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The profession of a chocolatier is Functions, nuances, work performed
The profession of a chocolatier is Functions, nuances, work performed

The figured chocolate is a kind of real sculpture, the details of which are clearly worked out, which makes it seem alive. Only specially trained people with real talent and patience can learn how to create such masterpieces.

Chocolate is a rather rare profession that is often a family tradition because few people know about it. Almost everyone loves to eat confectionery made from cocoa beans, and those who were lucky enough to try the original, natural chocolate are unlikely to remain indifferent to it. Chocolate from a chocolatier is an original dessert, after tasting which a person will feel not only real pleasure, but also emotions conveyed by the author of the product.

About work

Chocolate is a person who develops a unique recipe for chocolate sweets and makes them with his own hands. He must know all the intricacies of making chocolate: from growing cocoa beans to production technology, and be able to combine it with a variety of additives that will give the dessert an original aroma and taste.

Profession chocolatier

Chocolate business has been actively developing since the 17th century. Then people only learned how to create solid chocolate bars of various shapes. When the wife of Louis XVI Marie Antoinette found out that chocolate can not only be drunk, but also made from it hard desserts, she ordered to bring a chocolate master to her, giving him a new position - a chocolatier.

Chocolate production reached the production level in the 19th century. After a short time, the profession of chocolatier became widespread. It should be noted that at all times the work of chocolate masters was very much appreciated, these sweets are classified as gourmet. Professionals in this business take part in international festivals and exhibitions. In many countries there are even museums of the history of the creation and development of chocolate.

Responsibilities and tasks in the work of the master

Chocolate is a true master of chocolate sweets, who uses only natural ingredients in his work, taking care of the quality of his products. That is why gourmets appreciate their work so highly.

The duties of chocolate masters may differ depending on the specific place of work. But the main tasks are the same:

  • raw material quality control;
  • Developing unique recipes by adding original toppings and additives;
  • creating a sketch of the shape of future masterpieces;
  • tasting the finished dish;
  • market research and self-development and more.

Where they teach chocolate business

Where do you study chocolatier?

Future magicians study at specialized chocolate academies. This education is not higher, but a diploma from such an academy will give you the opportunity to work in chocolate boutiques, and maybe even open your own business.

There are few such academies in Russia. Chocolatier in Moscow is trained at the Academy of Chocolate Design at the College of Confectionery Productions No. 51, as well as in Chekhov, at the Academy of Chocolate. Here, future wizards of their craft adopt knowledge and experience from leading Russian specialists.

In order for a person to accurately determine his future profession, chocolatier mastery courses are held annually in Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Omsk, Rostov - in almost all major cities of Russia.

For a specialist in this field, only theoretical knowledge is not enough, the learning process must go in parallel with the acquisition of practical skills. And, of course, masters who have been trained as chocolatiers in Italy, Belgium and other countries of the world are appreciated.

Higher education: is there a need?

In order to be a successful chocolate master, it is not necessary to have a higher education. Moreover, in higher education institutions there is no program for training specialists of this kind. But, as you know, life is unpredictable, and therefore having a higher education in our time will only be a huge plus.

The profession of a chocolatier is related to food, so a related speci alty in this area is an engineer-technologist. Higher education can be obtained on the basis of such well-known institutions as:

  • St. PetersburgPeter the Great Polytechnic University (organization of restaurant business and product technology).
  • Ufa State Oil Technical University.
  • St. Petersburg National Research University of Optics, Information Technology, Mechanics.
  • Far Eastern Federal University.
  • Sevastopol State University and many others.

What personality traits should a chocolate master have?

Master class chocolatier

First, a good chocolatier must be an artist. It is important for him not only to be able to portray the future masterpiece, but also to have imagination. It is necessary in order to be able to depict a sculpture that will be not only delicious, but also incredibly beautiful, attracting the views and attention of connoisseurs.

Secondly, the confectioner must have a keen sense of smell and an excellent eye. When creating new recipes, while mixing various additives and ingredients, the master must clearly feel how much and what he needs to add.

Thirdly, the activity of a confectioner requires physical endurance and good he alth from him. After all, not everyone will be able to be on their feet all day, and sometimes even the night.

Fourthly, this specialist must have great determination and perseverance. Without this, it will be difficult for him to realize his ideas, to make truly professional desserts.

Profession benefits

features of the profession of chocolatier

This is a fairly rare speci alty, manyeven considered as a hobby, but despite this, it is in demand in Russia. Professionals in this business can easily find work in any confectionery factory, in chocolate boutiques, or they will be able to realize themselves in their own business. It is worth noting that in the factories the chocolatier basically fills his hand. Feeling confident in themselves, they often open their own chocolate shop, which is quickly gaining popularity, bringing in a good income.

Earnings will depend on the level of skill and demand in a particular region for these products. The salary of a chocolate specialist is basically close to the average level of earnings. So in Moscow, a specialist working at a confectionery factory will earn from 40 to 60 thousand rubles.

Disadvantages of the profession

Handwork in general is always fun, but it can't be denied that it's also tiring. A typical working day will generally begin in the early morning and end in the late evening, closer to night. Working conditions are not easy, a person spends all day in a hot shop, on his feet, doing monotonous work.

Inexperienced specialists are forced to work in such conditions at the beginning of their professional activities in order to improve their skills, abilities and raise the level of mastery.

The owners of their own business have such a minus as the seasonality of demand for goods. Of course, there are also holidays when you have to work for days, but calms are not uncommon.

Chocolate culture, demand

Making natural chocolate

Culturechocolate desserts is not just eating them, but also enjoying the form and appearance at the same time - all this is gradually becoming a habit among Russians. The demand for exclusive figured chocolate is growing every year. For the holidays, instead of banal flowers and postcards, many people give their loved ones interesting chocolate figurines.

Your chocolatier will be able to create a truly original gift. Of course, such a chocolate gift will not last as long as a bouquet of flowers, but the memories of it will be brighter, warmer and will remain in the memory of a person for a long time.

Chocolate figurines are a wonderful souvenir for employees or clients of the company. An interesting advertising solution would be to apply the company logo on such a figure. Often, a chocolatier is not just an author of ideas, but also an implementer of other people's ideas.

Features in the development of recipes and design of chocolate

Desserts from chocolatiers

Chocolate masters who have their own business are forced to constantly develop themselves and realize themselves in their business, find employee companies (for example, manufacturers of fillings, molds, wrappers, etc.).

In order to create truly delicious desserts, testing of finished products is most often arranged with the involvement of ordinary sweet lovers. These people choose desserts that they like not only in taste, but also in shape, color and smell.

Sometimes the chocolate shop receives requests from food companies. For example, a company producing various types of cheese may apply to develop a unique recipe for sweets with theirproducts.

A special event for the chocolatier is also taking part in international festivals, master classes, where not only competitions are held, but also the exchange of experience.

Strict rules or fantasy?

Originalts from a chocolatier

This profession is not strictly creative or technical. It can be compared to painting. Just moving a brush across a canvas is not creative, nor is redrawing a painting using technology. All created recipes and forms are uniquely subordinated to the specific properties of materials.

In order to create a composition or just make a drawing on it, you need to know everything about the plasticity of chocolate, the properties of the shapes used, the specifics of solidification, temperature and texture. Without this knowledge, all ideas will remain unfulfilled.

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