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Streshinsky Ivan Yakovlevich: biography
Streshinsky Ivan Yakovlevich: biography

Streshinsky Ivan was born in 1969. He received his higher education at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Graduated in 1992. He studied in the speci alty "applied mathematics and physics" at the faculty of aircraft technology and aerodynamics. After graduation, he decided to go into business.

Professional activities

streshinsky ivan

At the beginning of his professional career, Ivan Streshinsky worked at the Perm Motors company. He was a member of the Board of Directors from 1993 to 1994. After that, he continued to move up the career ladder in another company. This time Streshinsky Ivan Yakovlevich decided to try his luck and luck in 1994, participating in an international development project. The founder of this group of companies called Coalco was Vasily Anisimov. At this time, in addition to being a member of the board of directors, Ivan was also lucky to fulfill the duties of both financial and executive directors.

CEO of two companies

Ivan Streshinskywith my wife

In 2006 Ivan Streshinsky continued his professional activity at Gazmetal CJSC. In addition to employment in this company, the Russian businessman managed to successfully combine work in another place. The efficiency of Ivan Streshinsky is surprising, because his work cannot be called lightness. But, nevertheless, Metalloinvest also received timely assistance and support from him. This has been going on for two years since 2006. In fact, he was simultaneously the CEO of both companies. In the spring of 2008, Streshinsky Ivan became the CEO of the Coalco group of organizations, and already in the autumn he managed to become the CEO of Telecominvest OJSC.

Cooperation with Alisher Usmanov

In his professional activities, Ivan Streshinsky collaborated with various people. The biography of this person has a number of mutually beneficial life meetings. For example, when Ivan Yakovlevich worked as a financial manager, he managed to work with such an interesting person as Alisher Usmanov. He is said to have an extraordinary sense of business. Such examples are transactions in the field of new trends and trends, when others could not even think of investing money in such cases. In this case, we are talking about the collection of iron ore assets and the steel organization Corus. When Streshinsky Ivan assisted in the execution of the transaction, he himself did not at all believe that something sensible could come of it. The only hope was only on intuition. Many people assumed so. But, according to StreshinskyIvan, in this case, the matter is not limited to just one flair. Usmanov's education and his phenomenal memory can be considered the reason for everything. And Ivan Yakovlevich, in turn, also did not fail, with whom it is worth starting mutually beneficial cooperation.

The most important value in life

natalia davydova

The work activity of the Russian businessman is going very rapidly. This is evidenced by the fact that, as a partner of Alisher Usmanov and CEO of USM Advisors, Ivan Streshinsky receives $15 million a year. His personal life also does not stand still. Moreover, according to the businessman himself, the family is the most important thing in life for him. Even the seventh place in the Forbes list of the highest paid managers in the country is not such a life achievement for him as that cozy nest, where he happily returns to his household.

It is the meeting with his life partner Ivan Streshinsky considers the most valuable reward he received from life. The businessman thanked fate more than once for the fact that Natalya Davydova met in his life. The girl conquered Ivan Yakovlevich with her cheerfulness. He immediately asked for her phone number. But he dared to call the daughter of a Smolensk engineer only one week later. As Ivan himself admits, such a pause was the longest since Natalia Davydova won his heart.

The wife of Ivan Streshinsky

Ivan Streshinsky personal life

If we compare the popularity of Ivan Streshinsky, then we can safelyargue that the name of his wife in Russia is not known to everyone. If a businessman leads a rather secular life, then his wife has gained popularity on the Internet. Currently, she is one of the most famous bloggers on the web. But it is unlikely that you will be able to find Natalya Davydova under your name on Instagram. On the Internet, she is more popular under the pseudonym tetyamotya. Natalya became even more popular after Ivan Streshinsky became her husband. Personal life began to attract more and more attention. Accordingly, various rumors about this began to appear. In some publications, you can find unreliable information about the marriage of Natalia. For example, some call Davydova's husband a French billionaire, but that's just a lie.

Successful marriage

Ivan Streshinsky biography

Despite the false information about the husband of Natalia Davydova, we can safely say that he is Ivan Streshinsky. He and his wife are very happily married. And about the French billionaire, there is a version that this false information appeared in the media after the Russian businessman acquired an old castle in France with his family. Like Ivan Streshinsky, his wife also calls the meeting with her future husband the most important event in her life. In addition, she is very kind to their wedding.

Introduction: opposite versions of Ivan and Natalia

Streshinsky Ivan Yakovlevich

Ivan Streshinsky met his wife at a time when they were relaxing together at their commonacquaintances. By education, Natalia Davydova is a teacher of Russian language and literature. But at the time of meeting, she worked in the modeling business. Ivan Yakovlevich does not share the opinion of the future wife that it was on that evening that the businessman was supposed to invite the lady on a date. Expecting a call for a week, Natalya had already lost all hope that Ivan would call her at all. But the call still rang. After him, Ivan and Natalya have been happily legally married for more than a year.

Happy life of the Streshinskys

Ivan's wife is not working now. Currently, she devoted herself entirely to raising two sons who were born to them. They named the boys Ivan and Dmitry. The age difference between them is two years. Natalya posts photos of her sons on her Instagram account. In the blog, she gave them a separate topic. There, Natalya Davydova happily shares with many women questions about raising sons. She respects all points of view in the field of such an important issue in her life as the upbringing and development of children. In addition to sons, Natalya gave her beloved husband and daughter. She was named Lyudmila, but her parents affectionately call her Mila. Despite the stable financial position of her husband, Natalya does not belittle the dignity of people with less material we alth in communication on her page. She always remembers her origin. It is this position that allows you to sincerely communicate with different people, share advice, recommendations and exchange opinions on a variety of issues. Combining sophistication and simplicity, itis a great conversationalist. And Ivan Yakovlevich is very pleased that his wife has found her calling, and helps her in every possible way.

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