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Software tester: where to start
Software tester: where to start

Software tester - what kind of profession is this? What is its essence? And how relevant is it in today's world? All these questions are quite appropriate, since IT professions are among the highest paid in the labor market today. Not to mention that the development of such speci alties provides a person with a stable future.

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Software tester: what is it

Today, most electronic devices work correctly only thanks to the programs built into them. They are written by programmers of all stripes and levels of training. And believe me, their number is truly breathtaking. Thus, more than one thousand programs are created every day: from simple calculators to artificial intelligence for high-tech machines.

And, as in any production, the product cannot be released to the masses without first checking it for defects. So, a software (software) tester is a person who is engaged in field testing of programs. At the same time, hecan be either a full-time employee of the company or a self-employed freelancer.

Why we need software testers

When creating programs, various programming languages ​​are used. It can be C++, JavaScript, Python, and so on. After the product is completed, the author himself checks it first. But, since he is the creator of the program, he cannot always objectively assess the quality of the goods received. Not to mention, he might not have enough time to modulate all the possible uses for it.

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And just at this stage, the software tester comes into play. It is he who takes care of all the operations associated with checking a new application. At the same time, unlike the programmer, the tester does not have access to the program code. That is, he experiences the application as a simple user and is only occasionally granted special privileges.

Main responsibilities of a software tester

Software tester is a profession that requires a thorough approach to business. Here you can’t work half-heartedly, as this will certainly affect the reputation of a specialist. As for the duties themselves, they consist of the following items:

  1. Creating a test plan. The software tester must think through all the use cases for the application in advance and recreate them. Moreover, the more experienced the specialist, the faster he can determine the most dangerous factors for the application.
  2. Software testing, through special automated tools. Howand any other master, tester has his own devices for optimizing and speeding up work. They are versatile yet require prior learning and practice.
  3. Competent and systematic description of the problems and shortcomings found. The bottom line is that it's not enough to just spot a bug. In addition, you need to be able to correctly write a work log so that the programmer can understand what caused the failure and what part of his application is to blame.

It should be noted that quite often testers are grouped into small groups. First of all, this is necessary in order to speed up the check or make it better. In this case, the work can be evenly distributed among all specialists. For example, some will be busy with the application interface, the second will look for errors in the calculations, and the third will simulate the most dangerous scenarios for the program.

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Professional training

Anyone who is good friends with the exact sciences can become a software tester. Ideally, it is better to have a programmer's education or at least understand the basics of writing applications. Based on this, this speci alty is well suited for those who study in IT speci alties. Firstly, it will help you gain experience and look at the work of other people, and secondly, it will bring additional income, which is also good.

However, you can become a software tester without specialized education. In other words, learn everything on your own. Fortunately, today this is not a problem, since there are manyeducational courses that can clearly demonstrate all the subtleties of this work.

Also, you can try your luck and try to get into the prepared seminars that are held in many organizations that produce software. For example, GlobalLogic periodically conducts training courses specifically for software testers. Moreover, after graduating from them, a person can become one of her employees, and then start working in her state or remotely as a freelancer.

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What skills should a self-respecting specialist have

A software tester without experience can find a job, but a specialist who does not know the basics can never. However, what are they, the basics of the profession? What knowledge base should every self-respecting tester have?

  • Firstly, such a specialist must be familiar with the basics of programming in order to be able to compete in the labor market.
  • Secondly, you will have to remember the principles of building software and administering the OS.
  • Third, learn how to work with common databases.
  • Fourthly, learn a special SQL query language, which is indispensable today.

Besides this, the tester must have a good command of English, as it is dominant in the world of programming. Moreover, over time, you will have to bring his level to the ideal, as well as learn all the subtleties of the technical style.

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Development of practical skills

Although a software tester without work experience is quite a common occurrence, nevertheless, such a specialist is unlikely to be hired for a decent project. Therefore, having studied the basics of the profession, you should start developing practical skills and positive feedback.

To do this, you need to go to one of the sites that provide work for freelancers. Every day, more than a dozen suggestions related to checking the he alth of applications are posted there. At the same time, there are many orders for beginners who do not require experience or special programming skills.

Thus, in a month or two you can make good progress in your business and earn some reputation. The only negative is that such orders are often poorly paid. But you will have to come to terms with this, since in the future such deprivations will be able to bring much more profitable orders, which will more than pay off the efforts spent.

Where to look for a profitable job

So, let's say you are already an experienced software tester: where to start looking for a promising job? Well, the first thing to do is to look at the ads on online labor exchanges and programmer forums. From time to time, there are good offers that can bring a stable income.

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However, don't count on luck alone. If you have work experience and a good resume, then you can submit several applications to an IT company. Management loves motivated professionals, and therefore, such an initiative can bear fruit. Especially if you target companies thatare engaged in the production of high-quality software.

If you are unlucky with a permanent place at this stage, you can become a freelancer. A well-proven software tester working remotely from home is able to earn no less than a full-time colleague. The only difference is that instead of one employer, he will have several.

Pros and cons of the profession

For those who love the exact sciences and modern technologies, this profession will seem very exciting and interesting. After all, every day you will have to deal with a new product that will soon be able to radically change the world of information technology. In addition, the work is considered very prestigious and excludes any physical activity.

Also, many are pleased with the fact that this profession is equally well suited for both men and women. Moreover, it can be a lifeline for those who, due to he alth problems, cannot get a harder job.

However, there are also disadvantages. Chief among them is high competition caused by a shortage of high-paying orders. You should also pay attention to the fact that the software tester spends a lot of time at the computer. At the same time, he does not just sit behind him, but is completely absorbed in what is happening on the monitor. Because of this, vision problems can occur over the years, which is extremely unpleasant.

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It is quite difficult to calculate the average salary of a software tester. It's because she depends on how luckyspecialist. So, you can take one order for 10 thousand rubles and do it in a week, or you can get a job for 20 thousand rubles and not overcome it for a whole month.

And yet it is safe to say that the income of a novice tester varies between 10-15 thousand rubles per month. An experienced specialist can earn the same money twice as fast. And a full-time employee of a prestigious company receives about 40-45 thousand rubles at all.

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