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Residential complex from SC "Mavis" "Victoria": description and reviews
Residential complex from SC "Mavis" "Victoria": description and reviews

The housing problem has always been, is and, most likely, will remain at the forefront for all residents of our country. But residents of large cities are especially acutely aware of the shortage of square meters. The population of megacities is increasing day by day, there is not enough free building space, and the prices for apartments and houses are only growing. And it is almost impossible for the same young family to buy an apartment in, say, St. Petersburg itself. However, the real estate market takes this feature of megacities into account and constantly expands the boundaries of its interests, as a result of which developers have been actively developing the territories of the region adjacent to the city for the second decade. It is worth noting that today the clients of construction companies building residential complexes in the suburbs of St. Petersburg are not as capricious as they used to be in terms of the location of the houses in which they will have to live. If earlier almost every second dreamed of having an apartment almost in the center of the Northern capital, today the situation has changed radically. Unfavorable environmental situationthe metropolis forces people more and more often to turn their attention to the suburbs, where forests and clean water bodies are still preserved and there is no harmful production. Now no one calls such a place contemptuously a province. Many proudly say: “I live outside the city!” and at the same time they catch envious glances at themselves. And one of the most popular places today is the Vsevolozhsky district of St. Petersburg, where active construction is underway. New neighborhoods are growing literally before our eyes, and one of them is a residential complex being built by Mavis - Victoria. You will find all the necessary and most complete information about it, as well as reviews of people who have already bought or are still considering the option of purchasing apartments in it, you will find below.

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About the complex

As the representatives of Mavis themselves say, Victoria is the largest project of the developer. The residential complex organically combines all the charms of the excellent ecology of the suburbs with the advantages of living in the metropolis, since the residential complex is located in close proximity to the Devyatkino metro station (200 m) and the ring road (1 km), which allows residents to quickly get to work or large infrastructure facilities of the metropolis. LCD "Victoria" ("Mavis") upon completion of construction will be a full-fledged microdistrict, consisting of ten buildings of different heights (from 14 to 24 floors). In total, 3,900 apartments will be put up for sale, the bulk of which will be represented by studios that are so popular today, as well as “odnushki”and "twos". Small-sized housing is intended mainly for single people and young families who want to improve their living conditions, in connection with which the company has provided for the additional construction of its own kindergarten on the territory of the complex. All the first floors of the buildings will be given over to commercial infrastructure facilities, it is also planned to build two additional shopping complexes and a fairly large number of small shops separate from the houses. The territory of the complex will be ennobled in accordance with all the ideas of the residents about the level of comfort, in addition, additional mass gardening of courtyards is provided. The construction of the residential complex "Victoria" "Mavis" is using brick-monolithic technology.

About company

The developer has been a representative of the St. Petersburg real estate market for ten years. LCD "Victoria" "Mavis" presents as its third project in the field of housing construction. The company is notable for being both a customer, a contractor and a performer. That is, all works are carried out without the involvement of third-party specialists and organizations, in connection with which all objects are not only handed over on time, but sometimes even much earlier. By the way, the residential complex "Victoria" was no exception. "Mavis" (we will consider the progress of construction below) completed the second phase six months earlier. What pleases customers very much and, of course, inspires people's trust in the developer. And from many who have already purchased apartments in the residential complex "Victoria", "Mavis" receives purely positive reviews, primarily in this regard. People are grateful that they do not have to languish inmoreover, they receive the keys to the housing earlier than the appointed time, thanks to which they have much more time to settle down and move in.

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Besides, the specialists have a very competent approach to the issue of planning - from the location of the object to the design of apartments. Each meter of living space is used competently and rationally, planning solutions are distinguished by special thoughtfulness and diversity, and only the latest innovative technologies and modern building materials are used in the construction of houses.

Victoria Residential Complex (Mavis): construction progress

The construction of the microdistrict was started by the company's specialists at the end of 2014. And since then, they have been constantly delighting customers with the rapid pace of construction. The first stage was put into operation at the end of 2015, the second - at the beginning of 2016. The next three are planned to be completed by the end of next summer. The sixth stage will be put into operation in March 2018. Along with it, according to representatives of IC "Mavis", "Victoria", the construction of which is proceeding not only in accordance with the planned deadlines, but even somewhat ahead of them, will receive at its disposal two supermarkets and several stores already ready for work, as well as a full-fledged kindergarten, a fitness center and other social infrastructure facilities. There is no reason to doubt that this will be the case.

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Location of the residential complex "Victoria"

It's worth notingthat the place for construction was chosen quite competently by the specialists of the Mavis company. "Victoria" is being built in the Vsevolozhsky district, near the village of Murino, which many developers now consider as an administrative unit of St. Petersburg. The exact address of the complex sounds like this: Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsk district, pos. Murino, Okhtinskaya alley. However, a fairly large number of new microdistricts are being built nearby, in addition, there are also new buildings that have long been put into operation. Taking into account the fact that the Devyatkino metro station, which serves as a link between Murino and St. Petersburg, is literally two hundred meters away, it is no longer appropriate to call this territory a suburb. By and large, this is already a full-fledged sleeping area of ​​the Northern capital. In which there are lower - regional - housing prices. Which, of course, cannot but please the customers of the Mavis company. "Victoria", which is, in fact, a new building of St. Petersburg, offers apartments in its houses at a much lower cost (compared to the pricing policy that operates within the metropolis itself). By the way, as the residents of the houses of the first two stages say in their reviews, now they spend much less time on the road to the center of St. Petersburg compared to those days when they were still inhabitants of remote areas of the metropolis. Well, since we have already started talking about trips, let's take a brief look at the state of the district's transport infrastructure.


Of course, located two hundred meters fromnot all residents of even the center of St. Petersburg can boast of a subway station entrance. So the presence of Devyatkino in the immediate vicinity of the buildings is, of course, the main advantage of the complex. However, not the only one. Near the houses there is a public transport stop, from which buses and fixed-route taxis depart to the metropolis with enviable constancy. Directly in Murino itself (it can also be quickly reached by minibus) there is a small railway station. Electric trains depart regularly from its platforms, following to the Finland Station. Motorists will not be offended by the specialists of the Mavis company either. "Victoria" is located just a kilometer from the ring road and Toksovskoye highway. On these autobahns you can comfortably and quickly get to the center of the metropolis or go to the roads of the region.

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Naturally, talking about where the residential complex "Victoria" is located, it is impossible not to mention the natural components of the region.

Ecology and nature

Vsevolozhsky district is one of the most prosperous in the Leningrad region in terms of environmental conditions. Industrial production on its territory is practically absent, and therefore the air of the region is extremely clean and fresh. In the immediate vicinity of the microdistrict there is a huge green area, for which, by the way, many also express their deep gratitude to the specialists of the Mavis company in their reviews. "Victoria" - a comfortable urban complex, equipped with all the benefits of civilization, is located at the same time inclose proximity to nature. Today it is a very valuable combination. Moreover, residents will have to spend a minimum of time to get to the Kavgolovsky lakes, the banks of the Igora and Okhta Park. Near the complex there are many places for skiing, fishing or hunting.

lcd victoria mavis reviews

Trade and social infrastructure

And in this regard, the Mavis company was at its best. "Victoria", reviews of which, by the way, are received mostly only positively, are already being built against the background of existing new buildings, which have their own well-established infrastructure. And residents of the microdistrict can use the services of its facilities in full. Literally within walking distance from the "Victoria" there are bank branches, schools, gardens, clinics, shops. After the construction is completed, the first floors of the buildings will also have their own infrastructure facilities (cafes, shops, mobile phone stores, bank offices, consumer services, etc.). The village of Murino itself does not lag behind in terms of improvement. In the next five years, an additional 5 schools and ten kindergartens will be built on its territory.

Apartments in Victoria

So, what kind of living quarters does IC "Mavis" offer its clients? "Victoria", the apartments in which, as already mentioned, are represented by studios, "odnushki" and "dvushki", belongs to the economy class segment. The residential premises in the complex are offered small in size, however, all of them are distinguished by a competent and functional layout.

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Studios are almost all square in shape, thanks to which the apartments turned out to be comfortable and bright. There are also options with windows on two sides. As for one-room apartments, their area is relatively large - from 36 to 45 "squares". Agree, it's pretty decent for a single. The kitchens in these living quarters are also quite spacious - from 10 to 18 squares. That is, there are quite a lot of different planning, and therefore it will not be difficult to choose the appropriate option for yourself. As for two-room apartments, there will be no problems with the choice. Residential premises ranging from 60 to 69 square meters are offered. m. The kitchens in these apartments are also quite spacious. Their area is from 13 to 15 "squares". Three-room apartments are presented in single versions. Bathrooms in all living quarters are combined. Apartments are rented without finishing. However, buyers will find concrete screed, electrical wiring, central heating batteries, all metering devices and double-glazed windows in the windows of the company's own production.

Apartment prices

If you are currently looking for housing, pay attention to the offer of the Mavis company. Victoria (St. Petersburg), as we have already mentioned, belongs to the economy class segment and is nominally located on the territory of the Leningrad Region. And the cost of housing in this complex, according to experts, is one of the lowest in the region. So, one square meter on average will cost about 62 thousand rubles. As for specific numbers. For the studioyou will have to pay from 1,550,000 to 1,618,000 rubles, for a one-room apartment - from 2,300,000 to 2,830,000 rubles, for a two-room apartment - from 3,100,000 to 4,120,000 rubles.

mavis victoria reviews

RC "Victoria": reviews of equity holders "Mavis"

A huge amount of housing is being built in St. Petersburg. And there are quite a lot of construction companies operating in the real estate market. Many are praised, but no less number of developers receive negative ratings from customers. Interestingly. The Mavis company receives only grateful reviews. Clients are pleased with absolutely everything: the terms of delivery of the object (many people emphasize this point), the location of the objects, and the quality of the housing for rent. All this fully applies to the residential complex "Victoria". Of course, it cannot be said that there are no dissatisfied people, they meet, but claims from such clients are usually insignificant. Some do not like the fact that the ceiling height in apartments is only 2.6 m. But it would be foolish to count on a three-meter height in economy class apartments. Others are not entirely satisfied with the fact that apartments are rented without finishing. However, before expressing claims, it would not hurt to ask the company's managers in more detail. The fact is that finishing can be done, but only for an additional fee, of course. Basically, nothing strange. Mavis puts budget housing on the market, and therefore it is at least unreasonable to look for two-level stretch ceilings in new apartments. But those who have already moved into rented houses are satisfied with absolutely everything: the apartments are warm and comfortable, there are no imperfections, the metro is nearby,Shops nearby, school within easy reach. So if you are interested in the offer of Mavis, follow our advice. Do not look for reviews on the side. Come to Victoria, meet people already living there - potential future neighbors - and ask them about everything. And then make a decision. I think it will most likely be positive.

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