is the main motive, which is expressed in the displacement of building elements and their alternation. By the way, for Japan such a constructive approach is quite traditional. Due to the displacement of the planes, the towers are given a special rhythm that fits perfectly into the surrounding natural space.

Accent on the upper floors

The last floor deserves special attention: in order to emphasize its height and at the same time lightness, the architects shifted the main contour of the building to the depth. Terraces were also created - they offer excellent panoramic views of the surrounding space. By the way, the towers will also be illuminated at night due toroof-mounted lighting fixtures.

Finish for every taste

Botanichesky Sad residential complex offers its customers several types of apartments - comfort and premium - as well as commercial real estate. All apartments represent a new level of living and will appeal to those who seek to express their individuality.

residential complex "Botanical Garden" Moscow "Pioneer"

In this case, the decoration of the apartments will be different:

  • Basic finishes will be classic or contemporary in dark or light. High quality materials created by Russian and European brands are used for cladding.
  • Individual finishing is an opportunity to personalize your future apartment, embodying in it some necessary additional options or technological solutions. Thanks to a wide range of materials that can be harmoniously combined, it is possible to carry out repairs in accordance with individual parameters, up to the selection of plumbing or installation of underfloor heating.
  • Public areas, entrance groups, lounge areas are also thought out by Japanese masters and are distinguished by comfort and coziness.
residential complex "Botanical Garden" Voronezh apartment layout

The company has already built the Botanical Garden residential complex in Voronezh. The layout of the apartments in it, as well as the number of rooms, is very different. The buildings are located next to the botanical garden and the Dynamo recreation park, surrounded by forest plantations. This createsfavorable environmental conditions on the territory of the complex. Here, attention is paid to the landscaping of the territory, the arrangement of walking paths, as well as children's and sports grounds.

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