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International transfers. How to transfer money through Western Union
International transfers. How to transfer money through Western Union

International transfers are a popular and highly demanded financial service. They allow you to quickly send money anywhere in the world. In this article, read about the international transfer through Western Union. How to send money, what are the current rules, where you can make a transaction, etc.

Where is the transfer made through Western Union

money to transfer

How to transfer money through Western Union? In order to perform such an operation, you need to come to the point of sending / issuing transfers. Such branches can exist as stationary points, and in the form of windows in a bank or post office. For example, you can issue a money transfer at Sberbank through Western Union. There are also stationary dispatch points, post offices that provide this service, etc. The addresses of the points for processing transfers through Western Union in Russia can be found on the official WU website. They are scheduled separately for each locality where this transfer can be sent or received. There you can find outadditional information about the service: the operation mode of the point, the size of the commission, etc.

How to transfer money through Western Union

transfer "western union" in Sberbank

In order to make an international transfer, you need to contact the point of origin of the transfer through Western Union (the addresses of all points for each city in the Russian Federation are listed on the official WU website). For the operation you will need a passport and money. The operator will need to provide the following information:

  • country to which the transfer is sent;
  • F. I. O. of the recipient (as it is written in the passport in Latin);
  • currency in which you want to send a transfer;
  • amount.

The operation is processed within a few minutes. The sender is issued a confirmation of the sending of money, certified by the seal and signature of the operator, as well as the signature of the sender. It must contain the sender's details (including passport data), recipient's data, control number, etc. Before signing the document, make sure that the information provided is correct.

In addition, you can transfer money through Western Union either by visiting the point of departure or using the "mobile bank" system. Sberbank provides this service.

Signature of documents

How to get a transfer

Points where you can get a Western Union transfer in your city can be viewed on the official website. To receive funds, you must contact one of these points with a passport and name the followingdata:

  • transfer number (for recipient);
  • last name, first name and patronymic of the person who sent the funds;
  • the amount to receive.

Please note that this type of transfer is unaddressed. That is, the money is sent to the country. This means that you can choose any address where you can receive a Western Union transfer.

Transfer payment

Commission for the service depends on the amount sent, currency, country of destination, type of transfer. You can find out exactly how much you have to pay in person at the point of departure or by calling one of the Western Union offices in Russia.

When sending an international transfer, specify what currency the recipient will receive. In some countries, only local money is issued, regardless of what type of currency was sent.

Varieties of translations

Through Western Union you can make two types of transfers:

  • regular or twelve-hour (money arrives within 12 hours after sending, to any point of issue);
  • urgent (you can get it in 5-10 minutes after departure.

Commission for the urgent departure option will be higher. Some countries can only issue an urgent transfer.

What to do if a mistake was made

error sending transfer

When making a transfer through Western Union, it is important to correctly specify the recipient's details. But sometimes there are errors in the spelling of the name, country of destination, etc. If an error was found after sending,contact your Western Union departure point. The operator will accept the application of the established form and make the necessary corrections to the system. You must have a passport and a statement confirming the transfer of money, certified by the signature and seal of the operator. Corrections are made to the system within 15-30 minutes from the moment the application is submitted. The control number remains the same after such an operation.

Can I return the transfer?

If we figured out how to transfer money through Western Union, then what to do if the recipient for one reason or another cannot receive them? This translation can be returned. To do this, you need to come to the point of departure "Western Union" and write a request for a refund. It must indicate the reason for the return. To confirm the legitimacy of such a procedure, you must provide the following documents:

  • passport;
  • papers confirming the transfer.

After filling out the application in the prescribed form, the employees of the point of departure will check the data and return the amount of the transfer. Please note that the commission for sending a transfer can only be refunded if the client contacts the point of origin of Western Union international transfers on the same day.

The return procedure is simple and takes 15-20 minutes.

Transfer payout

What should I do if the documents confirming the sending of the transfer are lost?

Even if the documents are lost, you can try to get your money back. True, it will take longer. Company employeesyou will not only have to check the data, but also make sure that such a transfer really exists. To do this, you will need to provide an identity document and provide the operator with the following data:

  • F. Name of the person to whom the money was sent;
  • country of departure;
  • transfer amount and currency;
  • control number (if you remember).

The more information you provide, the faster your refund application will be processed. It is better to contact the Western Union address where the transfer was sent.

Are there any limits for sending in the Western Union system

Today, there are the following restrictions on the amount of sending in the Western Union system:

  • 100,000 rubles and 3,000 dollars for transfer 12 hours;
  • no more than 600,000 rubles per month using the "mobile bank" system, while a single shipment should not exceed 100,000 rubles.

Please note that these numbers may vary when sending money to countries with high levels of terrorism, corruption, etc.

Western Union transfers are an easy and convenient way to send money to your friends and family. Millions of people around the world use the Western Union international money transfer system.

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