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Studio or studio apartment: which is better? Advantages and disadvantages of the studio

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Studio or studio apartment: which is better? Advantages and disadvantages of the studio
Studio or studio apartment: which is better? Advantages and disadvantages of the studio

The housing issue is an acute and relevant topic at all times. Agree, each of us dreams of his own family nest, where he wants to return after a hard day's work. It must be admitted that modern apartments with a variety of planning solutions help us to properly organize the space, adjusting it to our desires and preferences. It is unlikely that the older generation, accustomed to compacting and enclosing everything, would like the option of free planning. But time dictates its own, and today options are becoming more and more popular where space zoning and the presence of isolated rooms are simply not provided. Studio or studio apartment - which is better? This is what will be discussed in the framework of this material. For whom is a spacious studio a win-win option, and for whom is it better to give preference to the old beaten classic in the form of a one-room apartment?

Layout options

Where did the idea of ​​studio apartments come from? The architects faced a rather difficult task: to make housing more compact,accessible while maintaining its functionality. It was in such square meters that residents of large cities, megacities, who were not able to acquire apartments with full-fledged two or three rooms, were in particular need. But as the construction industry has developed, studios have reached such a variety of options that the language does not dare to classify them as economy-class housing.

studio or studio apartment which is better


In the classical sense, the studio area does not exceed 30 square meters. The only isolated room in it remains a sanitary unit, most often combined, again due to space savings. This layout combines the entrance hall, kitchen, living room and bedroom into a single space, and zoning is carried out using furniture and decor.


Modern studio apartment in terms of area can correspond to a full-fledged "kopeck piece" and even "three rubles". In this case, partitions made of natural, lighter materials help to zone the space. At the first need, you can redevelop, which in this case is an advantage. More and more often on the market you can find studio apartments with a balcony - another isolated room where you can equip an office, a winter garden and a place to relax.

European look

The so-called semi-studios are becoming increasingly popular, differing from one-room apartments only in the absence of a partition between the kitchen and the bedroom. If you wish, you can build a wall quickly and withminimum investment.

one-room apartment in Moscow

A one-room apartment in Moscow is a luxury, but why do many still choose studios, the area of ​​which in most cases does not exceed 24-26 square meters? The first fundamental difference lies in the quality of the building. In the Soviet years, the builders pursued one simple goal: the implementation of the plan. And the projects of standard apartments themselves, presented in many cities of our country, certainly had nothing to do with comfort, convenience and functionality. Remember those tiny kitchens, where members of an average family could not sit at the dinner table, dark hallways, which simply did not reach the sunlight, walk-through rooms … All this is rather tired of the townspeople who value comfort. Another thing is spacious rooms without unnecessary partitions and cluttered corners, allowing you to purchase any furniture and arrange it to your liking. True, modern one-room apartments have also changed in the last decade, which is why it is becoming increasingly difficult for studios to compete with them. And here the next important argument comes to the rescue - the price.

Cost per square meter

Studio or studio apartment: which is cheaper? Let's take a look at this issue as well. At the stage of construction and subsequent finishing of the studio, even on a turnkey basis, the developer seriously saves on materials and the work itself: it puts less brick and concrete mix. Is it possible to conclude that the output per square meter is cheaper? Upon closer examination, you will understand that the cost of each square meter inmulti-room apartments are still smaller, while the smaller the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe apartment, the higher its cost. In this case, the total cost of the studio will still be less. You get exactly the useful space where you can use every centimeter. This largely explains their popularity. The difference between a studio and a one-room apartment can total up to a million. And given that real estate is often purchased with a mortgage, you will save a fabulous amount. It is the studio that is increasingly preferred by young people who choose it as their first home, not wanting to collect and save for a "one-room apartment" for a long time.

studio or studio apartment which is cheaper

Utility payments

Studio or studio apartment: which is better? Continuing to look for an answer to this question, it is important to mention the amount of monthly utility bills. It is not enough to buy real estate, it is necessary to ensure its maintenance. Reduced studio maintenance costs are another advantage. And all because the concepts of total and living space are the basis of payments. "Extra" squares, which you may not even use, really hit the pocket. In the near future, even maintaining an additional 5-6 square meters may become an unaffordable luxury.

modern studio apartment

The cadastral value of studios is also an order of magnitude lower than that of "odnushki", respectively, the amount of annual tax deductions will also be more modest. Transition to a higher percentagethe tax rate, if you believe the promises of officials, will be smooth, but it is nevertheless inevitable, which you need to think about today.


Let's try to figure out what is more convenient: a studio or a one-room apartment. What is the investment potential of each option? In the city, small studios are not so popular. The point is the rather high market value of such options: it is easier for a potential buyer to add a small amount and purchase a one-room apartment with an improved layout. Increasingly, studios can be found in the Moscow region, where prices are much lower than in the capital, and interest from tenants is minimal. Outside the city, families with small children prefer to live, appreciating peace and quiet, remoteness and solitude, and probably having their own transport. And they, in turn, simply will not be able to accommodate in a small studio, preferring an apartment with isolated rooms.

studio advantages and disadvantages

If in the near future you yourself plan to have a family and children, you should also not invest in acquiring a studio - after a few years you will again have to get involved in shared construction of a more spacious option or a mortgage. The advantages and disadvantages of studios must be objectively assessed before making a purchase. If we talk about the shortcomings, then it is the lack of prospects and dubious comfort that will become obvious after some time from the date of purchase of housing. The studio is a great option for boys and girls who have separated from their parents. younga family of two will already feel all the inconvenience. Each of us wants at least sometimes to be alone with ourselves, to isolate ourselves from society - in the studio, you and your life will be in full view. And if you clutter up her space with huge partitions, the whole concept of an open plan simply loses its meaning.

Choosing in favor of "odnushka"

So which is better: a studio or a studio apartment? So, experts say that if you are considering purchasing real estate exclusively for yourself and at the same time allocate the entire amount for the purchase of a full-fledged "odnushka", purchase it. First of all, one-room apartments are still larger in area, albeit not too much. In addition, their interior space is clearly divided into zones, which ensures comfort for all family members. And if necessary, it will be much easier to turn "odnushka" into a studio than in the opposite case. In addition, modern layout options allow you to use the kitchen as a place for cooking and receiving guests.

studio or one-room apartment which is more convenient

When buying real estate for a family of two or more people, of course, a one-room apartment in Moscow or another city will be a more rational option. Such apartments are still the most profitable in terms of investment. These options are attractive to potential tenants. Demand for them has been stable for several decades, and the monthly fee is an order of magnitude higher.

Choosing in favorstudios

If you are on a tight budget, looking for an apartment for yourself, give preference to the studio. That is why this option is so attractive to young people who are taking their first steps into adulthood. You are on your own, so nothing can disturb the flow of your life. And one person does not need too much free space. Studios are increasingly preferred by people who spend the least time at home, because it is foolish to overpay for a space that you do not fully use.

studio apartments with balcony

Summing up

The answer to the question, what is better: a studio or a one-room apartment, is ambiguous, it is rather individual. It all depends on your personal preferences, lifestyle, habits, finally. When choosing, we advise you to build on the size of the available amount, the comfort level of each potential option, as well as the amount of monthly payments. Only a combination of these factors will help you personally answer this question for yourself and make the right choice. And remember that real estate is a major purchase, which should be approached in an adult and meaningful way. This approach will save you from problems and disappointments in the future.

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