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"Your mobile service": customer reviews, service overview, list of branches

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"Your mobile service": customer reviews, service overview, list of branches
"Your mobile service": customer reviews, service overview, list of branches

There are a lot of reviews about Your Mobile Service, as it is a large company that provides repair services for mobile phones and Apple equipment. The service center operates on the territory of Moscow, having several branches at once. In this article, we will talk about the list of services that are provided to customers, list the addresses of branches, and also give feedback from real customers who have already encountered the work of this organization.

About company

Image"Your mobile service" Tverskaya, 24

About the company "Your mobile service" reviews can be found completely opposite. Some customers are satisfied with the level of services provided, while others have certain complaints about how the repair was carried out.

Firm "Your mobile service" in Moscowhas been working for over a year now. She claims that she is currently at the forefront in the Russian capital in the field of high-quality and highly professional repair of Apple mobile phones and equipment.

Here you can get warranty repair services for Nokia, Samsung, Sony mobile phones, as well as repair MacBook PRO, MacBook Air, Mac PRO and many other equipment with the cherished "apple" logo for many. These services are provided by "Your Mobile Service" as an authorized partner. Employees are also ready to carry out paid repairs of cell phones of various manufacturers.

The company itself claims that customers can be sure of the high quality of warranty repairs, which is carried out in case of breakdowns of any complexity and any damage. All customer service centers of Your Mobile Service are equipped in accordance with the current requirements and norms of ASD, that is, protection against possible damage from the discharge of static electricity.

During the repair, only original spare parts are used, which are provided by the manufacturers of mobile phones and gadgets themselves. It is worth noting that the factory warranty check is carried out on the basis of the manufacturer's database. If during this check it is found that the warranty for the products brought in for repair is invalid, the warranty repair service is provided only on the basis of a document that would officially confirm that the gadget was purchased by thisowner. As confirmation of this, a correctly completed and executed warranty card with a sticker indicating the IMEI of this phone or the serial number of the corresponding equipment can serve.

Buyers should ensure that when issuing this document, the stamps of the trading organization are affixed to it, a cash receipt is attached, which would confirm that no more than one year has passed since the purchase of the phone. This is the warranty period for mobile equipment. It is also necessary to make sure that this equipment was produced for the territory of the Russian Federation. The only exception is Apple products, which are not covered by this condition.


Image"Your mobile service" Sadovaya

The company's capabilities allow us to repair about two hundred mobile phones a day. The company considers work with the end consumer to be the target market segment. In this regard, the main emphasis is on high quality with minimal repair time. Much attention is paid to convenient and fast service when returning or receiving your phone to a service center.

Certain activities are also underway to attract private entrepreneurs and retail chains that sell mobile equipment to cooperation.

In reviews of LLC "Your mobile service", among the advantages, users regularly note that the company employs only highly qualified specialists who undergoappropriate training, constantly improve their experience and professional knowledge.

It is possible to carry out repairs in a short time due to the fact that the company has a whole stock of necessary spare parts. As a result, about 80% of them are always in stock. They do not have to be ordered separately and wait for them to arrive at the warehouse. Stocks are constantly monitored, adjusted and replenished.

Moreover, each user has the opportunity to independently track the availability of certain spare parts in the company's warehouse. Repairs are carried out in full accordance with the requirements of manufacturers. The company has organized a quality control service, in particular, each device is tested after completion of work. Customers can independently monitor the repair status of each phone on the site, while SMS informing users about the completion of work.


Central office of the company "Your mobile service" on the street. Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya is open daily. On weekdays it is open from 10 am to 8 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday it closes two hours earlier.

The exact address of the company "Your mobile service" - st. Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya, 20. It is convenient to get here both by personal and public transport. The service center is located in close proximity to the Mayakovskaya, Barrikadnaya and Krasnopresnenskaya metro stations. If you go to "Your mobile service" on Sadovaya by car, then you can be guided byPatriarch's Ponds, not far from which you can find an office. It is better to call in from Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street through Malaya Nikitskaya or Spiridonovka. Also good landmarks, by which you can easily find the company "Your mobile service" on the street. Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya, 20, there will be a culinary shop of the Karavaev brothers, the Moscow theater "On the Boards", foreign language courses at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The service center we are considering repairs equipment from Samsung, Apple, Sony.

The company has three additional offices in Moscow. In the area of ​​the Mayakovskaya metro station there is a branch of the Your Mobile Service company on Tverskaya, 24. Pushkinskaya, Chekhovskaya, Tverskaya metro stations are also within walking distance. It is open daily, seven days a week, from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. By private car, it is better to call from Tverskaya to "Your mobile service". Nearby (on the same side of the street) you can find the Marriott Grand Hotel, Starbucks coffee house, Chaihona No. 1 restaurant. This service center branch specializes in repairing Samsung appliances.

In the area of ​​the metro stations "Dobryninskaya", "Paveletskaya" and "Serpukhovskaya" there is another center of the company "Your mobile service" on Valovaya, 11/19. It is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm. Here you are also ready to accept Samsung equipment for repair. In the same building there is a pizzeria "Baloven", a branch of the bank "Opening", a storeproducts "Vkusvill", post office.

One branch of the firm is located outside the Russian capital.

At the address: Vorovskogo street, 36, a service center has been opened in Sochi, which repairs Apple gadgets. It is open all week from 10 am, only from Monday to Friday it closes at 20:00, and on Saturday and Sunday - at 18:00. Finding a service center will not be difficult, since the same building houses a sushi bar and a Rukkola restaurant, a pharmacy. Next door is the Sochi History Museum, the Marafet hairdresser and beauty salon, and the Proper Coffee coffee shop.

Service Overview

Image"Your mobile service" Sadovaya Kudrinskaya

The company provides a wide range of services for its customers in a variety of areas. Everyone here can leave an electronic application. In this case, a five percent discount on paid repairs is provided, as well as the opportunity to return the phone to a service center without standing in line. Spare parts reserve service is provided. It is possible to significantly save your personal time, thanks to the courier delivery service.

In the branch of the company "Your mobile service" on Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya, 20, customers can use the "Express repair" service. This allows you to save not only time, but also money, since the service itself is provided free of charge. True, it becomes possible only if all the necessary spare parts are available.

To use Expressrepair", you need to come to the branch "Your mobile service" on Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya. First you need to check the availability of spare parts for urgent repairs on the page with the model of your gadget. After that, you should fill out an electronic application, get a five percent discount on the work performed and used spare parts.

It should be emphasized that in the case of a warranty repair, it is not always possible to return the phone to the owner on the same day that he returned it.

Emergency Repair

Image"Your mobile service" st. Sadovaya Kudrinskaya

Urgent repair of mobile phones is carried out without queues. After all, one of the main principles of the work of this service center is high-quality customer service and maximum efficiency. Registration of the application takes several minutes, it is advisable to first familiarize yourself with the rules for receiving equipment. In this case, the phone repair itself takes no more than one hour, if all spare parts are available.

It is worth noting that the probability that all parts will be in stock is very high - from 80 to 90 percent. This applies to equipment from Sony, Samsung, Apple and Nokia. For this reason, in most cases, replacing a display for a phone takes no more than half an hour.

Despite the minimum terms of work, the quality does not suffer. All employees are trained in specialized centers of the largest companies producing gadgets.


Image"Your mobile service" st. Sadovaya Kudrinskaya, 20

Warranty for replacement parts and chargeable repairs is up to three months. You can familiarize yourself with the cost of work on the most common problems with gadgets in advance. The phones themselves, which need to be returned to working condition, are conditionally divided into three price categories.

When working with gadgets of the first price category, the cost of updating the software will be 790 rubles, the replacement of electromechanical and mechanical elements, LSI, discrete electronic components costs 990 rubles. The same price will cost the restoration of the device after the ingress of moisture. Only in this case the guarantee will be not three months, but one.

When repairing a phone of any price category, the diagnostics of the device costs 490 rubles. If the customer agrees to the repair, no payment will be charged.

When updating the software of a phone of the second price category, you will have to pay 990 rubles, and for a phone of the third price category - 1,490 rubles. For 990 rubles, you can order a service to save all contacts.

When the gadget is corroded, the cost of the "Data Saving" service is one and a half thousand rubles. This amount does not depend on which price category the device belongs to.

Repair Rules

LLC "Your mobile service" reviews

To protect yourself from misunderstandings, you must first familiarize yourself with the repair rules adopted by the company. Average repair timeany model of phone, tablet or laptop is from one to three days, but on condition that the company's warehouse has all the necessary spare parts for this. If they are not available, then the terms increase to forty-five calendar days.

When it becomes necessary to carry out a very complex repair, the phone can be sent to a service center with a higher level of authorization.

The company warns its customers in advance that it does not assume responsibility for the performance of any gadget if there are accessories or accessories that are not specified in the application for equipment repair. Also, problems may arise when the device's memory card is damaged during its removal from the device, data was lost in the phone's individual memory due to the replacement of memory blocks, unprofessional programming, installation of additional software.

Warranty repair may be denied to a customer if:

  • Mechanical damage to the device has been detected.
  • The conditions specified in the warranty card are violated by the owner.
  • Traces of moisture or any liquid detected.

Warranty repair can also be denied if the malfunction was caused by a negligent attitude to the phone, non-compliance with operating requirements, and also in cases where changes were made to the design of the device that were not provided for by the technical documentation. Refusal may follow in case of detection of foreign objects and parts, the presenceall kinds of damage caused by falling from a height.

Issuance of equipment

Image"Your mobile service"

Issuance of the repaired gadget is provided only to the person indicated in the receipt of the service center when the equipment is handed over for repair, as well as in the presence of a passport or other document confirming the identity. Alternatively, you can receive the device by hand-written power of attorney, which will be accompanied by a copy of the passport of the person indicated on the receipt.

The absence of the above documents is considered sufficient grounds for refusing to issue repaired equipment until the required documents are provided.

Customer Experiences

You can find a lot of positive feedback about LLC "Your Mobile Service". Clients note that all services are provided really quickly and professionally. The only thing that causes some dissatisfaction is a small waiting area, as well as the likelihood of being in a queue due to a large number of customers. But in this article, we have already said that such troubles can be avoided by using an electronic application.

In reviews of "Your mobile service" on the street. Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya customers note that the company's branch is only a three-minute walk from the Tverskaya metro station, so getting to it is really fast and convenient. Inside, everything is done for the convenience of visitors - an electronic queue, a large number of qualified specialists, prices for repairs are posted, soyou can imagine in advance how much the work will cost. The main thing is that they really are carried out as quickly as possible. If the breakdown is standard, the client is offered to walk for about an hour, and then return for a repaired gadget.

One of the main advantages of this center (according to users) is that it strives to keep up with the times. There are many advantages when ordering services through the site, it is possible to independently track the availability of spare parts and the status of repair of your device.


It is worth noting that there are a lot of negative reviews about "Your mobile service". Some customers accuse the company of complete incompetence. Operators who receive equipment for repair provide visitors with false information, repair deadlines are constantly violated.

For example, if a client returns a computer, they may be told that the repair period will be three days, but after that, for a week, no information can be obtained from specialists about when the equipment will be ready.

In reviews of "Your mobile service" on Gross, users note that the managers of this branch very quickly call customers only when they need to pay for something. At the same time, technical specialists demonstrate complete incompetence, making errors in diagnostics, for which the owner of the gadget has to pay.

In general, the attitude towards customers is emphatically formal. Surprise causes a deliberate reluctance to repair older equipmentits warranty period. Moreover, the employees of the service center are not responsible for their actions, they do not admit their own mistakes, and they put all the blame on the client. Visitors have to face problems, even handing over equipment for paid repairs. Technicians not only do not carry out repair work in three days, but also do not even have time to carry out the necessary diagnostics during this time. At the same time, they categorically refuse to communicate with the client, they do not answer phone calls, and by all means avoid communication.

For this reason, in the reviews of "Your mobile service" you can find a lot of negativity. As a result, customers who actually contacted this service center for help are strongly advised not to contact him. Faced with the unprofessionalism of its employees, the visitor only risks losing time and his own money. If your gadget is broken, it is recommended to find another, more responsible company.

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