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Where are potential customers hiding?

Where are potential customers hiding?
Where are potential customers hiding?

Who are potential customers? These are people who simply need your product or service, they just don’t know about it yet. Your task is to make them real customers.

Of course, finding potential customers is not an easy job. Therefore, competent managers entrust it only to experienced and proven employees.

So what are the main search methods?

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1. Advertising. Business without it is impossible. Whether you're in the business of selling toys or providing hairdressing, running a shoe store or cleaning company, potential customers rarely find themselves.

As you know, advertising is the engine of trade, so do not spare money for a good advertising campaign. Even a simple but meaningful announcement in the local media will attract a lot of interested people.

2. Contact by mail. Also a very good way to find customers. However, this method requires careful study. If you just send a bunch of letters and wait for the influx of buyers, then you will not wait for the result.

Alternatively, break your lists of potential customers into specific groups. Let one person be responsible for one grouptrade manager. An employee can regularly, for example, every Monday, send 10 letters in accordance with his list, and on Friday call the recipients and find out their opinion.

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3. Participation in exhibitions, fairs and conferences. And what makes you think that your potential customers do not attend such events? How they visit! During the time of participation in one exhibition alone, you can attract much more customers than in a month of mailing.

Moreover, it is not necessary to participate in such events yourself. It is enough to follow them and visit them in order to use the maximum opportunities for finding clients.

Well, we figured out how to attract customers. And how to recognize them? Everything is quite simple here. First you need to define the target audience. If you sell children's toys, for example, then your target audience is parents and children. However, in most cases, the child will not be able to pay for the toy they like, so you are only interested in the parents as potential customers.

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One of the secrets to attracting customers is a bright speech. Those who are endowed with the gift of persuasion and are able to colorfully describe any product are born sales agents. It has been verified that potential customers are more likely to "peck" a verbal description than a visual representation of an object. To this end, it would be useful to conduct trainings for trade managers. In such classes, you can train in the description of various products (not only those that you offeryou).

And what to do when a potential client is already on the doorstep? If you think that the job is done, you are deeply mistaken. Everything here will depend on how you present your product or service to him. Tell the customer what benefits he will get, what he will feel after making a purchase. Every objection needs to be answered and turned into a bargain.

Follow these tips and your potential customers will turn into real ones very soon!

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