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How to become an official in Russia?
How to become an official in Russia?

For a long time, the career of an official has attracted many ambitious people. Such a position provides many advantages: status, salary level, side opportunities, a good pension and much more. Today, more and more people are asking the question: "How to become an official?" There is no single answer here, since in Russia they do not train for such positions. But starting from a low position, you can always achieve a high result.

Who are officials?

Often, when a person wants to become an official, he has little idea of ​​their work. First, let's look at what people do in this position. An official is an employee of the state apparatus. The same bureaucrat. The spread of the position level is from the regional to the Russian scale. But to get to the top of the career ladder, you have to work hard. How to become a high-ranking official? Start from the bottom. Read the biographies of governors and mayors, many of them started as district administrations.

How to become an official

Requirements for applicants for the position of an official

There are no uniform requirements for selection for a positioncivil servant. When a person thinks "I want to become an official", the first thing he does is choose the right university for himself. The presence of higher education today is not a prerequisite. Moreover, there is no such profession - "official". The Russian government has repeatedly raised the issue of introducing professional standards, but so far this exists only in theory. One of the criteria for such standards is compulsory higher education.

If you look closely at the officials of different levels, the number of lawyers prevails among them. In second place is the economy. On the third - international relations. But there are also people without higher education. They started their careers from the bottom and learned the basics of work on the spot, so sitting in a university will not help them.

How to become an official

Today there are special universities for civil servants. One of them is the Russian Academy for the Training of Civil Servants. Other educational institutions are also spread across Russia.

Hierarchy of positions

The state apparatus, like other large organizations, has its own clear hierarchy. Therefore, before learning how to become a high-ranking official, it is important to understand the construction of a hierarchy.

So, according to the Federal Law, there are 5 groups of civil servants and 4 categories. Above are leaders. This also includes deputy directors. A little lower - assistants. In other words, advisers. They are necessary as assistants to persons temporarily replacing any position. The largest and mediumlayer of the state apparatus-specialists. Their task is to perform certain functions. Below all - providing specialists. Their job is to ensure the functioning of the state apparatus.

How to become an official in Russia

Position groups

Classification of positions is determined by different criteria: working conditions, skill level, authority, responsibility and so on. Therefore, the following groups are distinguished by seniority: higher, main, leading, senior and junior civil service positions.

How to become an official in Moscow? Step by step instructions

So, if a person decides to connect his life with work in the state apparatus, where should he start? From the search for low positions. Yes, at the initial stage there are no high salaries, but it is stable and gives a steady income. Plus career growth.

According to federal law, selection for public office is based on competition. To participate in it, two conditions must be met: knowledge of the Russian language and qualification requirements. The latter has its own peculiarities everywhere. For example, if a person gets a job as an official in the Ministry of Finance, then knowledge of accounting, statistics or economics will be a plus for him.

Where can I see vacancies? In the official media, on the websites of the authorities. At the preparatory stage, the candidate for the position is required to collect a package of documents. As a rule, it includes a medical certificate, a certificate of good conduct, tax income, a diploma and photographs. After the finished package of documents is submitted toinstitution where you may still have to fill out a questionnaire.

why officials became academics

The second stage is the most important - preparation for the competition. After all, how do they become officials? Only knowing the laws and the Constitution of the Russian Federation well. All this is easy to find on the websites of the authorities. In two weeks, you can easily learn the whole theory. Be prepared to answer tricky questions from committee members.

The third stage is the contest itself. It is conducted face-to-face and often includes two stages: a test of knowledge of the laws and an interview. The results of the contest will be announced in about a month.

Is it possible to become a federal official without cronyism and nepotism?

Answer: yes. It should be borne in mind that they will not be hired for leadership positions without work experience and recommendations. In fact, rumors that competitions are held exclusively for the "right person" are exaggerated. The committee always has an independent expert who asks questions, and any participant can fail.

Little hope for bribes and kickbacks, as low positions do not provide much advantage.

How to become a federal official

Why do officials go into science?

Disputes about whether officials should become academics have been going on for a long time. Previously, a scientific degree was considered prestigious, and therefore many sought to get it by any means. Against this background, disputes often arose that such people are not engaged in science, and just take the places of academicians in vain. Therefore, Putin issued an unspoken law prohibiting officials from holding academic positions. SoThus, he proposed to rid scientists of competition.

So why did officials become academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences? Because of the extra prestige.

One more instruction

How to become an official in Russia and where to look for vacancies? As a rule, the list of vacancies is posted in the official media and on the websites of the authorities. How many free places will appear, it is impossible to know in advance. Sometimes a replacement is required temporarily, for example, for a period of maternity leave. This is immediately written in the text of the vacancy. Do not be afraid of this fact, you need to hold on to every opportunity.

Another way

How to become an official without influential acquaintances? Difficult, but possible. To do this, you need to find the most unattractive and little-demanded vacancy. As a rule, these are the lowest positions. A small salary and a wide range of responsibilities - so where is the benefit? During work, a person acquires all the necessary connections in the state structure. As a result, showing all your best qualities, you can move to a new position.

Another way to become an official: there is a budget structure in the region. A cooperation group with its leadership is being created. Or alternatively, the person himself becomes the leader. Contacts are being established with a large city, for example, with Moscow. As a result, a new budget flow is created.

Is it worth it to work as an official?

There is no ambiguous answer to this question. Like any other job as a civil servant has its pros and cons. Of the obvious shortcomings, one can note low wages (as in any budgetary organizations), a lot ofresponsibilities and long career growth. On the plus side - good prospects and side opportunities for earning.

I want to become an officer

Path to Mayor

Poor is the manager who does not dream of becoming a mayor or governor. The path to high positions is long and thorny. As a rule, at the preparatory stage, it is required to collect a package of documents again. You can find its content requirements on the local government website.

The nomination of candidates for the position of mayor begins a few months before the election. All participants agree in writing that, upon being elected to office, they will give up activities that are incompatible with the work of the mayor. For example, if the candidate has a business, he must sell it or transfer it to another person.

According to the law of the Russian Federation, any citizen of the country who has reached the age of 21 can run for mayor. Registration of the region in this case is not required.

Key point: you can not hide the presence of a criminal record. Officially, the laws do not prohibit the convicted person from running as a candidate, but this information cannot be hidden. Otherwise, the commission will refuse to register.

After accepting the document, the commission issues a certificate to the candidate for mayor. On its basis, a person has the right to open an electoral account, after which he informs in writing all the bank details of the electoral commission.

Key point: if a person is a self-nominated person, then he needs to collect signatures in his favor, only after that he will be admitted to the elections. Usually enough1-2% of the total number of voters. Campaigning can begin the day after the application is submitted.

After all the signatures are collected, the person submits documents for registration of his candidacy. This must be done no later than forty days before the start of the election. If the commission issues a refusal to register, then it does so in writing, indicating the reasons.

How to become an official in Moscow

In fact, becoming an official is not as difficult as it might seem at first. It is more difficult to stay in place, since you have to work a lot and for minimal pay. But in the future - the right people, a career and new opportunities.

Therefore, if a person does not know how to become an official, but really wants to, it is enough for him to carefully read the article and use the appropriate scheme of action. As practice shows, everyone who wants to work in the state structure gets a job. A career depends on the individual candidate. The main thing is to constantly learn, competently fulfill your duties, and then a person will quickly get a promotion and fulfill his cherished dream.

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