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How to transfer money from Russia to Germany: payment systems, rating, transfer conditions, exchange rates and interest rates

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How to transfer money from Russia to Germany: payment systems, rating, transfer conditions, exchange rates and interest rates
How to transfer money from Russia to Germany: payment systems, rating, transfer conditions, exchange rates and interest rates

In the article, we will consider how to transfer money from Russia to Germany.

The Russian market, as well as the system of international money transfers, has changed markedly over the past decade. Most banks provide a range of services related to sending foreign currency abroad. Domestic systems of fast money transfers are significantly expanding the geography of their presence. This is only beneficial. Money transfer to Germany is also available.

Finance can be transferred, among other things, through payment terminals. In addition, this can be done through online services. The difference lies in the cost, speed and overall reliability of operations. Service fees can vary significantly. In addition, as part of the application to the bank, the client is required to perform a number of additional actions.

Let's take a closer look at how to transfer money from Russia to Germany, what are the restrictions. Alsofind out which systems offer the most favorable conditions.

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Who can make a transfer to Germany

Financial transactions related to such manipulation are regulated by the Bank of Russia. So, according to his instructions, an individual can transfer abroad no more than five thousand dollars or a similar amount in the equivalent in rubles without opening a bank account. In the event that we are talking about a resident, then it will be enough for the sender to simply present a passport. There are no restrictions for non-residents.

Large amounts justified

Transfer amounts in excess of the above must be justified. For example, in the event that a money transfer to Germany is required in order to pay for studies, then it is necessary to present an agreement with the relevant educational institution. If a citizen sends money to a family, you will have to confirm the relationship (for example, through a notarized certificate).

The question of how to transfer money from Russia to Germany most profitably interests many. Let's take a closer look.

Cheap transfer options

Let's turn to the different types of the most profitable transfers of funds from Russia to Germany:

how to transfer money to germany
  1. The procedure can be carried out from account to account. The recipient is required to provide international bank details IBAN and BIC. The sender will also need a bank account. In case of absence, it will have to be opened for an additional fee. In general, manipulationfrom account to account is not only the cheapest way, but also the longest: you will have to wait several days for crediting.
  2. Transferring money to Germany from Russia is cheaply available in the mode from one card to another. Both parties need to have bank plastic of MasterCard or Visa payment systems. The sender only needs to know the recipient's card number. You can transfer funds without leaving your home, simply using the proposed electronic service. The procedure usually takes only a few minutes. Money can come immediately, but sometimes you have to wait up to five days. It is worth noting that such a translation is no more expensive than the previously considered one. The average bank commission is up to one and a half percent.
  3. how to transfer funds to germany
  4. Operation "cash". This method of opening an account does not require. The sender pays the required amount in cash, which is issued to the recipient at a customer service point abroad. According to this principle, well-known money transfer systems operate in the form of Contact, Western Union, Golden Crown, and so on. To send funds, only a passport with the full name and country of residence of the recipient will be enough. The daily limit is usually limited to five thousand dollars. It will be possible to send a transfer to Germany in just a few minutes, and within one hour it will be available for payment in favor of the recipient. The size of the commission directly depends on the system used, various promotions are often performed and promotions are introduced.fares.
  5. Cash in the account. For these purposes, the recipient must be informed of the name of the bank in which the account is opened, providing the IBAN and BIC codes used in international transfers. The advantage of this method is that the sender does not need to open his own account. As a rule, it will be enough just to come to the bank with the specified details, and then send the money by paying a commission. A similar service is provided, for example, by Western Union. The size of the commission depends on the amount and direction of the financial transfer.

How to transfer money to Germany, it is important to find out in advance, and not on the day of payment. This will protect against possible problems.

how to send money to germany

Rating of payment systems, currencies and interest rates

Fees for the operation directly depend on the chosen system of electronic transfer. Consider the rating of the most profitable of them:

  1. In the first place is the famous Moneybookers. He takes one percent of the transfer amount.
  2. Western Union is in second place. In this case, the payment for the transfer will be from 250 to 2,500 rubles or from 10 to 100 dollars, depending on the amount, which averages from 4% to 6%.
  3. Next comes the Contact system. She takes 2.5%. If the amount is less than 200 euros, then the commission will be 5 euros.
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Mixed options

How else can I send money to Germany? In addition to standard methods, there are also mixed ones: depositing cash in cash to accountsrecipients or transfers using bank cards and through cash. These operations are carried out thanks to payment services that carry out appropriate financial manipulations.

How can I send via Sberbank?

For large Russian banks, the acceptance of money sent abroad is not at all exotic. Similar services are provided by many credit institutions that operate today in the international market.

Can I transfer money to Germany at Sberbank? The main condition for the client is the presence of a special currency account. In Europe, any resident has one. The Russians, however, as well as citizens of the Commonwe alth countries, they open out of necessity. This does not take a lot of time, and, moreover, does not require the collection of an impressive mountain of references.

how to transfer funds from germany

Before initiating the procedure for opening a foreign currency account, you need to ask which nearby company is the correspondent for the financial institution from which the corresponding transfer will be sent. This step is not considered mandatory, but it allows the client to save a certain amount of money on commissions.


You can transfer money from Germany inexpensively via Postbank. For sending five thousand dollars to the Russian Sberbank, about eleven euros will be charged per person.

Another advantage of this method is the ability to use online banking. The operation here can be even cheaper (about one and a half eurosfor any amount), since in this case the sender does not pay for the work of bank employees. It should be noted that the recipient may also be required to pay a small amount of compensation as a commission: more often it is a percentage of the volume of the transfer. The downside is the long waiting time, as sometimes the money has to wait for about seven days. In order not to overpay, it is better to clarify information about tariffs for international transfers by phone or on the bank's websites.

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For example, a person decided to use Sberbank as a recipient. To do this, an employee of a German financial organization must provide the following details: name of the organization, SWIFT code, full name of the recipient, twenty-digit account and card number. In addition, you will need the details of the recipient's passport and the address of the Sberbank branch where the money will be issued.


Thus, you can send money to Germany if you use the services of well-known electronic transfer systems in the form of Western Union, Moneybookers, Contact, and others. The advantage of this method is that funds can be received on the day of sending, that is, after a couple of hours. Systems may differ in the cost of services. The maximum transfer can be made, as already mentioned, for five thousand dollars, the money is paid by the sender in rubles, and the conversion is done directly by the payment system.

In the article we looked at how to transfer money from Russia to Germany.

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