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List of design organizations in Moscow: the most reliable companies

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List of design organizations in Moscow: the most reliable companies
List of design organizations in Moscow: the most reliable companies

To build a house that can stand for several hundred years, as well as to build a reliable and high-quality building of a business or shopping center, you need to overcome many obstacles, go through an incredible number of stages of approval, solve all kinds of problems, etc. First of all, you need to develop a competent scheme of engineering communications and an architectural project. And this cannot be done without the services of a specialized organization.

list of design organizations in moscow

How to choose the right one? What aspects to pay attention to in order to make sure of its reliability? In this article, we will consider the rating of design organizations in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Assessment of the Moscow design services market

Studies show that the market size of Russian design organizations is $2 billion inyear. This does not take into account the work on the design of industrial and infrastructure facilities. Starting to make a rating of design organizations in Moscow, we found out that ¼ of all resources are concentrated in this city alone. There are only about 2,000 such companies in the capital, which means that on average, each “accounts” for 250 thousand dollars a year, which provides for the maintenance of 7 employees.

But in fact, funds are distributed differently: there are large design institutes on the market that employ hundreds of specialists, as well as companies with up to 5 employees. The share of small design organizations and freelancers in the market for these services is significant: a huge number of well-known projects in Russia and Moscow in particular are products of their work.

rating of design organizations in moscow

And who to choose?

Comparing the results of project implementation by companies of different categories (we exclude highly specialized companies from the list above), we note that the results will also differ markedly. For example, in terms of performance time-quality-price indicators, complex design organizations (Moscow and the Moscow Region) are the highest in the rating. Next come architectural companies that work with contractors, followed by architectural firms. Single specialists and design institutes have the lowest rates.

Among the customers there is a personal "chart list", which includes the best design organizations (Moscow). High-rise buildings are generally trusted to build them. In this review, we will consider only some of the list.


The list of design organizations in Moscow is opened by one of the main companies in the Russian market. Appeared in 2006 thanks to the cooperation of prominent Russian architects - S. Kuznetsov and S. Chobanov. The company specializes in the design of individual buildings and complexes for any purpose. About 200 employees work here - engineers, architects, managers, designers, who have experience in applying the latest Western design technologies, as well as their adaptation to Russian conditions.

rating of design organizations in moscow and moscow region

Sergey Skuratov Architects

The list of design organizations in Moscow continues this vivid example of building the work of the bureau around the main master. Sergey Skuratov in 2002 created his own workshop, which is engaged in the development of various cultural, public and urban structures. In addition, it implements various conceptual ideas. The company's portfolio includes more than 30 author's ambitious projects, multiple participation in the exhibition "Arch-Moscow", "Golden Section".


Continuing to consider the list of design organizations in Moscow, it is worth highlighting Mosproekt OJSC. The company has existed in Russia for 85 years. The figures of A.G. worked here at one time. Mordvinov, N.D. Colley, A.V. Shchusev. Various famous architects came out of the company, then founded their own workshops. Until now, the institute has been engaged in mass development (the Blue Bird microdistrict, Zhulebino district), as well as various unique projects.

design organizations moscow and moscow region


Compiling a list of design organizations in Moscow, it is impossible not to mention the company "Metropolis". To date, its employees are 180 qualified designers. For 10 years, the company has been offering engineering systems and building structures calculation and design services to its customers. Specialization: creation of structural sections for retail, office and residential high-rise buildings, multifunctional complexes, water parks, sports facilities. Mission: comfort, reliability, safety. It is worth noting that its implementation by the company is given in full. This can be confirmed by her various projects - the Evolution tower, the main media center in Sochi, TheMID residential complex, etc.


A firm from Lipetsk that has extensive design experience in various fields: from housing construction to nuclear power plants. It functions as a subcontractor, general contractor, performing separate sections in the design. In addition to design work, it is possible to conduct an examination, in addition, a survey of those. condition of structures and buildings. This is relevant when it is necessary to design engineering systems for existing facilities.

Tekhproekt's customers are companies from Kurgan, Lipetsk, Orenburg, Yelets, Saratov, Orel, Pskov and Tver regions. The period of work - 2 months. The management of the company believes that when working with a client, it is necessary to show high professionalism, as well as loy alty and flexibility, since correctly built communicationsdepends largely on the final result.

design organizations moscow high-rise buildings

Depending on the goals and scale of the project, you may need the services of organizations: from large design companies to narrow-profile workshops involved in a specific area of ​​engineering. But contacting a company that implements an integrated approach will often allow you to solve all problems in a short time, while the cost of services will be lower than the set of costs when working with highly specialized companies.

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