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Daria Lisichenko - biography. Foundation for Relatives of Stroke Patients
Daria Lisichenko - biography. Foundation for Relatives of Stroke Patients

Daria Lisichenko is a businessman, developer, general director of the Konkovo-Passage shopping center, co-owner and shareholder of Fitoguru, owns the City Garden chain of stores and the Ecomarket farm products market. Founder and President of the ORBI Charitable Foundation. Publishes Run Magazine.

Daria Lisichenko: biography

Daria was born in Moscow, in a family of scientists. Dasha's father is a physicist, her mother is a biologist.

daria lisichenko

In 1992 she graduated from school number 80 and entered the Moscow State Institute of International Relations at the Faculty of International Law. Lawyer by training.

In her youth, she played basketball and tennis. Currently, she enjoys running marathons and Ashtanga yoga. Also practices power loading.

Participates in marathon races to support the fund for relatives of stroke patients.

Married to Stanislav Lisichenko, a successful restaurateur, author and owner of the Chinese restaurant chain China News.

orbi fund

Daria and Stas have two children - Gleb and Elena.

Holds threelanguages ​​- German, English and Italian.

Businessman and philanthropist

Daria Lisichenko is known for her entrepreneurial and charitable activities. As Dasha herself says, the difficult life experience of her family influenced the scope of her professional interests. In an interview with Organicwoman, Daria said: “My family has always had a lot of stories related to quite serious illnesses, and I subconsciously thought about how to live happily ever after.”


This is how the idea was born to create a farmer's market "Ecomarket", which has been owned by Darya for 15 years, and to offer the consumer high-quality and he althy products.

The trend of he althy eating was continued by another business initiative of Daria - an investment in a start-up project for the production of Fitoguru functional drinks. Later, the Garden City brand appeared - a chain of stores where the customer is offered exclusively useful, he althy and unique products for the Russian market.

Great loss

Unfortunately, the emergence of a charitable foundation to combat stroke was the result of the great loss of Daria's life.

At the age of 47, Daria's stepfather, Alexander Sergeevich Sabodakho, suffered from a severe hemorrhoidal stroke. The condition was extremely serious, the doctors said that he could live no more than a week. But the selfless help and heroic dedication of the mother of Darya Elena Evgenievna Sabodakho helped Alexander Sergeevich live for another 7 years. Three months after the death of her stepfather, Dasha's mother also passed away, shewas diagnosed with cancer.

Severe seven-year stress of caring for a seriously ill relative, a great loss of life became the most difficult test for Daria. After my mother left, there was a strong emotional need to help those who, like her family, faced this severe illness.

History of the foundation

In 2006, Darya's mother, Elena Evgenievna Sabodakho, organized the Society of Relatives of Stroke Patients. Elena Evgenievna managed to attract medical specialists, psychologists and rehabilitation doctors to the work of the society, who competently and clearly told relatives about the basic rules for caring for patients. Additionally, psychological support was provided to family members. The exchange of items of care and things was established in the society. Relatives of patients assisted each other in paperwork and disability.


In the same year, on the basis of the Moscow City Clinical Hospitals No. 20 and No. 31, the Life After Stroke School was organized, where relatives of patients got the opportunity to attend free nursing classes. The school also provided psychological, legal and consulting assistance in stroke prevention.

Orbi Fund today

In 2008, Elena Evgenievna Sabodakho died and Daria Lisichenko continued her mother's work.

In October 2010, the Interregional Public Fund for Assistance to Relatives of Stroke Patients "ORBI" was officially registered.

"ORBI" is the only one at the momentan organization that fights the problem of stroke in our country. In addition to targeted assistance (raising money for rehabilitation), the Foundation provides powerful programmatic support to the relatives of patients affected by this severe disease.

The company promotes a he althy lifestyle as a prevention of stroke and sees its mission in reducing the incidence of stroke and alleviating its consequences.

ORBI is an acronym that stands for “Society of Relatives of Stroke Patients”.

Information vacuum is the main problem

Daria Lisichenko believes the lack of public awareness is the main reason for the severe consequences of a stroke. Residents of our country do not know the symptoms of the disease and may delay in providing assistance. Moreover, few people know where to contact if this happened to his relative or close acquaintance. Relatively recently, through the efforts of the foundation, information projects were implemented to inform the population about the symptoms and methods of providing first aid to the victim.

The Foundation for Assistance to Relatives of Patients with Stroke “ORBI” considers it its top priority to teach as many people as possible how to prevent and recognize stroke, and minimize its consequences.

FAST test

Actually, recognizing a stroke is quite simple. That is why Daria Lisichenko believes that everyone should know his symptoms. There is a very simple FAST test (from face - face, arm - hand and speech test - speech test), which will allow you to recognize a stroke in a person who suddenly became ill.

daria lisichenko biography
  • Face - ask the person to smile. If one corner of the mouth drops down, it is a stroke.
  • Arm - ask to raise both hands to the sides. As a rule, only one can rise. It's a stroke.
  • Speech test - ask to say something, as an option - your name or any simple word. As a rule, articulation is immediately disturbed during a stroke, and a person cannot clearly pronounce a single word.

Once the symptoms are established, we have three and a half hours to get the person to the hospital. Any further delay will cause mass death of brain cells, and the consequences of a stroke will become irreversibly severe.

Foundation programs and fundraising

The ORBI Foundation provides comprehensive assistance and support to the relatives of the patient.

The he alth schools “Life after Stroke” and “Stroke Prevention” operate in the organization.

The Foundation provides targeted assistance and organizes fundraising for the rehabilitation of patients after a stroke.

The fund's partner, the Three Sisters Center, is directly involved in rehabilitation.

Raising money to help the sick and their relatives is not the only goal of the fund. In addition to targeted programs, the organization provides extensive information support and develops training programs.

The secret of success

Daria Lisichenko is a unique person. Incredibly active, successful in many endeavors, a happy wife and mother - it seems that she has time for everything. Dasha herself answers all questions regarding activity very simply: “My strength is in rationality, quick reaction andindefatigability. I can process and assimilate a huge amount of information, used to call a spade a spade and is very, very efficient.”

fund to help relatives of patients with stroke orbi

The secret to her success is her he althy lifestyle and the amazing emotional impact of the projects she takes on.

Having gone through difficult trials, she has not lost her love of life and has not lost her strength of mind. Her personal experience has become a life's work that helps others overcome difficult life circumstances and feel the support of society.

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