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"Mikhailovsky baths" in Saratov: description, photo, reviews

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"Mikhailovsky baths" in Saratov: description, photo, reviews
"Mikhailovsky baths" in Saratov: description, photo, reviews

Mikhailovskie baths in Saratov is a modern complex that offers citizens a bathing holiday with a wide range of services. Each branch of the complex is unique, differs in functionality and design. Description of the Mikhailovsky baths in Saratov with a photo is presented in the article.

Information for vacationers

"Mikhailovsky baths" in Saratov include several branches:

  • Mikhailovsky No. 1 (Dachny Prospekt, 10, stop "9th Dachnaya").
  • Mikhailovsky No. 2 (50 Pervomaiskaya St.).
  • Mikhailovsky No. 3 (Novo-Astrakhanskoye highway, 81).
  • Modern sauna (Novo-Astrakhanskoye highway, 1).
  • Russian banya (Novo-Astrakhanskoe highway, 1).
  • Hamam (Novo-Astrakhanskoye highway, 1).
  • A log hut at the Solnechnaya camp site and a bathhouse on a pontoon (Engels, Sazanka island).

The institution is open every day around the clock.

It is proposed to book a house in the "Mikhailovsky baths" of Saratov by phone, which can be easily found on the official website of the complex.

Mikhailovsky No.1"

It is a cottage that was built specifically for bathing holidays with the possibility of holding various events: New Year's holidays, birthdays, etc.

The cottage has a ten-meter pool with lighting, heated water and a modern cleaning system, a Finnish sauna, a pouring bucket of ice water, and a heated floor.

The house is equipped with large plasma, modern karaoke system, professional color music.

The cottage has a large table that can accommodate up to 25 people. There are three separate rooms, double beds with orthopedic mattresses, leather white sofa beds, bedding, air beds on request.

mikhaylovskiye baths saratov phone

The kitchen is equipped with a stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishes and a kettle. There is a barbecue in the yard.

Renting a house will cost:

  • from Monday to Thursday - 9,500 rubles per day;
  • from Friday to Sunday - 13,000 rubles per day.

Hourly rate (1,200 rubles/hour) is valid only on weekdays.

Mikhailovsky No. 2 Rest House

It is a spacious loft-style cottage. There is a large steam room, a swimming pool, a banquet hall for up to 15 people, two double bedrooms, karaoke, a modern stereo system.

In the courtyard, guests will find a large table, benches, a grill with a grill and skewers.

Rent price:

  • from Monday to Thursday - 8,000 rubles per day;
  • from Friday toSunday - 10,000 rubles per day.

Mikhailovsky No. 3 Rest House

This is a luxurious VIP sauna with a swimming pool, lighting, hydromassage and an impressive fish tank. The house has a fireplace room, billiard room, karaoke. In the yard - barbecue and parking. Conferences and celebrations can be held here.

Rent price:

  • from Monday to Thursday - 7,500 rubles per day;
  • from Friday to Sunday - 8,500 rubles per day;
  • hourly rate - 950 rubles.

Rent without a sauna will cost 1,000 rubles cheaper.

mikhaylovskiye baths

Russian bath

In the department "Russian bath" is dominated by wood finishes, guests have at their disposal a banquet hall with wooden furniture, a Russian steam room with a fireclay stove. It is possible to listen to music, dance, sing karaoke.

The cost of visiting is 850 rubles per hour.

Modern sauna

The sauna is furnished in studio style. It has a pool with a wooden bridge, a pouring bucket with cold water. Here you can sing karaoke, listen to music, dance, arrange photo shoots, gather funny companies and hold romantic meetings.

Price per hour - 850 rubles.

Mikhailovsky baths


The Turkish bath with humid steam and comfortable temperature is equipped with a banquet hall, a modern audio system that allows you to listen to music and sing karaoke.

The cost is 600 rubles per hour.

Bath at the camp site "Solnechnaya"

The hut at the camp site "Solnechnaya" and a wood-burning bathhouse on a pontoon are located on an island on the Volga, between the cities of Saratov and Engels.

Rent for a day will cost 5,500 rubles (three hours of sauna are provided free of charge), the cost per hour is 900 rubles.


According to the reviews of vacationers, the Mikhailovsky Bani complex in Saratov is a great place to relax with friends or for the whole family, designed for different opportunities. Guests write that there is excellent steam here, perfect cleanliness, magnificent pools, a convenient system of discounts and bonuses for regular customers, promotions are regularly held. Many believe that in Saratov "Mikhailovskie Bani" is the best institution for bath services.

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