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How to become a collector: education, necessary skills and experience

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How to become a collector: education, necessary skills and experience
How to become a collector: education, necessary skills and experience

Collectors are employees of organizations that are directly involved in the transportation of any material assets. Contrary to popular belief, it can be not only money, but also precious metals, as well as various correspondence. The work is quite responsible. How to become a collector? First of all, you need to have good physical characteristics, as well as have a certificate confirming the completion of specialized courses. However, these are not all the requirements that must be met to work as a collector. Let's talk more about this profession.

What does it take to become a collector?


The above vacancy does not impose strict educational requirements. Enough average or higher. However, the advantage for a potential candidate will be the presence of a military or legal education, as well as previous sports ranks.

Specialized Courses

How to become a collector? To start the futurethe employee must obtain a private security guard license. To this end, potential candidates undergo special training courses. On average, training costs fifty thousand rubles.

Course attendees are taught how to check objects for danger, take adequate actions in case of an attack, use radio communications, etc. Also, the candidate should undergo physical training and become familiar with the basic legal aspects directly related to his activities.

On average, a collector can get an education in courses within three months. Based on the results of training, they pass theoretical exams. They also check the level of physical fitness of potential candidates.

During the training period, future collectors not only study theory, but also undergo practice, which lasts for one hundred and eight hours. Much less time is allotted for theory - only forty-six hours.

Don't think that taking courses is all you need to become a collector. The final decision on the issuance of a certificate is made based on the results of the examination. In addition, the candidate will also have an interview with a potential employer.

how to become a collector in russia

Required skills and requirements

Collection is a complex process. At the same time, there are many applicants for the vacancy. Therefore, the level of requirements for the profession of a collector is quite high. Not all candidates qualify.

Besides being in excellent physical he alth and having a certificate confirming graduationspecialized courses, potential employers put forward a number of requirements that those who are interested in becoming a collector must meet:

  • Help from a psychiatrist and narcologist. In addition, psychological testing is carried out, which allows you to get additional information about the candidates.
  • Having a category B driver's license. Companies often offer employees to combine the duties of a collector and a driver.
  • Stamina. The description of the profession of a collector includes information that potential employees should be prepared for serious physical exertion. If we are talking about the transportation of cash, then these are not always paper bills. For example, bags filled with small coins or gold bars can weigh several tens of kilograms.
  • In addition to transportation, collectors have to fill out the accompanying documentation. For example, acts of acceptance and transfer of values. That is why documentation skills for a potential candidate will also be useful.
collector education

Contrary to popular belief, potential employers don't always require experience.


Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that professionals face on a daily basis is increased physical activity. Be sure to wear body armor and weapons that have considerable weight. In addition, during the work shift, which can last up to twelve hours, it is necessary to move heavycargo. And also during the work shift, a considerable amount of time has to be spent inside an armored car, in which it is forbidden to open windows. During the week, the collector may have to work for five days without days off.

That's why some potential candidates, wondering how to become a collector, gradually change their minds and choose a completely different profession that is not associated with increased physical activity.

In addition, employees are subjected to psychological pressure. That is why in large companies, potential candidates have to undergo an interview using a lie detector. This item is considered mandatory in the list of what you need to work as a collector. Only those who have successfully passed the selection are offered a vacancy in the company's staff.

profession collector


Experience is not considered mandatory. However, this factor will certainly become an advantage for a potential candidate. At the same time, be prepared for the fact that at the interview they may request characteristics from the previous job.

Besides this, they trust not only words, but also check the experience in practice. For example, the ability to withstand a fight with several opponents, disorient the attacker and quickly respond to what is happening - this is what is needed for the profession of a collector. If a potential candidate is inexperienced, they may receive specialized training.

In the process of work, for employees of the cash collection service, dangeroussituations that may occur in their work. This is done in order to rehearse a quick and coordinated response in the event of a real danger. In addition, employees regularly have to undergo examinations confirming that the physical and psychological condition is consistent with the duties performed.

profession collector description


When wondering how to become a collector in Russia, you need to collect as much information about the profession as possible. For example, it is important to understand that the work of the above-mentioned specialists is not only in the movement of any material values. In some cases, collectors have to accompany cashiers or guard places where valuables have been delivered, etc. In addition, when transporting valuables, you need to check and recalculate the cargo, fill out financial documentation, deposit cash at ATMs, and so on.

Collectors transporting:

  • cash;
  • gold and other precious metals;
  • paintings and other works of art;
  • securities.

It is worth saying that the success of the work depends on each participant. That is why one of the important personal characteristics of collectors is the ability to work in a team.


Great responsibility and increased workload imply decent pay. The exact amount, however, depends on many factors:

  • service region;
  • employer;
  • degree of importance of transported valuables;
  • quantityduties.
what is needed for the profession of a collector

The profession of a collector does not leave much scope for career growth. However, within a few years of service, you can become a boss.


The profession of a collector carries increased risks, since every day employees have to transport items of high material value, which increases the interest of unscrupulous citizens. This creates a certain psychological pressure. Agree, it is extremely difficult to be in constant tension, knowing that danger can arise at any second.

In addition, the collectors are waiting for colossal physical activity throughout the work shift. Employees have to move heavy bags filled with money or other valuables, while wearing body armor and weapons, which also have considerable weight. Consider also the fact that the working day can last longer than eight hours.

Potential Employers

Becoming a collector and having received the appropriate certificate, you will certainly have to face the need to find an employer. There are many companies interested in such services. These include:

  • Commercial banks.
  • Non-profit lending institutions.
  • Private security companies.
  • State collection service.

However, when applying, be prepared for competition. According to statistics, three to five applicants simultaneously apply for each free vacancy of a collectorcandidates. Preference is given to those who meet the physical and moral characteristics required for the vacancy. Physical fitness is especially important. A potential candidate who can pull up more than a hundred times, run a hundred meters in no longer than fifteen seconds, and also repel three attackers at the same time for three minutes has an increased chance of success.

work as a collector

Typical collector

Due to the heightened requirements for this position, few potential candidates make it through the selection process. Not surprisingly, they have a lot in common. Due to increased physical activity, most employers prefer men. The age requirement for potential employees involves hiring employees who have already reached the age of twenty-three, but they have not yet turned sixty. Having a military ID will be an advantage, as well as experience as a security guard in a club, mall or store, etc.


Employers can also pay attention to the marital status of potential candidates, giving preference to those who have a family and children, the presence of which symbolizes responsibility. According to employers, a person will not steal and will not neglect his own duties, having obligations to his family.

If a potential collector applies for a vacancy in a reputable company, he must be prepared for the fact that the company will request information about the criminal record not only from him, but also fromclose relatives. It is curious that there are employers on the labor market who prefer potential applicants who do not have work experience. The logic is simple: they are easier to train and more flexible in the new responsibilities they have to take on.

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