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Qlean.ru: reviews of a cleaning company in Moscow

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Qlean.ru: reviews of a cleaning company in Moscow
Qlean.ru: reviews of a cleaning company in Moscow

The service sector presents more and more new surprises - quite interesting types of business are constantly emerging that bring not only profit, but also benefit to people. Just one of these business models is the concept of the company, which we will talk about today. Meet Qlean.ru. Reviews indicate that this service is engaged in cleaning for money. Today it is called "cleaning", and, believe me, the format of the work of this company is significantly different from what we used to associate with the "cleaning" service. Read more about this in this article.

Qlean.ru reviews

Clean cleaning

The idea of ​​the service is quite original. Here you will be offered not only to tidy up the apartment, but also to do it in an “eco-style”, that is, using special harmless substances. According to the authors of the project, these are cleaning and detergents that will not harm the he alth of service customers. Those who leave reviews about Qlean.ru claim that this is another of the clear advantages of the company, for which it is worth working only with it.

In addition to environmental friendliness, comfort is also offered here. The scheme of work is very simple - you need to place an order and specify exactly when you want the cleaning by Qlean.ru employees to start.Reviews demonstrate that, as a rule, without delay, a person from the service will arrive at the specified time and put things in order. According to the website, they can do this even “tomorrow morning.”

Qlean.ru staff reviews


The question immediately arises: “Who needs professional cleaning? Who will pay money to clean his apartment?” We answer - this option is interesting to the widest range of people. Let's start with the offices. It happens that it is more profitable to use a subscription from Qlean.ru (the service for ordering home cleaning allows you to issue it and, thus, cooperate with it on a regular basis), so that staff periodically comes to restore order; than hiring regular cleaners every time.

Another option is the lack of time due to busyness and the resulting mess in your apartment. Why not use the service while the owners are away for the weekend or going to work?

In fact, you may even be too lazy to put things in order in your own apartment, due to which the relevance of the Qlean.ru order increases. The reviews that we managed to find, at least, indicate that there are many such people.


Yes, if we are talking about cleaning at home or in the office, in any case it refers to the presence of another person, left unattended by the owner of the premises. This can also serve as a kind of argument against working with the service. But the company provides a number of guarantees that will reassure the customer.

Qlean cleaning company reviews Moscow

First, it's a careful selection of personnel. To be convinced of this, it is enough to read the reviews of employees dedicated to Qlean.ru. People are not taken here “from the street” - each candidate is tested. It consists of two parts - the first is designed to test practical knowledge and skills (something like what substances are best suited for working on a particular surface). The second one concerns the psychological and personal qualities of the employee - it is she who is aimed at selecting only conscientious personnel.

Secondly, the information: “Everything about Qlean cleaning” (we managed to find it on the official website of the service) refers to the fact that the liability of each employee is insured here. Obviously, we are talking about how the damage will be compensated (in the event that this happened through the fault of the employee). The website states that the company has insured personnel liability for up to 5 million rubles. Perhaps this is a more convincing argument than tests and checks.

Third, finally, there is a rule that allows you not to pay if you do not like something in the services provided. Perhaps the employee did not take the task quite responsibly, or his work turned out to be of poor quality. Then the service does not take money from you, and the cleaning of the premises is free of charge.

How the company works

Thus, the organization of the service is quite simple: the client calls and asks to clean his apartment, specifying how long he would like to doorder - that's when the Qlean employee arrives. Feedback from Qlean shows that management pays a lot of attention to ensuring that staff are not late for orders. This ensures a high level of punctuality.

Qlean.ru home cleaning service

In order for people from the company to get into the room to be cleaned, the customer must be present in person or leave the key in an accessible place. In the future, the employee cleans the premises, using only environmentally friendly products that do not harm the he alth of those who live or work here. After that, the client accepts the work done and makes an assessment of how the service was provided. As already noted, if he notices really gross violations on the part of the cleaner, the question of a refund may arise.

By the way, with regard to payment, the service can be called quite advanced in this matter. It provides a lot of payment methods, including a credit card.


Qlean reviews about working at Qlean

Who is collaborating with Qlean? Reviews of a cleaning company (Moscow) show that the list of service clients, as a rule, is private individuals - owners of apartments in the city where the service operates. These recommendations can also be found on the official website - people describe how satisfied they were after they put things in order in their home. Many also point out that at first they were afraid to let someone they didn’t know into the apartment without supervision, but later they believed Qlean.

“Cleaners.rf” (aboutcleaning and for cleaners) - a portal that discusses the most pressing issues in the field of cleaning for money, also contains reviews on how the company described by us works. And here everyone writes that they are satisfied with the work of the cleaners, but at first they were also afraid for their things.

Order services

If you still would like your apartment to be put in order, just place an order on the website using a special online form. Here you need to indicate your phone number, data on the room (the number of bathrooms and the general order of the apartment), as well as the date and time at which the employee should arrive. Everything, it's done! After that, your home will be much cleaner and tidy without any effort on your part!


all about cleaning Qlean

At first you might think that cleaning will cost a lot of money, that the service is designed for rich people and it will not be easy for an ordinary person to order such services. However, this opinion is erroneous. On the official website of Qlean, an approximate price is indicated, which you should be guided by. In particular, maintenance of a one-room apartment will cost from 1600 rubles, a two-room apartment - from 2 thousand, and a three-room apartment - from 2400 rubles. The specific cost is individual, in many respects it depends on the layout of the apartment, its arrangement, the degree of disorder. Plus, do not forget that you can save money by using the Qlean.ru promo code and cleaning discounts, which are often pampered here.

Employee reviews

Today, the company employs a lot of people - they work on the principle of “whomanaged - he took it. This means that there is a certain “tape” in which all orders are placed. An employee who is confident that he will cope with the task submits his candidacy and, thus, provides himself with employment. As the recommendations left by people with experience in the company show, there are plenty of difficulties here. We will talk about them.


As mentioned above, one of the difficult moments is getting this job. If the task of the company administration is to identify the “best of the best”, then the goal of the applicant is to get into this group of people. If a person does not know or does not understand why he was refused, this can anger or offend him, which happens. Therefore, the company, when hiring cleaners, adheres to a kind of “balance”: find a professional and at the same time not go too far with the selection.

Checking work

Qlean.ru promo code and cleaning discounts

The second point to pay attention to is the delivery of work. It is logical to assume that the client must accept the result of cleaning and after that put the necessary assessment of the work of the cleaner. True, there may be difficulties in this matter. In particular, there are reviews about inadequate customers who can find fault for any reason and leave a negative recommendation about the work of a cleaner even because of a bad mood. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about this - the company protects its reputation by returning money in such cases. At the same time, the cleaner gets a “minus” in his rating and, it turns out, works for nothing. Necessaryunderstand that this can happen.


But in general, it's hard to say something bad about the Qlean.ru service. The company began to conduct interesting activities in an area that is not quite familiar to all of us. They have been successful, creating a large number of jobs and cleaning tens of thousands of apartments. The service continues to operate and expand. He was even covered by several high-profile media outlets to get the public's attention.

If you suddenly have a desire to try what it's like to get cleaned housing for a minimal cost, order Qlean services. They will do everything quickly, efficiently and with a smile on their faces!

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