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Residential complex "Birch alleys" ("Botanical garden"): description, infrastructure

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Residential complex "Birch alleys" ("Botanical garden"): description, infrastructure
Residential complex "Birch alleys" ("Botanical garden"): description, infrastructure

The main city of the state - a huge metropolis of Moscow - never ceases to please its residents and those who come for permanent residence with new residential complexes. The vast territory allows them to be erected in areas that are convenient in terms of transport accessibility and comfortable for living. One of these complexes is Birch Alleys (Botanical Garden).

LCD "Birch alley"


In the North-Eastern district of the capital there is a street - Berezovaya alley. Only about a kilometer separates it from the Botanichesky Sad metro station, and 3 kilometers from the Yaroslavl and Altufevskoe highways. This gives the future residents of the complex the opportunity to get to the metro station on foot or to reach the Moscow Ring Road in about 10 minutes. In addition, there are many public transports running along nearby streets such as Selskokhozyaistvennaya, Olonetskaya, and Serebryakov Drive.

Description of the residential complex

Deadline for residential complex "Birch alleys" ("Botanical Garden") - the third quarter of 2019. Completely built, it will consist of five blocks of 18-storey residential buildings, united by a common courtyard. Facades are ventilated, according to modern technologies and from appropriate materials. The adjoining territory is implemented according to the principle of "yard without cars", which makes it possible to implement the project due to the construction of an underground parking for 960 cars.

Infrastructure: external and internal

"Birch Alleys" ("Botanical Garden") will have its own infrastructure. In addition to the underground parking described above, it is assumed that the lower floors of the houses will be non-residential premises, and they will house social infrastructure facilities, such as a medical center, beauty salon, shops, and a pharmacy. All this will allow the residents of the complex not to travel outside of it in search of the necessary things and products.

Complex project

For the recreation of adults and for the leisure of children, the construction of a pre-school institution, children's playgrounds and sports grounds has been designed. The courtyard will be landscaped. Walking and cycling paths, recreation areas will appear.

Because the Birch Alley (Botanical Garden) quarter is located almost in the very center of the capital, not only its own infrastructure, but also all the institutions of the district are at the service of its residents. Five educational complexes are available, almost each of which is recognized as the best in the rating of schools in the capital. Many shops, supermarkets, bank branches, educationalinstitutions. At a distance of about 200 meters, the Yauza River flows and the Sviblovsky Ponds are located, which are a wonderful place to relax.

Adjoining territory

Providing security

The developer of Birch Alleys (Botanical Garden) made sure that the future residents of the complex feel safe when purchasing apartments. The entire area will be under round-the-clock surveillance. The territory of the LCD is equipped with an electronic access system.

All buildings of the complex will be equipped with modern engineering systems, which are controlled by the dispatch service. Residents will be provided with such benefits of civilization as Internet, television and telephone connections.

Apartments in the complex

Birch Alleys (Botanical Garden) offers apartments for every budget. From small studios (32 square meters) to three-room apartments up to 79 square meters. The cost of one meter starts from 131 thousand rubles.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the residential complex "Birch Alleys" is a unique complex, with its location giving residents the opportunity to live in an urban environment, but in the most favorable ecological area, surrounded by parks and the Yauza river valley. That is, here you can enjoy real country life.

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