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LCD "Seliger city": reviews of equity holders
LCD "Seliger city": reviews of equity holders

Today, new buildings are regularly built in our country, as well as equipped residential complexes. It is very convenient when one place has everything you need for modern life. It’s just worth understanding that such a dream property requires appropriate financial resources. The residential complex "Seliger City" is a grandiose project, the purpose of which is to create a unique living space. A large plot of land has been allocated for development in Zapadnoye Degunino (SAO Moscow). The houses are being built by the construction company MR Group. The idea and concept of the architecture of the residential complex belongs to the Dutch bureau MLA Plus. Currently, you can find enough information about the Seleger City residential complex, reviews of future homeowners and equity holders. In this review, we will try to figure out how objective they are.

General project

construction of a residential complex

The official website of the residential complex "Seliger City" presents chicplans of the complex with a description of all its advantages. But is everything as beautiful as it is painted on the site? The best source of information in order to get an idea about Seliger City is customer reviews. For some reason, there is no approved master plan for the complex on the official websites of the developer. Only descriptions of individual houses under construction are presented here. Shareholders are looking for and posting master plans on thematic forums for discussing a residential complex.

Plot of land

Many only because of the location are eyeing the "Seliger City". Reviews about the West Degunino area are mostly positive. In addition, if the developer's idea is fully realized, then a full-fledged residential quarter of 11 houses with its own social and commercial infrastructure will appear here. But is everything clean here? An independent investigation of equity holders showed that some of the plots on which construction is planned have not yet been leased or acquired by the developer. The researches of curious equity holders are confirmed by a random check of the specified cadastral numbers. Moreover, it turns out that the selected areas are not suitable for the construction of residential buildings.

For the first time, the issue of assigning land was raised at the end of 2017, but it remains unresolved to this day. A lease agreement has been signed for part of the plots until 2023, that is, until the completion of construction. After that, the developer plans to re-register the land into ownership or conclude long-term lease agreements for residents with subsequent privatization rights.

Description of the residential complex

advantages of lcd seliger

Let's take a closer look at this. "Seliger City" consists of 11 houses built using the technology of monolithic construction. The number of floors is different - from 5 to 39 floors. Near the residential complex there is a school and two kindergartens. There is also a huge parking lot under the buildings. It is planned to create a park with its own reservoir and recreation areas on the territory. When developing a residential complex, the concept of "yard without cars" was used. As conceived by the developer, the territory of the complex should be completely safe and equipped with video surveillance cameras. The entrances to the entrances will be located on the same level with the ground, which will be convenient for people with disabilities, as well as young mothers with prams. The entrance groups of the entrances are planned to be divided into functional zones - a workplace for the administrator of the building, a resting place and a waiting area with upholstered furniture.

What are the buyers of apartments in the residential complex "Seliger City" complaining about? Reviews of equity holders often emphasize such a disadvantage as the proximity of houses. Buildings K and B are located at a distance of 20-30 meters from sections of building A. Future residents believe that this will not be very comfortable.

Club houses and anthills

residential complex architecture

So what do you need to know about this? The design of the buildings and the architecture of the houses in the residential complex "Seliger City" are unique. Each building has its own name and author's design. The names of the houses weregiven in honor of famous Dutch and Russian painters. Houses have different architecture, height and length, differ in class. There are also giant "anthills" of 30-39 floors with 10 apartments per floor, there are also buildings of variable number of floors, where there are only 5 apartments in the stairwell. In the second case, they talk about improved housing.


What is it and what is its peculiarity? On the website of this complex, the apartments are presented very clearly. Here you can not only see the floor plan, but also correlate the location of the living space with the courtyard area and adjacent streets. On average, there are 8-10 apartments per floor. The developer offers studios, one-, two- and three-room options. There are three elevators on the floor - one cargo and two cargo-passenger. The houses are equipped with elevators from the best European manufacturers - Schindler and Otis.

The area of ​​apartments ranges from 25 to 95 square meters. The cost per square meter of housing in the complex ranges from 170 to 190 thousand rubles. Most apartments have standard layouts, but there are exceptions. The features of the premises include the absence of balconies, the presence of adjacent bathrooms and a room with two windows.


lcd seliger city

What are the advantages of apartments in the residential complex "Seliger City"? Shareholders' reviews reveal the following advantages of this residential complex:

  • spacious apartments - comfortable housing;
  • windows are larger than standard - the living space is verylight;
  • availability of separate dressing rooms;
  • isolated rooms.

Thanks to these layouts, the complex in question has become a very attractive option for families with children.


What do you need to know about this? Today you can buy apartments with finishing in the residential complex "Seliger City". Customer reviews confirm that the developer offers three finishes:

  • rough: concrete box and communications;
  • pre-finishing: in need of cosmetic repairs;
  • finishing: you can live.

The last type of finish is represented by several types of decoration. Each of them is dominated by light colors. When repairing, only high-quality finishing materials are used. The main question that is usually of interest to potential buyers is the cost of repairs. The owners of apartments on the forums voice the figure of 500 thousand rubles for the renovation of an apartment with an area of ​​50 square meters.

Information on the official website

deadlines for the completion of the residential complex

Today, you can find at least three sites about the housing in question, as well as the site of the developer. When choosing a living space, you should focus on the website of the residential complex itself, since information on other sources is not published in full. There are also forums for future tenants, where apartment buyers discuss all issues related to the construction. You can follow the pace of construction using the video from the cameras presented on the official website. Many equity holders note insane speedconstruction of residential complex "Seliger City". Deadlines are unlikely to be missed.

The developer plans to complete the construction of buildings in the following sequence:

  • 1st turn (Rubens, Barents, Rembrandt) – 2nd quarter 2019.
  • 2nd stage ("Bering", "Repin", "Bryullov") - due date unknown.
  • 3rd stage ("Kandinsky", "Van Gogh", "Lomonosov", "Levenhoek") – deadline unknown.
  • 4th stage ("New Holland") - due date unknown.

How to buy an apartment in the complex?

Let's look at this aspect in more detail. Many, after evaluating all the reviews and opinions about the residential complex "Seliger City", make an important decision to buy an apartment. The developer also offers storage and parking spaces. The purchase of housing is made under a share agreement. For the calculation, personal funds or a mortgage loan can be used. There is no information on the site about the possibility of using subsidies, maternity capital or installment plans. The cost of storerooms and parking spaces depends on the selected site and varies in the range:

  • 800-900 thousand for parking;
  • 70-80 thousand per square meter of utility space.

The developer has planned 789 parking spaces for 1249 apartments. Therefore, the parking situation looks very attractive. However, it should be borne in mind that the documentation, including the general development plan, is being updated. On some sites you can already findinformation about 550 parking spaces.


Seliger infrastructure

Housing in a good area is always a profitable investment. Residents can use the entire infrastructure without waiting for the commissioning of the entire complex. Western Degunino is no exception in this matter. Future residents of the comfortable complex will be able to visit schools, clinics, shopping centers, banks, sports and entertainment centers that are located near their homes. When the landscaping of the complex is completed, residents will be able to enjoy:

  • Private park area.
  • Cozy yards without cars.
  • Sports fields.
  • Kindergartens and schools.
  • Trade, financial and social institutions located on the first floors of the residential complex.


Are there any obvious disadvantages of "Seliger City". Reviews are usually the same that are typical for the whole of Moscow. Not far from the area being built up are the industrial zones "Aviamotornaya", "Degunino-Likhobory", which worsen the environment. However, it should be borne in mind that not far from the buildings there is an extended forest area, as well as the natural zone of the Deguninsky pond. This smooths things out a bit. It should also be taken into account that the industrial zones in Moscow are gradually being reorganized. A more serious cause for concern is the active construction of buildings in the area. Not far from the complex under discussion, a large residential complex is being built from the developer"PEAK".

Transport accessibility

This aspect, as a rule, is interested in the very first place. What attracts future residents of the residential complex "Seliger City"? Shareholders' feedback suggests that the most important advantage of this complex is good transport accessibility. In March 2018, the Seligerskaya metro station was opened. From it to the houses "Seliger City" is only 8 minutes on foot. It is also planned to build an international bus station next to the metro. It also attracts many residents of the area. Motorists positively assess the transport accessibility of the area. Provided there are no traffic jams, the center of Moscow can be reached in just 20 minutes. You can also leave Degunino by train. The transport hub is located near the residential complex. From here you can get to the Leningradsky railway station, as well as to the cities of Solnechnogorsk, Klin and Tver.


Is it worth buying apartments in the residential complex "Seliger City"? Feedback from equity holders suggests that the area is quite suitable for a comfortable stay. The complex is being built rather quickly and, most likely, will be built on time. The area has excellent infrastructure and is located close to Moscow. As for the apartments themselves, the developer offers comfortable modern layouts, as well as the possibility of a fine finish.

So, are there any downsides to Seliger City? Reviews can be found as follows:

  • incomprehensible situation with the registration of the land allocated for the construction of the complex;
  • real number of seatsin the parking lot;
  • Significant population growth after construction of all planned housing estates;
  • proximity to industrial areas.


features lcd seliger

In this review, we examined in detail the information about the residential complex "Seliger City". Customer reviews and information presented on the official website of the developer are somewhat different, and for many this is a concern. However, the location of the complex is chosen quite well. The area has all the necessary infrastructure and at the same time has good transport accessibility.

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