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Currency of Kyrgyzstan: som - the first monetary unit of the post-Soviet space

Currency of Kyrgyzstan: som - the first monetary unit of the post-Soviet space
Currency of Kyrgyzstan: som - the first monetary unit of the post-Soviet space

Kyrgyz som is the first currency of the post-Soviet space. You can find out interesting facts about its history, about the exchange rate against the ruble, as well as whether it will be easy for a tourist to exchange currency and how it is best to do it when traveling in Kyrgyzstan, you can find out by reading this article.

History of the currency

currency of kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan became the first country of the former USSR to adopt its national currency, the Kyrgyz som, which currently has the lowest inflation rate. The idea of ​​its creation arose after the changes that took place in the expanses of the former Soviet state. There were no agreements between the CIS countries, which contributed to the introduction of their own banknotes. The currency of Kyrgyzstan is very young, the som turned 20 only in 2013. On this occasion, a landmark event was held in the republic - the celebration of the Day of the introduction of the national currency. Monetary units in the republic were issued in 4 stages, as a result of which their level of security gradually increased. A study was also conducted, as a result of which theexchange rate - 200 rubles for one som. Exchange offices were opened in the branches of Sberbank and in the national bank, where any citizen (resident) of the republic could exchange ruble cash once. After that, the som became the only means of payment approved at the legislative level.

Why catfish?

Kyrgyzstani som

The word "som" is of Turkic origin and means "ruble". Russian banknotes of the 1938 model were nominally designated as “som”, and the name “tyiyn” (1 som is equal to 100 tyiyns) had small change money. Before the currency of Kyrgyzstan was introduced, many sketches of banknotes were considered, for the development of which professional artists were involved. Now sketches can be found at the National Museum of Numismatics of Kyrgyzstan. Under the President of the Republic, there was a commission for the selection of sketches. It's no secret that the first impression of a country is formed precisely because of the appearance of its currency.

Where can I exchange currency in Kyrgyzstan?

The currency of Kyrgyzstan is the "visiting card" of the country, its unique design reflects the national flavor, sights and cultural heritage. The production of catfish is a creative process, which involves not only artists, but also professionals specializing in the protection of banknotes. The French and English companies are directly involved in printing the currency. When planning a trip, it is worth remembering that the currency of Kyrgyzstan, whose exchange rate against the ruble is currently 6,853 rubles. for 10 soms, is the onlylegally permitted for circulation. In Kyrgyzstan, money can be changed everywhere, but the cost of the ruble in the provinces is lower than in the cities. If rubles, dollars and euros are accepted as payment, the exchange rate will be significantly reduced.

Travel Tips

currency of kyrgyzstan exchange rate to ruble

Mobile communications, transport, accommodation and food are still cheap, especially if you travel on your own. On average, the price for one dish ranges from a dollar to two, renting a room is about $10, a ten-hour ride on a rented bus is about 160 rubles. Despite the fact that the som is the only legal means of payment in Kyrgyzstan, when paying for a hotel or organizing high- altitude tours, in some places payment is required in Russian rubles, euros or US dollars. If you intend to spend your holidays in this country and you need the currency of Kyrgyzstan, you need to remember that it is not worth the risk of changing money on the street. For this, there are points and banks that work full time. Tourism in the country is still poorly developed, but nevertheless, many people visit it in search of adventure and new experiences.

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