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How to call an electrician at home: options and procedures
How to call an electrician at home: options and procedures

Sometimes there are situations on the farm when you cannot do without the help of a professional electrician. It may be necessary to partially or completely replace the wiring, install sockets or built-in lighting fixtures. It's good if you know who to contact with such questions. However, if you do not have friends who understand electrical networks, it will be useful to know how to call an electrician.

Now let's take a closer look. In the review, we will look at how to order electrical installation services and find a good specialist who will carry out work at an affordable price. All considered methods are arranged in order from most preferred to undesirable. Be sure to study all of them. There are situations when even the most risky and inefficient way is very effective.

Electrician call options

how to call an electrician

So, what are they like? How to call an electrician at home? There are several easy ways:

  • on adviceacquaintances;
  • search for an electrician through Internet services to find specialists;
  • contact the electrical installation company;
  • calling an electrician from the housing department or housing office;
  • find a specialist through the Avito ad service.

On the advice of friends

It may seem strange, but even in the modern world, choosing the services of an electrician, many people use this method as recommendations from people who have previously encountered this problem. This option helps to find an intelligent and responsible professional. "Word of mouth" is a fairly reliable tool for finding a work contractor.

If you need to call an electrician at home urgently, try asking relatives and friends if they have a good specialist in mind. Suddenly, one of your friends was recently engaged in repairs. They should be asked first.

When using this method of calling an electrician, you must first verify the competence of a specialist. After all, if he changed a light bulb well for someone, this does not mean that he will be able to perform wiring work in a country house.

Try to get as much information as possible about the electrician you are recommended. Every little thing matters here. If possible, see for yourself how well the specialist recommended to you did the work in the house of your friends.

Of course, you can be completely sure that relatives and friends are unlikely to deliberately advise you to contact a hack. Usually people adequately evaluate all the minuses and plusesprofessionals they turn to for help. They will immediately tell you what advantages and disadvantages the recommended electrician has. If you use this search method wisely, you will definitely be able to find the best option in terms of price and quality.

Benefits of the master on the recommendation of friends

how to call an electrician

Let's discuss them in more detail.


  1. When calling an electrician on the advice of friends, you are guaranteed to receive the most reliable information about the specialist. To decide whether a master is right for you or not, look at examples of his work. People you know can also tell you a lot about the cost of a proposed specialist.
  2. Good friends are unlikely to advise you on a master whose competence they doubt. After all, they actually take part of the responsibility for it.
  3. Performing work on the recommendation of a regular client, a good master always appreciates it and treats the matter with great dedication. Most likely, in such cases, the master will try to carry out all the work as efficiently as possible.
  4. The likelihood that the specialist recommended to you will quit halfway through or take an advance and disappear is minimal.
  5. You can be sure that in the event of a need for warranty repair, a specialist will not refuse service to you.

Disadvantages of calling a referral specialist

Like any other method, this option has its drawbacks. Here are the main ones:

  1. The cost of calling an electrician whenusing the recommendation of friends or acquaintances is unlikely to be low. Do not count on a significant discount. The price will most likely be about the same as for your friends. And if you start haggling with the master, you might end up getting a reputation for being mean.
  2. No one can guarantee that the specialist you recommend has the necessary qualifications and will be able to cope with the task.

Looking for a master on the Internet

call an electrician at home urgently

Another way to call an electrician is to find a specialist on special online services. It is best to use the services of portals like "Pro" and "Repairer".

The operation of such systems today is constantly being improved. This is due to the fact that people always receive the services of an electrician of the required quality. In addition, using special services for the selection of a master, it is possible to minimize the risks of calling non-professionals and hacks. To do this, you must first read the reviews, if any.

Do not be afraid to look for electrician services on online resources. This is the future of the service industry. Such services will help you find hundreds of specialists of various qualifications, among which you will surely be able to choose the right one. A variety of characteristics can be used to evaluate masters.

How to call an electrician at home from specialized services? It is enough to go to the appropriate resource and go through a short registration procedure. After that, you can immediately startchoosing the right specialist. It's quite convenient.

Calling an electrician via the Internet provides the following benefits:

  1. Access to the database of professional electricians in your city. Here you can definitely find the master of the level you need.
  2. Possibility of preliminary assessment of future employees. You can read reviews about the work of specialists, determine the cost of their services, as well as evaluate their professionalism and competence.
  3. Serious services for the selection of masters do not just allow you to contact the right craftsman. They also do a serious job of fighting scammers. Thus, the terms of cooperation are obtained as transparent as possible. Using such services will protect you from scammers as much as possible.
  4. You have the opportunity to choose a specialist with the optimal ratio of the quality of their services and cost.
  5. Search for an electrician can be done at a convenient time and place. This is especially true for busy people who spend all day at work.
  6. If the quality of the work performed by a specialist did not suit you, you can use these Internet services to influence the master, obliging him to eliminate the shortcomings or return some of the money.

Disadvantages of online recruitment

The selection of a master by the discussed method should be approached very responsibly. It is advisable not to use the proposed options, but to independently look for a specialist in the database. Also try to evaluate the quality and progress of work. Remember that when using online resources, there is a high risk of running into specialistswith insufficient qualifications.

Call a specialist from an electrical installation company

how to call an electrician on duty from the LCD

So what do you need to know about this option? How to call an emergency electrician at home? The third most reliable method of choosing a specialist is to use the services of electrical installation companies. In fact, this option should be the most reliable and attractive, but in reality this is not entirely true.

To search for a contact of electrical installation organizations in your city, you can use the press and various directories, for example, 2Gis. You can also simply enter the appropriate request on the Internet. After that, you will have the opportunity to choose the appropriate option from the entire variety of proposals presented. Of course, this process can take quite a long time, because you will have to call all the offices, agree on working conditions and prices. Often, preliminary measurements and evaluation of work are also required with the departure of a specialist to the place of their implementation.

How to call an electrician at an address from a professional electrical installation company? Turning to such organizations, people usually count on high-quality professional assistance. In fact, it often turns out that electrical installation companies do not have a permanent staff of employees, and craftsmen are found through newspapers or specialized services. Often they do not even have an idea about the personnel that are sent to you for work. They can also often save a lot on staff salaries, and this naturally affects the quality of the work performed. So,Of course, not all firms offering electrical installation services work. There are also serious players on the market who value their reputation. They do not need advertising and you probably heard about them through friends or acquaintances.

When ordering through a good electrical company, you will receive:

  1. Guaranteed timely completion of work. If the company fails to fulfill its obligations, you will be able to resolve the issue officially, since all work is backed by a contract.
  2. For all work performed, such companies usually give a guarantee. All shortcomings that appear, the company will be obliged to eliminate at its own expense.
  3. When using this option of calling a specialist to your home, you receive qualified assistance from masters of their craft who have all the necessary equipment on hand. For a large volume of work, such companies can also offer you a solid discount.

If you order work from specialized electrical installation companies, be prepared for the fact that their cost will be significantly higher than when working with private teams working on their own. In addition, specialized organizations rarely take on small jobs. Usually they are aimed at getting large orders.

Call an electrician from the Housing Office

how to call an electrician from the zhek

This aspect should be given special attention. If you live in an apartment building, you probably have a question about how to call an electrician from the Housing Office. It is recommended to resort to this method only in cases where it is not possible to payfor services. After all, you pay monthly for the maintenance of the electrical installation at home. Therefore, if you suddenly lost the light in the apartment, there was a smell of burning wiring, or the light in the entrance just went out, you can safely call an electrician from the Housing Office.

How to call an electrician on duty from the housing and communal services? The phone numbers of the organization serving your home are usually indicated on the door at the entrance or in a memo posted on a special stand. Contact information can also be found on utility bills.

If you need more serious repairs related to interference with the electrical network, it is better not to make such requests to the Housing Office. As practice shows, it is better to find third-party masters to install switches and sockets.

People with low motivation often work in the housing office. Most likely, they will eventually do their job, but in this case there is no need to talk about quality and reliability.

In what situations should you still contact the electricians on duty? Firstly, we are talking about cases where the malfunction is within the responsibility of the service company. It will be fixed for you free of charge. In addition, the cost of the work of electricians from the Housing Office is usually very low compared to other specialists. However, it is often associated with the quality of services provided. To troubleshoot, you can also contact Mosenergosbyt. Calling an electrician from this office is also fraught with a number of inconveniences. Most likely, the schedule of specialists is drawn up for several days in advance, so you should not count on solving the problemit will turn out quickly.

How to call an electrician through the State Services? Few people know, but through this service today you can apply for service. However, it should be noted that this service is not yet available in all regions of the country. But in the capital, you may well use it.

Announcements on "Avito"

how to call an electrician

What is the peculiarity of this method? If none of the methods described above worked, you can use such a desperate option as finding an electrician at Avito. Of course, there are professional electricians here too, but the likelihood that you will come across just such a specialist is very small. This is explained quite simply - most qualified craftsmen receive orders in other ways. They already have a good reputation and an established customer base. Newcomers are actively using such inexpensive and effective methods of attracting customers as posting ads.

Finding an electrician on the Avito portal is easy. You just need to specify the category of services "electrician" in the search bar. As a result, you will receive a lot of offers at attractive prices. When choosing ads, exercise special care and caution. It is also better to give preference to narrow specialists. If the master says that he is engaged in electricity, and plumbing, and brickwork, it is better to skip such an ad.


In the proposed review, we examined in detail how to call an electrician. If you are looking for masters to holdelectrical work, you may well use one of the above methods.

cost of calling an electrician

Calling an electrician to your home urgently may be required in case of an emergency. With such problems, it is better to call the ZhEK specialists.

Which way to choose, decide for yourself. One thing is worth saying that it is not worth saving on this, since this is, first of all, your safety.

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