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Sberbank, card replacement: reasons, methods. How to renew a Sberbank card

Sberbank, card replacement: reasons, methods. How to renew a Sberbank card
Sberbank, card replacement: reasons, methods. How to renew a Sberbank card

Today we will consider how Sberbank works and serves customers. Replacing a card and extending bank plastic is what the population is most interested in. Not everyone understands how long a bank card is valid, how and when it is necessary to reissue or renew it. Understanding all this is not so difficult. The main thing is to know a few nuances of the process. What to pay attention to first of all? What should every citizen who has bank plastic from Sberbank know?

Sberbank card replacement

Different cards - one principle

The thing is that the first thing that customers pay attention to is that the specified financial institution is issuing several types of banking plastic. The procedure for manufacturing and re-issuing in one case or another will be similar. But the terms of use are different. Therefore, it is important to know which bank cards Sberbank offers.

The following types of plastic are currently distinguished:

  • debit;
  • credit;
  • salary;
  • gift.

Most often people work withdebit cards and credit cards. The salary card is usually replaced by the employer. Therefore, a citizen should not think about this process.

Validity period

Each banking plastic has its own "lifespan". The validity period of a Sberbank card varies from 1 year to 5 years. As a rule, most often there are cards that are valid for 36 months. After the specified period, the plastic must be changed. How to do this will be explained later.

The "life" of a bank card is indicated on the front side of the plastic. There should be a year and month of expiration. This information helps citizens navigate on issues related to the replacement, extension and re-issuance of cards.

issue a bank card

Scheduled replacement

In total, there are several options for translating ideas into reality. Or rather, the reasons why it is necessary to come with a corresponding application to Sberbank. The replacement of the card is carried out according to the plan. This is the first reason.

Scheduled reissue - a procedure that is usually performed even without the participation of the owner. A citizen is being made new plastic, which can be picked up at the same branch of Sberbank where the primary card was issued.

If a planned replacement is not needed, the financial institution must be notified of this no later than 45 days before the expiration date of the plastic. Then, if necessary, you can replace the card yourself.

Unscheduled replacements

The next scenario is a situation in which the validity of the Sberbank card has not expired. There is such a thing as an unscheduled reissue. This is quite normal. In fact, this is an independent application of a citizen about the production of a new bank card linked to the old account.

how to renew a sberbank card

When can I apply to Sberbank for this reason? The card is replaced if:

  1. A citizen independently at any time decided to reissue a bank card. There is no need to explain why.
  2. In case of loss of bank plastic. Then you need to implement the idea as soon as possible.
  3. If the bank card was stolen. First you have to block the plastic. Exactly the same as in the case of loss.
  4. There has been a change in personal information (full name of the citizen). For example, upon marriage or divorce.
  5. The card was "eaten" by the ATM. Quite a common case. Especially if a citizen has forgotten the pin code from bank plastic.
  6. Card blocking. There are both voluntary blocking and forced blocking.

It is under such circumstances that you need to think about how to change a card in Sberbank. There is really nothing difficult about it.

Original production

But before you prepare bank plastic, you need to think about how it is issued initially. The thing is that, depending on the type of card, one or another list will be provided.documents. In the case of debit plastic, the following papers may be required:

  • SNILS (optional);
  • identity card.

With them you need to come to any branch of Sberbank and write an application of the established form for issuing a debit card. After 10-14 days, you can pick up the plastic. Now it’s clear how you can initially issue a Sberbank card. Also, customers have the right to bring their ideas to life with the service "Card delivery at home". This is an order of plastic on the Internet using the official website of a financial institution.

Sberbank card expiration date

Primary registration of "credit cards"

But if we are talking about how to get a Sberbank card, which is a credit card, then the process of applying to a financial institution changes a little. The thing is that initially you can realize the idea through:

  • of the Sberbank Online service;
  • official website of Sberbank;
  • personal visit to the nearest financial company office.

But you need to provide a certain list of papers, different from what was needed when making a debit card. To apply for a credit card at Sberbank, they ask:

  • identity card;
  • statement of the established form;
  • certificates confirming income;
  • citizen's work book;
  • papers indicating marital status.

And if you need to contact Sberbank for reissue? Replacing a credit type card requires maintenancethe same papers as in the case of the primary production of plastic. And this must be taken into account.

Automatic reissue

If a citizen has not reported his unwillingness to cancel the automatic issuance of bank plastic, then there is no need to worry at all about how to renew a Sberbank card. It has already been said that it is made automatically. All that remains for a citizen is to come and collect their plastic.

how to change a bank card

It is important to pay attention to the fact that such a decision is not convenient for everyone. After all, you need to pick up a bank card directly at the branch where the plastic was originally issued. If you want to get it in another place, 45 days before the expiration date, the citizen must report this in writing.

Card lock

Before reissuing bank cards, you need to block the previously existing plastic. Without this operation, it will not be possible to bring the idea to life. What needs to be done for this? Contact Sberbank! Replacing the card and blocking the old plastic can occur at the same time.

In any case, you can terminate a previously issued card:

  • by contacting Sberbank in person;
  • through "Mobile Bank";
  • using the hotline;
  • by personal action.

In the case of a personal appeal, everything is simple. A citizen comes to any branch of Sberbank, then writes an application for blocking. For this, an identity card is enough. If yes, contractplastic manufacturing.

Personal actions can block the card by 3 times incorrectly entered pin code. In this case, automatic blocking occurs. If a citizen worked with an ATM, then the plastic will be "eaten".

To think about how to change a Sberbank card in another city or branch before the plastic expires, you can call 8 800 555 55 50. Next, the operator is informed of their intentions. The owner calls his passport data and a secret word. After the operator makes sure that he is talking to the real owner, he will block the plastic.

SMS-request through "Mobile Bank" - the most common scenario. It is necessary to send an SMS to number 900 in the format "BLOCKING 4 last digits of the card, separated by a space - the reason for blocking". The reasons may be as follows:

  • 0 - card loss;
  • 1 - theft;
  • 2 - chewed up by ATM;
  • 3 - other reasons.

Methods of reissue

Assume that plastic from Sberbank is already blocked. Replacement of the card or its reissue during an unscheduled operation can be done in the following ways:

  • by personal appeal to the branch where the plastic was originally produced;
  • visit any branch of Sberbank;
  • through the website using the "Card Home Delivery" service.

The citizen himself has the right to choose one or another method of action. It is recommended to apply in personto any branch of Sberbank. The one in which it will be convenient to further reissue bank plastic.

Sberbank card validity

Personal visit

What is the procedure for applying to Sberbank? The card is replaced, as already mentioned, on the basis of an application from a citizen. To submit it, it is enough to decide on the type of debit card in the service plan. Then come to the bank with an identity card and write an application for reissue or extension of the blocked plastic. There is nothing difficult or special about this.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that employees will ask if a citizen has ever had a Sberbank bank card. If the answer is yes, then the person will be asked if he wants to link plastic to an existing account.


And how to reissue when it comes to using Internet technologies? On the official website of Sberbank, you need to select the "Reissue card" function. Sometimes it is called "Card home delivery". Next, an application of the established sample is formed and sent. It states:

  • F. Acting future owner;
  • applicant's passport details;
  • information about the registration of a person;
  • reason for reissue;
  • office where you want to pick up plastic.

Accordingly, new Sberbank cards will be where the citizen indicates. It will be enough to come at the appointed time to the branch with an identity card, and then pick up a bank card.

In the case of a credit card, everythinghappens in a similar way. Only a citizen must bring with him the documents that are necessary for the initial receipt of a "credit card".

how to change a Sberbank card in another city

It turns out that the validity of the Sberbank card is not so important. After all, every citizen at any time is able to block plastic and re-release it. There is nothing difficult in the process.

At the moment, it is not possible to order debit-type banking plastic via the Internet. Therefore, you will have to act only personally. But credit cards can be issued through the official website and Sberbank Online. Now it’s clear how to renew a Sberbank card or block it.

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