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Courier documents: individual order, invoice, order form, document delivery rules and courier working conditions

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Courier documents: individual order, invoice, order form, document delivery rules and courier working conditions
Courier documents: individual order, invoice, order form, document delivery rules and courier working conditions

Working in the delivery service is very popular today, especially among ambitious young people. A courier is not just a person delivering parcels, but a trained specialist who has certain skills and can bring a parcel or correspondence to the specified address with high quality and promptly.

About work

At first glance, it may seem that it is easy to work as a courier - he took the parcel and brought it to the right place. However, everything is not so simple here, since the courier service employee has a great responsibility, including material. After all, he must deliver the order on time and do everything necessary for its safety. Therefore, in modern companies involved in the delivery of goods, parcels or correspondence, there are certain courier documents that specialists in this field of activity deal with.

courier documents

Individual order

Every day, getting startedduties, the courier receives from the coordinator a list of orders that he needs to complete. This document is considered internal and has the name "individual order". It is filled in by the dispatcher. Such a list is not just a list of customer addresses, but also the most complete information about a particular order. This contains the customer's contact information, including mobile phone number, address, delivery time, and some additional requirements from the customer.

The order represents the individual route of each delivery service worker. When compiling this document, the coordinator develops the best option for the movement of the courier, taking into account the conditions of all existing orders. Referring to the route sheet, the courier is able to deliver the goods as quickly as possible, without material and time losses.

Experienced specialists in this service sector advise the following. Before starting work, you need to study the route issued by the dispatcher. Ideally, you need to mentally evaluate the actual effectiveness of such a plan. There is a possibility that the courier, knowing this or that area of ​​the city better, can independently lay out a more efficient and convenient route. If the area to which you need to deliver is busy, then it is better to develop a route on foot. Delivery of documents by courier in this case will be as fast as possible.

work of a courier with documents in Moscow


As mentioned earlier, the courier, as a delivery service specialist, bearsfor sending financial responsibility. This means that in case of damage to the goods, loss of a letter or other correspondence, as well as loss or deformation of valuable cargo, the courier must reimburse its cost determined by the online store, customer or client company.

In order to protect their employees and prevent the possibility of fraud by unscrupulous customers, the delivery service provides the courier with special documents - invoices, which indicate the cost and name of the product or product. After the delivery and receipt of payment, the courier provides the client with an invoice, where he must put his signature. This is a confirmation of the proper execution of the order.

Orders that have been previously paid by bank transfer or electronic payment are considered an exception. In this situation, the client verbally confirms the integrity of the delivered package.

Order form

This is another courier document used in his professional activities. The purpose of the order form is almost the same as that of the invoice. Moreover, these two papers must be handed over to a specialist before being sent for parcel delivery.

courier delivery of documents

In the order form, the dispatcher must display all available information about him. If we are talking about any product, for example, small household appliances, then in this document the coordinator indicates the size, weight of the parcel, the cost of the goods and other characteristics. The courier hands the order form to the client for signature afteras delivery is made by courier. This is considered a confirmation that the specialist has fulfilled his obligations to the customer and the latter is satisfied with the result.

Please note that the order form must remain with the delivery customer. This is necessary so that in the event of a dispute, he can file a complaint. For example, if the client, after the courier leaves, finds any defects on the delivered goods.

Why does the courier need documents?

All of the above documents are the minimum set of papers that delivery service specialists work with. They are designed to make the work of couriers as efficient and comfortable as possible. Documentation is also needed in order to protect employees in case of adverse situations.

In addition, it must also be remembered that activities in the delivery service require regular reporting to the coordinators. The report is another internal document filled in by the employee himself and provides the coordinator with information that confirms the conscientious performance of the courier's work.

Working with documents in this field of activity is daily, however, experienced specialists warn: do not destroy orders and invoices immediately after receiving the customer's signature or transfer to the dispatcher. Just in case, they should be stored for at least a month. If invoices are handed over to the coordinators immediately after delivery, it is recommended to make copies of them.

courierdelivery of documents

Documentation Delivery

The delivery service specialist is responsible for transporting not only parcels, but also documentation. This includes the delivery of business papers, letters, packages, books, etc. to their destination in accordance with the recommendations of a superior employee, as well as their receipt from other organizations. At the same time, the courier must be familiar with special (professional) information: the rules for accounting, delivery and storage of papers for their intended purpose. He must also be aware of the location of the objects served.

In general, when transporting documents, the courier follows the same rules as when transporting parcels and valuable goods. For reporting and coordination of actions, he is given the same documents that must be filled out and other necessary actions must be taken in accordance with the regulations.

foot courier delivery of documents

Working conditions of the courier

The list of functions performed by an employee of this kind of company includes:

  1. Delivery of any correspondence and cargo in accordance with the instructions of the manager, which may be the director of the enterprise or the head of the courier service.
  2. Develop your own route.
  3. Carefully studying the location of the recipient, talking with him by phone, specifying the time convenient for the meeting.
  4. Issuance and receipt of a power of attorney from the responsible person.
  5. Proper paperwork for delivery.
  6. Timely execution of all orders.


In addition to the above, the employee has a certain schedule for the delivery of documents. The courier, like all employees, should have a convenient schedule, including a lunch break. Salary may be fixed, or it may depend on the number of deliveries made by the courier.

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Courier service in Moscow

It should be noted that courier services in Moscow allow all residents of the capital to save their time and money, which makes life much easier and more enjoyable. In addition, in the current age of constant haste and high speeds, courier services allow each person who uses them to save their nerves and strength, which is also very important in the modern capital.

If we talk specifically about the delivery of documents by courier in Moscow, then this takes into account the huge difference in life compared to the cities of the periphery. People sometimes simply have no time to go for the necessary goods or documents on their own, and sometimes even cook dinner. Therefore, the work of a courier with documents in Moscow is in high demand.

Delivery of documents by courier in Moscow

Almost every Moscow online store, cinema box office, pizzeria and travel agency cooperate with organizations providing courier services. Using them in the capital or in another city of the country, each client saves himself from having to stand in line, wasting precious time.

In Moscow, there is a wide variety of courier services, but the principle of their work is identical. May slightlyshipping rates vary, but in general, the principle of operation is approximately the same.

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