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Certification of managers and specialists: preparation and rules for conducting
Certification of managers and specialists: preparation and rules for conducting

Certification of managers and specialists of organizations is carried out in order to increase the efficiency of enterprises, improve the selection and placement of existing personnel, give an incentive for the growth of qualifications and increase their responsibility for the actual results of the organization's economic activities. Another goal of this event is to develop initiative and activity among managers and specialists.

What is assessed?

According to the results of this process, the professional, business and moral qualities of managers and specialists, their ability and ability to work with people will be assessed. A special commission will make a conclusion on the compliance of each certified person with the position held. Certification of managers is carried out both in municipal institutions and in industrial ones.

Main tasks of the procedure

Goals of certification

KThe main tasks of certification of managers and specialists include:

  1. Clarification of the employee's official compliance with the position held.
  2. Determining the availability of prospects in the use of the potential abilities and capabilities of a leader or specialist.
  3. Promoting the growth of their professional competence and fit.
  4. Identification of the need for professional development.
  5. Identification of the degree of professional training, and, if necessary, the appointment of a retraining specialist.
  6. Ensuring the possibility of promotion and reshuffling of personnel, for example, timely dismissal from a post, demotion.

Date of the meeting, composition of the commission

There are no specific deadlines for the certification of managers. The schedule and exact dates are set by the city administration and approved by the relevant resolution.

The commission includes: chairman, his deputy, secretary, members of the commission. The exact composition is determined by a decree approved by the head of the city. But there is a group of persons who are not subject to the next certification:

  • pregnant;
  • employees on parental leave (they are subject to certification only after 1 year after starting work);
  • specialists who have not worked for 1 year.


To carry out certification of heads of municipal organizations, it is necessary for all employees subject to it to provide an officialdescription, no later than 2 weeks. It is prepared by the sectoral committee of the city administration. This document should contain a comprehensive assessment of the individual, his strengths and weaknesses, individual abilities, the performance of the organization for the previous year and the certification sheet itself. If available, the results of the previous test are also provided.

Certification of managers and specialists

The employee must be familiarized with his/her characteristics no later than 2 weeks before the upcoming certification.

The created commission first listens to the certified employee, then asks questions that relate to his position. The members of the commission also review the materials provided to them. The results of their activities can have the following ratings:

  1. The specialist corresponds to his position.
  2. The employee corresponds to his position, but subject to the implementation of the recommendations provided by the commission, as well as the improvement of his work with re-attestation after 1 year.
  3. Checked does not correspond to his position.

In addition, the said commission has the authority to make recommendations on changing wages, encouraging, raising or abolishing salary bonuses, including a person in the reserve for promotion or removal from office.

The commission also makes proposals to improve the skills of employees, improve labor activity, indicate the motives on the basis of which recommendations are given. Evaluation of the activities of managersmunicipal-type organizations and recommendations are accepted by members of the commission by open voting, which is held in the absence of the person being certified.

Certifying commission

The rules for attestation of managers and specialists state that the procedure will be carried out in the presence of at least 2/3 of the number of members of the commission, which were previously approved by the relevant resolution. According to the results of voting, the certified person can be recognized as corresponding to the position and vice versa. In case of equality of votes, the decision is made in favor of the person being assessed.

Attestation sheet is a document where the results of the check, evaluation and recommendations for a specialist are recorded. It is drawn up in a single copy and signed by all members of the commission. The characteristic and attestation sheet are stored in the employee's personal file. If labor disputes arise that are related to the past certification, then they can be considered in accordance with this current legislation.

Why is this procedure needed

There are many ways to identify the real level of qualification of an employee, the suitability of his position, to choose the right motivation, but the leading place is occupied by the training and certification of managers and specialists.

It is with its help that the real capabilities of a particular employee become clear. This method allows you to improve the quality of work not only for a particular person, but also for the organization as a whole.

What is the difference between assessment and certification of employees

The most significant difference lies in the regulatory framework,which governs the described procedure. Evaluation of a person's work is carried out on the basis of the regulatory documents of the organization. And the specific rules for the certification of personnel are not only in the regulatory state documents, but also in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

Personnel certification

Another difference is that based on the assessment of a person’s work, one cannot be fired or reduce wages, write him a fine, etc. Such measures can only be taken as a result of poor evaluation results.

The employee has the opportunity to go to court if he does not agree with the result of the assessment of his work activity. In this case, the organization will face a number of unpleasant moments.

When evaluating an employee, an enterprise sets larger goals than during certification. Management has the opportunity to determine how a particular employee copes with his position.

Certification of managers will show the professional qualities that a person possesses, and as for the untapped potential, he will not play any role here. The potential of employees and its prospects can be determined by the authorities through performance appraisal. In addition, the same tasks are solved as during certification.

The important point is to keep the exact terminology. This is due to the fact that an incorrectly applied concept immediately changes the essence, purpose and meaning of the results obtained.

Main goals

Certification of managers and staff pursuesthe following targets:

  • Get performance rating.
  • Reveal compliance with the position held.
  • Identify weaknesses in training.
  • Develop programs for future improvement.
  • Determine the level of teamwork.
  • Detect employee incentives to improve the quality of work and fulfill their direct duties.
  • Identify areas for future professional growth.
  • Improve the system of work in the personnel service.
  • Strengthen the level of labor discipline and responsibility.
  • Make a list of employees to be laid off.
  • Optimize the microclimate in the team.

Certification of industrial safety officers

All industrial enterprises whose activities are in one way or another connected with hazardous production facilities must take measures to prevent emergencies, accidents, and adverse consequences.

safety officer certification

Certification of managers and specialists in industrial safety ensures this very safety by issuing special work permits. The management is obliged to monitor the accident-free operation of facilities, know the necessary standards, and allow specialists who have passed certification testing to work.

Attestation inspection of industrial safety managers should be carried out once every 5 years. In the course of completing test tasks, knowledge is checked:

  • generalindustrial safety requirements;
  • security requirements on issues that are within the competence of the person being certified;
  • regulatory criteria for energy security;
  • safety requirements for hydraulic structures.

Types of industrial safety certification and frequency of passing

the procedure for certification in industrial safety

Order of Rostekhnadzor dated January 29, 2007 No. 37 establishes the frequency of attestation testing of specialists and managers. So, the initial check must be carried out no later than 1 month after the transfer of a specialist to another type of work, his appointment to a position or transfer to another organization.

The frequency of inspection is 1 time in 5 years, unless a different frequency is provided for in a particular area through special regulations.

Extraordinary testing of knowledge in the field of industrial safety is carried out in relation to personnel and managers whose duties include taking responsibility for the conduct of work at the facility where a fatal accident or accident was recorded.

Attestation test of employees of educational institutions

Higher demands are placed on employees in leadership positions. After all, they bear a huge responsibility for the level of training of future specialists.

Attestation of heads of educational institutions is carried out once every 5 years. A person who has worked for less than 1 year does not pass thischeck. In addition, there is another group of persons who are exempt from it:

  • leaders who received a position according to the order of the Government or the President of the Russian Federation;
  • temporarily acting;
  • pregnant women or workers on maternity leave.
certification results

Certification of heads of educational institutions has undergone some changes in 2018. Basically, this affected the documentation that needs to be prepared for the commission. The employee must provide:

  1. Written consent to the certification of managers, which is drawn up on the basis of the relevant notice.
  2. Written consent for the members of the commission to conduct research and review of the submitted documents, data.
  3. Final report of their activities, full information about the work as the head of an educational institution.
  4. Documents containing information on how the overall curriculum is being implemented.
  5. Recommendations and opinions from collegiate bodies.
  6. Any other documents related to employment, which the head considered necessary to provide.

There is also a list of additional information that the head of the educational institution must prepare for certification. The list includes:

  • information on income, expenses;
  • about existing property;
  • facts of marriage, divorce, birth of children;
  • work book, documents,confirming the existing education, academic degrees, honorary title;
  • full list of research papers.

In addition, for the certification of heads of educational institutions, it is necessary to prepare information about the planned program for the development of an educational organization.

Another important change concerns the revisions of the certification process itself. It should be carried out in 2 stages. The first stage is based on confirmation by the employee of the level of his own professional skills. The second is to confirm the level of existing qualifications.

It is important for the examinee to provide a complete list of the necessary information, otherwise he will not be admitted to the procedure.

Procedure for conducting an attestation check of heads of educational organizations

Certification of heads of educational institutions

First of all, a decree is issued containing information about the upcoming process, indicating the positions that are subject to verification, and the timing of its implementation. The order also displays the purpose of the check. This will determine the composition of the certification committee and the consequences for employees who have not passed the test.

All employees must be familiar with this order without fail. Further, the exact composition of the commission, which includes representatives of municipal and federal governments, is approved. Employees provide them with the necessary documents to evaluate their activities. After studying them, the certified person is asked questions of interest to the commission, a conclusion is made aboutits work and recommendations are given.

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