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List of plants in St. Petersburg - large and medium-sized industrial enterprises of the city

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List of plants in St. Petersburg - large and medium-sized industrial enterprises of the city
List of plants in St. Petersburg - large and medium-sized industrial enterprises of the city

A significant share of the state budget revenues are generated by plants, factories, combines and other large organizations. St. Petersburg plays a special role in this, as it is one of the largest industrial centers of the country. The power of the USSR influenced the specialization: in those years, the city gradually moved from the category of a cultural center to an industrial and transport hub.

The creation of enterprises is associated with technological progress worldwide and with the increase in the scale of production.

Our everyday life is no longer possible without such enterprises with their production volumes. Demand for products sometimes exceeds supply in the field of activity. For example, in China there is a shortage of energy resources and enterprises for the production of electricity, and in some countries in Africa there is not enough food.

But what stands out in St. Petersburg? Below is a list of plants in St. Petersburg.

Admir alty Shipyards

Admir alty Shipyards

The company is engaged in shipbuilding. ItIt was founded in 1704, therefore it is one of the oldest, because even Peter I himself wrote about the construction in his diary. About 2,600 ships of various types left its slipways.

Currently, the main activity of the enterprise is the design, production and modernization of ships of various types.

Product types:

  • surface;
  • underwater;
  • undersized;
  • deep sea.
Kirov plant

Kirov Plant

This is a well-known management company with a history of two hundred years. She rightfully got into this list of factories in St. Petersburg. The structure includes 20 subsidiaries. The number of personnel in the last 3 years remains at one indicator - 5900 people.

The group of enterprises is engaged in the following activities: agricultural, industrial, military, energy, transport engineering and metallurgy. Products are successfully exported to more than 30 countries.

In the DC them. Gaza is located "Museum of History and Technology" of 6 rooms, which was founded in 1962.

Leningrad plant

Leningrad Electromechanical Plant

Here they specialize in the production of single-phase and three-phase meters specifically for private houses, apartments and other real estate. About 10,000 products are released in one month.

Over the years of his work, he managed to change his specialization several times: hydrogen sulfide, typewriters. During the war years, the company was seriously damaged. But since 1953, mass production of counters has been launched.

Whenthe company has its own retail store with a large number of products: single-phase and three-phase meters, single-tariff and multi-tariff metering devices. All goods are sold at manufacturer's prices.

tractor plant

Petersburg Tractor Plant

Included in the group of companies PJSC "Kirovskiy Zavod". Considered the founder of the tractor industry in the country.

Petersburg Tractor Plant designs, manufactures, installs and maintains tractors.

"Kirovets" is the main and most famous brand of the enterprise. In 2018, the tractor celebrated its 56th anniversary. 8 modifications of the tractor are regularly produced here. There are 10 workshops on the territory, which fully provide the production cycle of equipment from start to finish.

The company supplies equipment to many agricultural producers by government decree and through Rosagroleasing.

factory fan

Fan Factory

Fan plant in St. Petersburg was founded in 2000. The company is rightfully considered a leader in its field. That is why it was included in this list of plants in St. Petersburg. "Fan" constantly replenishes the assortment with new products and improves technologies. Modern equipment is used in production.

For more than 18 years, it has been specializing in the production of industrial fans and smoke exhausters. Fans with special properties are developed and produced according to the specifications of buyers.

A large number of people speak about the quality of productspartnerships with companies from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

jewelry factory grant

Grant Jewelry Factory

The history of the jewelry factory "Grant" in St. Petersburg begins in 1999. S. Mazurchik opens a jewelry workshop, which became the first step towards the creation of the largest factory "Grant".

The company creates a variety of products from high quality materials: rings, earrings, decorative crosses, studs, pendants, brooches. All decorations are handmade and pass control one by one. All products are guaranteed for the entire service life, which is an indicator of quality. Not every manufacturer is so confident in their product.

The factory creates at least 100 new pieces of jewelry a year. The main sales are made by wholesale buyers, but the company has its own showroom where you can study jewelry. A retail network is planned to be created soon.

Petrostal plant

Metallurgical plant "Petrostal"

Like the tractor plant, it is part of the Kirovsky Zavod PJSC group of companies, that is, it is a subsidiary. The history of the enterprise began in the distant 1801. In the creation of products, modern equipment is used, which is successfully combined with many years of experience of working people.

Metallurgical plant "Petrostal" in St. Petersburg supplies long products for the automotive, agricultural and tractor industries, shipbuilding and engine building,for hardware plants. And this is not a complete list. The material is transported by rail, sea and road transport. Demand for products exists not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries and Europe. Among the customers: AvtoVAZ, KAMAZ, GAZ. About 50% of all manufactured products are exported.

Scientific and educational institutions of the machine-building metallurgical profile allow maintaining a high level of qualification of all employees.

Nevsky Plant

Nevsky Plant

Nevsky Zavod is deservedly considered a significant enterprise for the country. Its history begins in the middle of the 19th century. Today it is part of REP Holding. Initially, the specialists were engaged in shipbuilding and produced at least 200 warships. With the development of railways, when their construction was in full swing, the enterprise mastered the production of steam locomotives. And only in 1918 the plant acquires a profile known to everyone now.

Products: compressors (centrifugal and axial), turbines (gas and steam), electric blowers, air cleaners.

Imperial Porcelain Factory

Imperial Porcelain Factory

Closes the list of plants in St. Petersburg is a special enterprise. It was founded in 1744, when D. Vinogradov organized the first porcelain production in the Russian Empire.

The first items were small: snuffboxes, cups, porcelain buttons, brooch inserts, smoking pipes, cane knobs.

Currently imperialThe porcelain factory in St. Petersburg creates more than 4,000 porcelain items: tea, coffee and table sets, dishes, gifts, souvenirs and much more.

In the creation of products, 3 types of porcelain are used: bone, hard and soft. Porcelain is decorated in a mixed, manual or mechanical way. At the request of the buyer, copies of the museum collection are made, as well as dishes with certain symbols.

On the territory of the plant, master classes and excursions are regularly held for everyone. Brand stores are located throughout the country, so not only residents of St. Petersburg can purchase original products from the manufacturer. You can also place an order through the official website.

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