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Woman engineer. Women's engineering professions
Woman engineer. Women's engineering professions

Paying attention to the labor market, it is easy to see that lately there has been an increased demand for technical speci alties. Complex design work, planning and design today attract not only the representatives of the stronger sex. The boundaries are blurred, and, as practice shows, women are increasingly becoming the chief and leading engineers. What attracts ladies to such speci alties, and how to understand that in a refined nature there is a desire for a technical field? This guide will help you deal with such questions.

Engineering as one of the most popular fields

The first mention of technical speci alties dates back to the distant 13-16 centuries. It was then that the era of mass construction began, when literates and experts from all over the world set about designing and constructing the first weapons and combat vehicles for military operations. The search for inventors and craftsmen who understand the functioning of mechanisms was often accompanied by certain difficulties. One of the prominent representativesthe engineer of that time was Leonardo Da Vinci - a famous artist and scientist.

An unprecedented boom in technical speci alties began during the Soviet era. Almost every child, coming to school, said that his father was an engineer. The situation changed drastically after perestroika, when humanitarian speci alties became more in demand on the labor market. More and more school graduates began to dream of the professions of a lawyer, journalist, psychologist and accountant.

However, now, in 2019, the labor market is oversaturated with humanitarians. Many graduates of the largest universities do not work in their profession, and sometimes even remain without a position. Technical professions are beginning to be in greater demand, and statistics show that the salaries of such workers are increasing. European countries are embarking on the path of rapid development of production, so they need smart specialists.

Top 15 Engineering Professions

Among the vast ocean of positions, technical speci alties are becoming increasingly important. Engineering in this case is a separate area, which includes several key industries.

Woman engineer in production

Specialists have identified a list of 15 technical industries, which represent professions that are in demand in the coming years. All of them, one way or another, are included in the engineering direction. These include:

  1. Reclamation Engineer. Provides prompt response to customer complaints regarding the quality of finished products.
  2. Professiona "design engineer" whose key responsibilities are the creation, design and testing of the latest inventions.
  3. Energy engineer - operates heat and gas supply systems.
  4. Civil engineer. A person capable of carrying out complex projects for the construction of buildings and structures.
  5. Food engineer who designs and runs automation systems to create different food groups.
  6. Profession "chemical engineer" - an expert in the study of the properties, structure and methods of rational processing of chemical raw materials.
  7. Communications engineer. A guide to the world of radio engineering.
  8. Ontoengineer - a specialist responsible for the operation of artificial intelligence.
  9. Acoustics is another technical direction. An engineer of this type is engaged in the creation of soundproofing in rooms.
  10. Profession "engineer-designer". Engaged in the development of accurate schemes and plans for structures.
  11. Biotechnologist - a genetic engineer involved in the creation of new products, plants, etc.
  12. Mechanical engineer is one of the first technical professions. Professionals involved in the design and operation of mechanical equipment.
  13. Process engineer or production engineer who optimizes and improves the operation of plants, devices.
  14. Metrologist, or verifier. An engineer calculating the accuracy of measuring equipment.
  15. Electrical engineer - installs, maintains and repairs transmissions in electrical voltage circuits.

Definitely at the peakpopularity are technical speci alties with an emphasis on design. Employees with knowledge of PCs and robotics are also called engineers of the future.

"Technical speci alties for the stronger sex" and other stereotypes

Unfortunately, even today it is generally accepted that only men can join the ranks of engineers. Most of them have a developed logical thinking that helps in their work. Recently, however, more and more girls are applying to get a higher engineering and technical education. Such discrimination in the 21st century is clearly unacceptable. And although men clatter at the mention of a female engineer, ladies are slowly proving their professionalism, increasingly taking positions as specialists in large construction companies.

female engineer in hardhat

Tech girls reveal their little secret in this direction. The main thing, in their opinion, is to love what you do. Success comes when you do what you love.

How to understand that engineering is your direction

A girl interested in physics and mathematics can apply for more than just a school teacher. There are several points that will help identify a girl's predisposition to engineering professions:

  • Tendency to introversion. A little passivity in communication is useful for those who are going to work on individual orders and projects.
  • Responsibility. This quality is necessary for the engineers of the future, because many projects need to be controlled and handed over.on time.
  • Love for computing and exact sciences. A girl who understands physics is the nonsense of the 21st century. And if she also has excellent visual logic, then in the future she will become a real find for any employer.
  • Often, female engineers have a tendency in childhood to build, collect puzzles and constructor.

Which tech trends have become girls' favorites?

Having highlighted the predisposition to engineering speci alties, the future student begins to search for the desired profession. It is very important to be based on personal interests here - some prefer to work with structures, others like to design layouts for websites and computer programs. And while ladies are considered far from engineering, numerous examples of successful female techies are increasingly proving the opposite.

female engineer education

There are several main female engineering professions, which are most often engaged in by the fair sex. Prone to exact sciences. This is:

  • design engineer profession;
  • architectural engineer;
  • web specialist or web engineer;
  • telecom engineer.

Feature of technical professions for women

Specialists have identified one key quality that will help people in their work as an engineer. It applies to both males and females. Experts believe that this is the ability to process a large amount of information. Thinking in the form of diagrams and drawing up layouts and designs will help inplanning and future facilities.

Woman engineer constructor

There is also an opinion that computer engineering is gaining more and more popularity among ladies. Therefore, future applicants seeking to enter this profession need to upgrade their skills and become a confident PC user.

Physical work or lack of it - what should a woman choose?

The two extremes that stand out in most professions are high activity or sedentary work. Both the first and second options can have a negative impact on he alth.

Some men believe that a female engineer cannot work in a technical profession due to the amount of physical stress. However, they do not consider positions where intense mental activity is required.

Woman engineer profession

There is no clear advice on the choice of direction and place of work for a female engineer. But it is worth noting that it is necessary to take care of your he alth and not forget about short breaks, because the female body reacts to stimuli several times stronger than the male one.

A ticket to a profession, or how to apply for an engineering degree

Before a girl starts choosing an educational institution, you must first determine your own interests. A girl interested in the food industry should carefully study biology and chemistry. Ladies who prefer robotics need to master physics and design.

girl engineer

Most of the traininginstitutions upon admission evaluates the results of the exam in 2 compulsory subjects and physics. Some institutes additionally conduct entrance examinations for a thorough selection of applicants.

Pros and cons of the profession

Before you apply for admission to an engineering speci alty, it is worth considering all its positive and negative sides. According to some data, more than 70% of those who have received an engineering degree find a job within a few months. In addition, as statistics show, there is an increase in monetary remuneration for labor in the labor market for engineers. Often, experienced engineers work on an individual schedule, which helps to distribute forces and complete projects at a high level. A job description and the opportunity to take additional courses is another plus that attracts future engineers.

The disadvantages of the profession include a certain monotony and routine. Engineering work requires perseverance and concentration, which is not suitable for people who prefer to work in jerks. A thorough check of the results is also necessary - one mistake can spoil the result of the project.

Where can a woman work in her speci alty?

Many world-famous enterprises need specialists. The female engineer will apply her knowledge in artificial intelligence research, robotics, large factories and companies. A technical education is also suitable for medicine, construction, architecture, energy, etc.

Many employers pay attention to the gender of engineers, guided bystereotypical thinking. The lady in this case will have to convince the boss that she has sufficient knowledge and competence. But if harassment continues even with perfect job performance, why not find an employer free of clichés and boundaries?

Average salary for engineers

Money remuneration for work depends on many factors: experience, line of work and education. Initially, the salary of an engineer is 15-25 thousand rubles per month. According to data for 2017, experienced workers receive from 35 to 70 thousand rubles a month.

Woman engineer designer

Employees who perform complex and important activities at strategic facilities earn an average of 80-130 thousand rubles a month. Employees of private commercial organizations can also receive high salaries.

Best advice for an engineer girl

Technical professions are on an all-time high. More and more employers are striving to find an engineer of the future who knows his business inside and out. Why not try yourself in this role?

Don't worry about being discriminated against or stereotyped as an all-male profession. As a rule, all grinding in the workplace ends after the management sees the result of the work of a female engineer.

An interesting direction with a good salary, suitable for responsible women - all this can now be said about technical speci alties. The main thing is an interest in the design business and the ability to think withthe help of sign systems, and the rest will come with the development of engineering skills!

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