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How interest is calculated on a Sberbank pension card: benefits, conditions and interest rate
How interest is calculated on a Sberbank pension card: benefits, conditions and interest rate

Not so long ago, most of the financial institutions of the Russian Federation replaced their social pension cards with a single payment system "Mir". The most famous Sberbank in Russia was no exception. How interest is calculated on the pension card of this financial institution, we will describe in the publication.

pensioners on bicycles
pensioners on bicycles

What are the cards?

Pension card is a plastic carrier issued by Sberbank of Russia. The product contains a bank logo, a black magnetic line on the back, a picture on the front side and a three-digit code on the other side.

The only distinguishing feature of such plastic is joining the unified domestic payment system. It is with her that Sberbank has been working lately. Does the pension card earn interest? Of course, yes.

Pensioners and money
Pensioners and money

Briefly about the reasons for the transition to a single payment system

The main reason for the transition of most financialorganizations to a single domestic payment system is an interruption in work with such giants as Visa and MasterCard.

The presence of regular failures is directly related to the connection of new sanctions. At the same time, dependence on such payment systems made customers of different ages nervous and worried about their savings or savings. Many at that time were interested in the question, how much interest is charged on the Sberbank pension card? And most importantly, will it be possible to withdraw earned dividends later?

In 2014, the domestic payment system "Mir" was launched. And the published law on the Russian payment system of a single sample forced all banks to connect to it. Sberbank did this in 2016 by transferring all of its clients to the domestic Mir payment system.

ATM and card
ATM and card

What are the features of a pension card?

The pension card of this financial institution is issued and issued free of charge. There is no annual maintenance fee. The validity period of such a card is five years. You can order plastic online, by phone or during a personal visit. It is quite possible to pick up the finished one in three working days.

Commission fee for cashing money from the card, as a rule, is not charged. But on the condition that you are trying to withdraw cash exclusively in the Sberbank network. How is interest calculated on a pension card?

Does the principle of accruing interest on the Mir card differ from the previous version of the municipal pension account? And how do you switch from the old service to the new?

Bank employee, grandmother
Bank employee, grandmother

How much interest is credited to the card?

According to the developers of pension plastic, getting money for it is very profitable. After all, interest is charged on the balance of the Sberbank pension card. According to representatives of the credit institution, 3.5% per annum is added to the residual amount.

It is noteworthy that interest is charged only on the balance of the amount transferred by the State Pension Fund. If your card receives receipts from other sources, the received amounts do not participate in the bonus and accumulative system.

Cash withdrawal, ATM
Cash withdrawal, ATM

What and how is interest calculated on a Sberbank pension card?

In addition to the interest on the balance of the current pension account, interest-bonuses are accrued under the "Thank you" program. Taking part in this project, it is enough to make purchases in the indicated places and receive an additional 0.5% of the amount purchased from Sberbank and up to 20% of the amount from partners of this financial institution.

You can spend the accrued interest on a Sberbank pension card, as in the case of bonuses from the Thank You program, to purchase air tickets, book hotel rooms, receive tickets to shows, performances or a concert. And they are also spent on getting discount coupons and certificates in stores.

Joyful pensioners
Joyful pensioners

On what conditions are interest calculated?

In order for a pensioner to accumulate additional funds, certain conditions must be met. Interest is charged on the Sberbank pension card, as the owners themselves say, subject to an open current account.

To do this, you must personally visit the nearest branch of Sberbank with a passport, SNILS and a certificate of the types and amount of pensions, other municipal payments of the Pension Fund. This is one of the most important conditions.

The second important point is the presence on the account of money credited from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Accordingly, the larger the amount, the more significant your reward will be. The countdown for interest accrual starts from the very first day when the card was opened. Interest is calculated once per quarter. Therefore, the next transfer of interest for each new cardholder will occur exactly three months later at the end of the quarter.

What about pensioners with old cards?

All of the above conditions apply to holders of new plastic connected to the unified domestic payment system "Mir". But how is interest calculated on the Maestro Sberbank pension card?

According to the current rules of the bank, the transition from the old payment system to the new one takes place automatically. As soon as the expiration date of the card expires, a transition takes place. However, this can be done earlier, but subject to a personal appeal to the bank. To do this, you need to write an application and provide the above documents.

After the transfer to a new payment system, all previous savings and amounts are transferred to the issued Mir pension card. The automatic transition process to the new system is notfast and is designed for three years. According to experts, a full switchover from one system to another will occur before July 1, 2020.

What are the benefits of the new card?

The transition from the old payment system to the new one is associated with a number of advantages. The first and most important advantage of the new pension card is its reliability. The domestic operator of the monetary system is more reliable than its international counterparts in the market. This means that cardholders should not be afraid of blocking their plastic from the outside. The normal functioning of the Central Bank of Russia is the best guarantee for the smooth operation of the program.

The second important point is security. According to the developers of the map, it becomes clear that their brainchild fully complies with international standards. It is equipped with a protective magnetic chip. But at the same time, Mir cards function at their base of operations.

Moreover, the microchip of this plastic has been certified by MasterCard. It is protected from external penetration, temperature changes, electrical influences. It is able to overwrite the information on it and store it for as long as 10 years.

Another plus is close cooperation with other financial institutions. According to the existing agreement, Mir pension cards from Sberbank are also accepted by other financial institutions. ATMs and terminals also work with them. Virtual transfers of funds are carried out, online purchases are made. However, all these actions are available only on the territory of Russia. They do not work outside the country. AtMost of the operating services are located in Moscow. The connection of other regions takes place in stages, and the process itself is extremely slow.

As for opinions about the new payment system, the majority of Russian citizens took this innovation positively. True, not everyone likes change. This is especially true for the elderly, many of whom still experience difficulties with handling plastic media. How are you doing with your bank cards?

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