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How to Become a Yoga Instructor: Education, Skills and Experience Required

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How to Become a Yoga Instructor: Education, Skills and Experience Required
How to Become a Yoga Instructor: Education, Skills and Experience Required

Yoga courses are becoming more and more popular every year. Not surprisingly, the most active merchants have long caught on to this trend. After all, the demand for any services provides an excellent opportunity to earn money on them. It is not surprising that the opening of a huge number of specialized centers and courses has led to the popularization of the question of how to become a yoga instructor. The demand for these specialists in the labor market is high, which means that there will always be those who want to take advantage of new opportunities.

how to become a yoga instructor from scratch


Answering the question of how to become a yoga instructor from scratch, one cannot ignore those who initially attended the corresponding courses as an ordinary student, and then became a qualified trainer. There are many such stories. And they are based on personal interest that arises inlearning process. In addition, the ability to teach yoga can be turned into a good and at the same time interesting way to generate income.

How to get started?

If your goal is to make money as quickly and as much as possible, you should reconsider your choice. Perhaps yoga is not what you really need. It is possible that your calling is elsewhere. After all, if the work is disgusting, this will certainly affect the quality of the services provided.

How to become a yoga instructor? First of all, you need to have a tremendous desire to learn yourself and pass on the accumulated knowledge to other students. Moreover, yoga, unlike conventional fitness, is not just a set of physical exercises. It's something more. This is a special outlook. However, in connection with the popularization of this direction, it somewhat loses its original meaning and turns into ordinary gymnastics. In addition, yoga has several different directions. Future instructors can focus on one of them without trying to master everything at once.

how to become a yoga instructor in moscow

Procedure of actions

Some students, attending yoga, are ready to continuously improve in this practice, mastering new subtleties. It is among such people that there are those who are interested in how to become a yoga instructor. After all, in this case, you can not only learn new knowledge, but also pass it on to others.

  • Mastering theory.
  • Search for a mentor.
  • Passing courses.
  • Connect with the audience.
  • Permanentself-cultivation.
I want to become a yoga instructor

Let's discuss each of these points in more detail.

Mastering theory

Theoretical training is needed in any business. To begin with, you can search for special literature that introduces the intricacies of exercises. You need to know not only the existing exercises, but also the sequence of their implementation. Thanks to theoretical training, you will learn a lot about yoga, including existing directions.

There are many stories about "How I Became a Yoga Instructor". However, most of them come down to the emergence of a personal interest in this practice, which gradually degenerated into a professional activity that brings moral satisfaction and a financial component.

Search for a mentor

If you have already attended yoga courses as a student for a certain period, in order to become an instructor, you should find your own mentor. From him you can learn about the existence of different styles of yoga and choose one of them. In addition, professional advice should help you decide which direction is best to choose.

You shouldn't rely on luck in choosing a yoga teacher. Your first priority is to gather as much information as possible about a potential mentor. Try to collect data on his achievements, theoretical training, etc. A lot of information can be obtained from the feedback of other students. Ideally, you should talk to them in person, and not trust online reviews fromunknown authors.

how i became a yoga instructor

Much depends on the choice of a mentor. It is advisable to take private lessons from him. However, beginners can get by with group training for some time. The task of the mentor during individual lessons is to carefully monitor the correctness of the exercises, as well as scrupulously explain all incomprehensible points.

It's a curious fact that major schools for yoga instructors recruit participants only on the recommendation of mentors.

Passing courses

If you have firmly decided - "I want to become a yoga instructor", do not neglect attending specialized courses. It is designed for those who plan to teach this practice to other people.

As a rule, the program of such courses includes features of anatomy and physiology, as well as the philosophy of yoga. In addition to mastering the theoretical material, you need to gain practical experience. To this end, potential instructors observe others and lead classes themselves.

It is worth noting that there is a huge variety of various programs on the market for those who are interested in how to become a yoga trainer. They differ in duration, cost and, of course, quality. That's why you need to give enough time and attention to the choice so as not to make a mistake.

how to become a kundalini yoga instructor

Connect with the audience

You need to try to recruit your own audience as early as possible. This is especially true for those whois interested in how to become a yoga instructor and work not in a specialized studio, but independently renting a room and recruiting students.

You should also try to keep in touch with your own mentor and other teachers. This will allow the exchange of experience, and sometimes students.

In some cases, it makes sense to focus on a particular direction. For example, ask how to become a kundalini yoga instructor. A narrow specialization will attract students who are interested in this practice.

Try to participate in specialized events. Raise your own fame. The more famous the instructor, the more willing to learn from him.

Continuous improvement

What does it take to become a yoga instructor?

If you are interested in how to become a yoga instructor from scratch, this item should definitely form the basis of your actions. Once you have mastered the basic skills, you can start teaching. However, in order to keep the interest of students, you need to continue to improve, striking them with your own skill.

This is why yoga instructor education should be continuous. By improving his own skills and knowledge, he will be able to withstand tremendous competition from other colleagues.

You need to practice yoga constantly. You must be not only theoretically prepared, but also know what sensations are accompanied by each of the exercises performed. It is important to know that yoga is one of the practices in which it is impossible to quickly achieve any results.The instructor learns such nuances in the process of cultivation and communicates them to the students. Yoga requires patience. However, a few years of persistent exercise contribute to the development of the body.


For those who are interested in how to become a yoga instructor in Moscow, this is an important and relevant issue. It would seem that any profession requires a diploma. This is one of the important criteria that potential teachers pay attention to.

However, in the case of a yoga instructor, things are somewhat different. First of all, this is a relatively young profession. This is one of the reasons why uniform requirements have not yet been formed around the world.

That's why future instructors usually get all the necessary knowledge not within the walls of educational institutions, but in practice. Those who have the opportunity go to India to learn the basics of this art.

In fact, desire is what it takes to become a yoga instructor. Education is a less significant factor. However, the presence of certificates of completion of specialized courses will not be superfluous. Especially for those instructors who plan to get jobs in fitness centers and other institutions.

kundalini yoga


When comparing experience and education, for a yoga instructor, real practice is more important than theoretical training. There is no point in being able to verbally describe this or that exercise, but absolutely not being ready to practice it and demonstrate it to your own students.

That's why experience hasof paramount importance to a potential yoga teacher. If there is an opportunity to start the practice as soon as possible, do not neglect it. Even if initially you are offered not very high payment. At first, it is extremely important to gain experience and form a base of loyal customers. Only with the growth of popularity and fame can a yoga instructor count on a steady stream of clients.

Required Skills

Coming to class, the student has certain expectations. Some expect quick results. Someone counts on the tips of the teacher at every step, someone needs moral support in achieving results. A yoga instructor must have a ton of skills to meet the needs of all clients.

Besides being a brilliant yoga practitioner, he must be a good psychologist to some extent. You need to be able to motivate your own students so that they do not give up visiting. After all, yoga requires a certain patience. No one gets lightning fast results.

Among other things, the instructor will not interfere with the presence of at least minimal organizational skills. This is especially true for those who recruit students on their own. It is important to be able to choose and equip the premises correctly, as well as to choose a convenient time for clients. Usually in the morning everyone is busy with work, and in the evening there is not enough strength left for yoga. The task of the instructor is to find the perfect compromise. For example, offer lessons at different times so that each client can choose the most convenient option for themselves.


Coming into his class, the instructor must certainly remember that the main role is always assigned to the student. This is why a teacher should be focused on his own students and not on himself, his own well-being or appearance.

Be open with those who see you as a mentor. Patiently answer questions that arise and help you master difficult exercises by scrupulously discussing every nuance, even if it does not seem important to you. For beginners in yoga, everything seems new and unfamiliar. That is why they turn to a professional instructor who should become a guide to the fascinating world of yoga.

Try not to expect anything from your own students. At first, they do not succeed, and it may seem to you that they hate you together. However, as a rule, students get upset because of their own failures, and this will certainly show on their faces.

But don't go on about it. If someone sharply criticizes you, don't jump into the shaky abyss of excuses. Just communicate that all teachers and students are different. Everyone has their own approach, and you just don't fit each other. Maybe you should just look for another instructor.

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