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Sausage "Papa can": reviews and product descriptions

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Sausage "Papa can": reviews and product descriptions
Sausage "Papa can": reviews and product descriptions

Sausages have long been an integral part of our daily lives. Not a single preparation of juicy, tasty and fragrant homemade pizza is complete without this product. And what could be better than a breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs with pieces of sausage or sausages. They can also be used in salads, as a quick sandwich or sandwich snack, or served with pasta and mashed potatoes.

In this article we will consider information about the sausage "Papa can". Reviews about this product are very mixed, but we will help you understand whether the product is worth eating or not.


boiled sausage

Products are manufactured by a company called JSC "Ostankino Meat Processing Plant". The company was founded in 1954, and its products are still in great demand and popularity.among the population.

According to data obtained through a number of relevant studies, the sausages of this manufacturer do not contain third-party impurities and are approved for use.

The company claims that it uses only high-quality and natural raw materials for production, which have undergone all the necessary processing. In addition, OJSC "Ostankino Meat Processing Plant" complies with all world standards and every year improves the taste, composition and expands the range of products.

Variety of goods

JSC "Ostankino Meat Processing Plant" includes such a trademark as "Papa Can". Products differ in appearance, composition and expiration dates.

So, what can be purchased under the sign of TM "Papa can":

  • boiled sausages;
  • sausages;
  • wieners;
  • semi-smoked sausages;
  • boiled-smoked sausages;
  • smoked meats;
  • hams;
  • dumplings.
product variety

As you yourself have already seen, the list of products is quite large. Thanks to such a variety of meat products, each of you will be able to find something suitable for yourself and your loved ones.


Before we move on to the reviews about the sausage "Papa can", we will consider its composition.

All products are available in convenient and durable vacuum packaging that is not damaged during transportation. The weight of the finished product ranges from 400 grams to one and a halfkilogram. The shelf life is 30 days for boiled sausage, but sirloin and garlic can be stored for 60 and 45 days, respectively. Storage temperature varies from 0 to 6 degrees.

The composition of the boiled sausage "Papa can", reviews of which we will consider a little later:

  • pork;
  • drinking purified water;
  • chicken poultry meat;
  • chicken breast fillet;
  • sunflower oil;
  • food additives.

File sausage ingredients:

  • chicken breast fillet;
  • drinking water;
  • beef;
  • spices;
  • mustard seed;
  • granulated sugar;
  • s alt.

Ingredients of garlic sausage:

  • pork;
  • chicken breast fillet;
  • fat;
  • s alt;
  • milk powder;
  • sugar;
  • garlic.
garlic sausage

Now consider the content of proteins and fats in the sausage "Papa can".

Energy value

Nutritional value of 100g garlic sausage:

  • proteins - 12 grams;
  • fats - 21 grams;
  • carbohydrates - 3 grams;
  • calories - 249 kcal.

What 100 g Papa Can sirloin sausage contains:

  • proteins - 9 grams;
  • fats - 15 grams;
  • carbohydrates - 0 grams;
  • calories - 171 kcal.

Energy and nutritional value of 100 g boiled sausage:

  • proteins - 8 grams;
  • fats - 20 grams;
  • carbohydrates - 0 grams;
  • calories - 212kcal.

The final calorie content of sausage products of Ostankino Meat Processing Plant OJSC, produced under the Papa Mozhet trademark, is extremely low. In addition, during the diet, the use of boiled or sirloin sausages is allowed, but in moderation.

Sausage "Papa can": consumer reviews

Now that we have figured out the composition, energy value and variety of products, we can safely proceed to customer reviews. For your convenience, we will break down the reviews into lists related to a particular variety. In addition, you will learn all the advantages and disadvantages of these sausages.

Positive feedback about boiled sausage "Papa can":

  • convenient and durable packaging;
  • affordable pricing;
  • wide selection in supermarkets and speci alty stores;
  • pleasant taste and aroma;
  • quality composition;
  • low calorie.

Negative comments:

  • weird pale pink;
  • sausage often comes across small cartilage.

Positive feedback about Papa can sirloin sausage:

  • low price;
  • frequent promotions for this type of product;
  • taste good;
  • good composition;
  • spicy aroma;
  • delicate structure;
  • availability.
sirloin sausage

No flaws found.

Reviews on garlic sausage "Papa can":

  • excellent taste;
  • pleasant garlic flavor;
  • acceptable calories;
  • medium hard consistency;
  • fat is invisible during consumption;
  • relatively low price for 420 grams of finished product;
  • Due to the fact that the sausage is not sold by a stick, but by a small piece, customers can immediately appreciate how the cut looks.

Negative responses from consumers include the following:

  • contains too much glutamate;
  • high flow;
  • unnatural shell.

Buy or avoid this product, it's up to you.

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