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How to make money in a taxi: secrets and proven options
How to make money in a taxi: secrets and proven options

Working in the field of driving a car - your personal or organization, can bring a pretty good income. Because it is not without reason that such a source of income has been very popular for over 100 years, and many experienced taxi drivers, having accumulated certain skills and abilities over the years, are able to earn money on a taxi much more than many other entrepreneurs.

About competition

Competition in the transportation market today is very high, and, consequently, the level of quality and prices of services are constantly pushing inexperienced drivers. Beginners who come to work in this area make a number of serious mistakes, after which they often receive only losses and disappointment. Therefore, before you take up personal transportation, you need to familiarize yourself with some secrets of success - how to start working, what are the proven options for making good money and how to make more money in a taxi.

how to make more money in a taxi

Rookie Mistakes

AmongThe most common mistakes novice drivers make are:

  1. Take a lot of orders in a fit of desire to earn as much as possible in a taxi. The rush here leads to the fact that the driver begins to violate the rules of road traffic, after which he has to pay expensive fines, which, in turn, leads to losses. Sometimes there are more serious consequences of haste - an accident.
  2. Take long distance orders. It is extremely important to calculate transport costs, and novice taxi drivers usually believe that a couple of kilometers will not play a big role. However, in practice this is far from the case.
  3. Rudeness and rudeness towards customers. In any service sector, a taxi driver has to communicate a lot with people. Having received a portion of negativity, the driver’s mood deteriorates, and all subsequent customers begin to feel it for themselves. If at the same time a newcomer works in a transportation company, he will obviously not be praised for this (possible pen alties).

Secrets of experienced taxi drivers

In order to understand how to make money in a taxi, you need to turn to experienced drivers. People who have been working in this field for a long time say that there are a few simple rules, following which you can work successfully and constantly increase your earnings. Naturally, each passenger, getting into a clean car, where it smells good, where the music does not irritate, will have a pleasant time on the trip, and perhaps even want to thank the taxi driver for the comfort. The situation is completely opposite, if a person gets his clothes dirty when getting into a car,sits in a dirty seat, and in the cabin, plus everything, there is a strong smell of tobacco smoke. Such a taxi driver certainly does not deserve encouragement.

Taxis with experience, as a rule, drive very smoothly, without sudden extreme braking and acceleration. The main goal of such driving is simple - fuel economy and careful operation of the car. By saving on costs, you can earn much more in a taxi. As a rule, at the same time, it is relevant - “I earned what I saved”. Plus, with smooth driving, passengers are provided with safety and comfort. And it has been noticed that most of them prefer a moderately adequate and calm speed limit, and exceptions occur only in cases where the client is late and asks to go faster.

how to make money in a taxi

What is the best time of day to work?

Is it possible to make money in a taxi, adhering to the same schedule day after day? Another secret of success is that the taxi driver does not sit behind the wheel 24 hours a day. He comes on shift at a time when there are most orders and among them you can choose the most suitable for yourself. Taxi drivers with experience identify several of the most profitable periods of time:

  1. Early morning on weekdays, when people go to study, work, etc. There are always a lot of orders at this time, because people tend to be late in the morning and rush. For many of them, it is easier to take a taxi than to wait for a minibus at the bus stop.
  2. Evening time on weekdays. This is the time when morning clients who use regularlytaxi services, return home. The rest - who are sick, tired, also want to get to their place of residence as soon as possible, and taxi drivers come to the rescue. The number of orders in the evening increases many times, but the route should be thought out in advance, because there are always traffic jams in the city.
  3. Evening and night from Friday to Saturday. This is the time when many people relax after the work week. People walk, have fun and, as a rule, take a taxi. Moreover, some clients sometimes pay quite generously.
  4. On Mondays it is better to work. After a well-spent weekend, the start of the working week is not easy for many people, they often refuse to drive a private car, are late and use taxi services.

When is it not profitable to taxi?

Taxi drivers with experience say the main secret of this work is the importance of choosing working hours. It was said above when it is profitable to work, then the secret of how to make money in a taxi will not work:

  1. At noon and lunch. From about 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays, a decline in the flow of people is observed in all urban passenger traffic. During this period of time, students and pupils are in the classroom, children are in kindergartens, workers are working. There remains only one category of people who are not employed during this period - these are pensioners. They, of course, use taxi services, but much less often than others. Taxi drivers have income at this time, but it is not at all great. It is better to stay at home, relax and gain strength in the evening, when the flow of people will increase.
  2. Tuesday. AtFor many experienced taxi drivers, Tuesday is a day off. On this day, according to the observations of experienced taxi workers, there are fewer orders, and you can rightfully arrange a good rest for yourself.
make money as a taxi driver

Weather conditions

How to make more money in a taxi, focusing on the weather? The secrets of successful work in a taxi lie in weather conditions. Changes in air temperature, precipitation, the presence of strong winds - all this significantly affects the demand of people in the field of transportation. For example, as soon as a thunderstorm starts, most people who walk down the street on foot immediately run to the bus stop or start calling a taxi. In heavy snow, for example, few people have the desire to walk in wet shoes, hence the high demand for taxi services. The direct opposite of such factors is a sharp warming in the cold season, when people are unaccustomed to the rays of the sun, and on a bright day everyone wants to take a walk and get some air. Such people obviously do not want to go home by taxi.

Knowing the city

Is it possible to make money in a taxi if you don't know the names and locations of the streets at all? The experience of people who have achieved success in this field of work shows that a good knowledge of the city is an important factor in making good profits. Of course, such knowledge does not come immediately, even if you study the maps and know the location of the streets. Everything comes with experience, but you should not neglect getting acquainted with the maps of the city. Many drivers use the navigator, which is very convenient, since this application is easy tomakes the shortest route and can even tell you which city street is most likely to get stuck in a traffic jam. Such devices allow you to effectively manage your working time and increase income.

Experienced taxi drivers already know where traffic jams usually occur, and where it is better not to go, especially during rush hour. In such areas, you can spend a lot of time and fuel, earn losses. All these subtleties help experienced taxi drivers to be one step further than beginners. At a time when a beginner is stuck in a traffic jam, for example, for two hours, a pro will make several orders and earn several times more.

is it possible to make money in a taxi

How much can you really earn in a taxi?

How to correctly calculate the income of a taxi driver? The most acceptable option is to calculate income by the hour. At the same time, it turns out that it is more profitable to take many small orders - each order brings money "for giving a car", plus there are often certain bonuses for a large number of orders. Of course, this way of making money in a taxi will be profitable only when they appear constantly and are at a small distance from each other.

According to statistics, the average net income of a taxi driver per hour is:

  • 300 rubles when working in Yandex.Taxi, Metro, Lucky;
  • less than 300 - in a taxi "GOST";
  • approximately 250 rubles per hour - in a taxi "Grand Auto", "Maxim" and "Let's go".

Thus, a taxi driver earns about 300 rubles per hour, which is 45,000 rubles a month if you work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. BUTif you work 12 hours a day, which is certainly difficult, but at the same time, the salary is 108,000 rubles. Of course, with this mode of operation, a person quickly gets tired, risks his he alth and safety on the roads. Therefore, you can stick to the golden mean and earn about 40-50 thousand rubles a month.

How to earn more in a taxi?

As mentioned above, earnings in a taxi depend on working hours, knowledge of the city, choice of orders, weather and much more. However, you can increase your own popularity, and work not for the company, but for yourself. In this case, it will not be necessary to deduct part of the organization's money, and the income will go into your own pocket. A good way to earn customers is by handing out business cards. If the client liked the car and the driver, he will want to use the services of a proven and comfortable taxi again. The more regular customers there are, the more stable the financial component will be.

earn money by taxi

Order quality

In order to make more money in a taxi, you should follow the rule that is known to almost all entrepreneurs, and it lies in the efficiency of work. So, for example, when delivering one we althy person to the address, the taxi driver does not strain the car, fuel consumption is moderate, the interior of the car does not get dirty, etc. The absolute opposite is such an order - a company of 3 tipsy people who work at a construction site. They'll stain your carpets, your seats, and they're unlikely to pay more than the fare. In such a case, the coststaxi driver will be significantly higher than in the first, and the base cost of both trips may be approximately the same. Experienced taxi drivers try to refuse such orders.

Customers "on hand"

Many taxi drivers with experience during a small number of orders coming from the company prefer to be engaged in private transportation, that is, to take clients "from hand". Such drivers often stop near children's clinics and hospitals, where a taxi may be required at any time of the day, especially if the weather is bad outside. For example, a woman with a baby will probably take a taxi if she leaves the clinic and finds that it is windy or raining outside. The same goes for hospitals - there are always a lot of people with injuries, those who are not feeling well and are trying to get home as soon as possible and pay any money for this.

really make money in a taxi

Work in the suburbs and intercity

A separate category includes long-distance taxi orders. At the same time, the price of the trip is calculated according to the "wholesale" tariff, which is often not profitable for the taxi driver, since it does not provide income corresponding to the time spent. Is it really possible to make money in a taxi if you focus only on intercity transportation? The main secrets here lie in finding a passenger on the way back. It is considered a good way to “look” on the Internet, where it is easy to find a client and a fellow traveler on special sites, but this does not always work.

Taxi drivers often look for passengers at the bus station. At the same time, you can place on your cara sign indicating the price and city, and if the cost of the trip is low, the probability of finding a client increases significantly.

Many people doubt whether it is possible to make money in a taxi.

When is the best time to work long distance?

The most optimal time for work on long-distance and suburban routes is mid-spring and early autumn. At this time, the active phase of holidays and vacations begins, and taxi drivers become much smaller. It is generally accepted that in the summer it is easiest to find passengers on the long-distance route for the return journey.

how to make more money in a taxi

As for the time of day, in this situation it is best to leave during the daytime for such trips. This is primarily due to safety considerations for the driver himself. Daylight hours are a small, but still a guarantee that the trip will pass without adventures and drunken passengers. Making money as a taxi driver is not difficult, given all the above conditions.

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