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Large American companies: rating
Large American companies: rating

It's no secret that the modern world economy largely depends on the state of American business. And this is not surprising, since the lion's share of US companies and firms pass through billions of dollars and in many industries set (and sometimes even brazenly dictate and impose) the rules of the game. Therefore, the article will consider the most serious American companies that have a direct impact not only on the business space of the States, but also on many other states of our planet.

American companies

Historical aspect

Before you start studying the leading corporations, it should be said that the titans of American business have existed for more than a dozen years, and some of the main players were founded in the 19th century and have been successfully operating to this day, continuing to increase their financial power. This is largely due to the fact that at that time millions of people from all over the world moved to America in search of a better life, which eventually created a huge market for skilled labor and stimulated American companies to grow rapidly against the background of high competition among workers.

Conditional rating

Today, there are many different lists of the largest corporations. Each ofthey are formed on the basis of various rules, however, the most respected rating is published by the world-famous Forbes magazine. Therefore, based on this printed publication, below are the most influential American companies, including:

  • IBM.
  • Chevron.
  • Wal-Mart Stores.
  • Johnson & Johnson.
  • General Electric.
  • Berkshire Hathaway.
  • Microsoft.
  • Exxon Mobil.
  • Google.
  • Apple.

This rating is based on the level of capitalization of each of these corporations. Let's get to know them better.

jpmorgan chase

First computer manufacturer

Today, there is probably no such person who does not know IBM, which is a true leader in the delivery of IT solutions that help get rid of a whole range of problems. At the same time, the level of service provision is considered a benchmark in the industry and remains consistently high. In particular, like many other American companies, IBM pays close attention to the selection of personnel, which has generated a huge capital of almost $ 238 billion.

Oil giant

Chevron is a true leader in oil production and refining. In addition, the company maintains a whole network of car filling stations, and fully finances them. The structure of petroleum titanium also provides for the production of various chemicals. In addition, Chevron manufactures lubricants and speci alty additives for leading engine manufacturers inplanet. The capitalization of the corporation is 240.2 billion dollars.

general electrician

Top Trading Player

Studying large American companies, one cannot ignore the brainchild of Sam W alton called Wal-Mart Stores. This retail corporation was founded in 1962.

The company has over 10,000 stores around the globe. At the same time, the format of outlets is such that you can buy everything from a needle to large things. The power of these hypermarkets has already been felt by many smaller firms, whose stores are forced to curtail their activities where Wal-Mart Stores appear.

The brainchild of the Johnson brothers

Johnson & Johnson is one of those companies that is the fruit of the work of a whole family, or rather, two brothers. It was born back in 1886 and has been steadily developing ever since, choosing the sale of medical equipment, consumer goods and pharmaceutical products as its priority areas of activity. The company's capitalization level is $258.4 billion.

large American companies

Thomas Edison Company

"General Electric" was opened by the legendary inventor in 1878 and began its very active work with the production of incandescent lamps familiar to all of us. Today, the company is engaged in the creation and sale of equipment for doctors, gas turbines, reactors, locomotives and more. In total, General Electric chose sixthe main areas of work, namely:

  • Energy.
  • Medicine.
  • Transport.
  • Aviation.
  • Financial sector.
  • Lighting technology.

The company's we alth is 283.6 billion US dollars.

Active player

Berkshire Hathaway was originally a textile manufacturer, which today, under the strict leadership of Warren Buffett, has become a giant. In the sphere of its influence are the assets of railway transport, confectionery enterprises, jewelry business and much more. According to the results of 2015, the company's capitalization is 292.4 billion dollars.

famous American companies

The world's richest man's company

Microsoft is truly a brand that is familiar even to children. Indeed, it is thanks to him that modern youth play various computer games and generally have the opportunity to use computers, since the corporation specializes in the production of software and other computer equipment. The cost of Bill Gates' creation is $303.5 billion.

Energy monster

Exon Mobil, with a current capitalization of $395.4 billion, has confidently entered the top three in America. The corporation is focused on the production and sale of various petrochemical products, including plastics and polyethylenes. In addition, the company owns or has significant shares in enterprises involved in the production of electrical energy. Exon Mobil is also involved in the development of new oil and gas fields forincrease your income level.

American companies in Russia

Absolute leader

The most famous American companies are single-handedly headed by Apple Corporation. She has chosen for herself the main vector of work for the production of a variety of computer equipment, phones, tablets and many other similar accessories that help a modern person solve a large number of everyday tasks. In addition, the company has booked a great many projects and received a huge number of patents. "Bitten apple" (company logo) is worth about 471.85 billion dollars today. The amount, you see, is colossal.

The most expensive bank in the world

If you still don't know which bank is considered the most expensive, then close this gap. The name of this financial institution is JPMorgan Chase. In September this year, this American bank in terms of capitalization was able to reach a confident first position not only in the United States of America, but also in the world, surpassing the equally well-known Wells Fargo in this indicator. In general, JPMorgan Chase is one of the twenty largest companies in the world in terms of capital.

Viagra manufacturer

Pfizer is one of the most famous pharmaceutical corporations on our planet. It was this company that was the first to invent a drug for the successful and highly effective reduction of cholesterol in the human body. In order to understand how highly this company is quoted in the US, it is worth pointing out the fact that in 2004 its shares were listed inthe basis for calculating the Dow Jones index (industrial index). The main office of the corporation is located in New York, and the research center is in Groton (Connecticut).


Americans in the Russian Federation

Considering how American companies feel in Russia, it is important to note that their total revenue decreased slightly due to the introduction of sectoral sanctions in 2014, and such a corporation as General Motors, which was previously consistently on the list of leading foreign companies, working in Russia, fell out of the rating altogether, as it completely stopped its business in the Russian Federation.

As for those corporations that still operate in Russia, the following giants are among them:

  • PepsiCo is a food concern that entered the Russian market back in 1974, when it opened its first plant in Novorossiysk.
  • Procter & Gamble.
  • Mars.
  • Apple.
  • McDonald's.
  • Cargill.
  • Mondelez International.
  • Ford Motor.
  • Johnson & Johnson.

It is these American companies that continue to promote their products on the Russian market even today despite certain economic and political difficulties in doing business. Time will tell us what will happen next.

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