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The size of the dollar in millimeters. Do banknotes vary in size?

The size of the dollar in millimeters. Do banknotes vary in size?
The size of the dollar in millimeters. Do banknotes vary in size?

Each country has its own national currency, but for some reason most people in the world are already used to counting everything in US dollars. This seems strange only at first glance, but if you understand the issue better, then everything looks logical. After all, the size of the dollar and its image are familiar to everyone, which means that anyone will understand the equivalent of the cost of the goods (even if he is from another country).

What are dollars?

US currency is issued in two forms: in the form of coins (1, 2, 5, 10 and 50 cents), and in paper form (banknotes of 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100 units).

It is little known that banknotes circulating outside the US cannot circulate within the country itself. They are seized as soon as they enter the states.

Better than others, everyone is familiar with the appearance and size of the dollar with a face value of 100 units. If you measure its length and height in mm, then the size will be 189 by 79 mm. If you take 100 thousand in one hundred dollar bills, you get a large brick in shape. It looks like a little, but how much can you afford to buy for this amount!

dollar size

The rarestbanknote

There is an opinion among the people that a two-dollar banknote is quite rare, and therefore is valued above the rest (not in the literal sense). But this statement is just a delusion, as it is printed as often as banknotes of other denominations.

Everything is explained much more simply - it's just rather inconvenient in practical application, for this reason ordinary Americans prefer not to pay with it. On the contrary, it is specially worn in wallets, as a kind of symbol that attracts good luck and we alth.

one dollar

Most popular banknote

It's easy to guess that the most common and in high demand banknote is 1 dollar. It is easy to explain - it is easy to use and count, therefore it is popular. The size of the dollar, the photo of which can be seen below, is the same as that of 100 dollars.

All US banknotes are the same size regardless of denomination!

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