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OSAGO, "Renaissance": customer reviews
OSAGO, "Renaissance": customer reviews

When choosing an insurer for OSAGO registration, the positive opinion of customers about the company is an indicator of quality and reliability. Reviews about OSAGO in Renaissance will let you know whether it is profitable to purchase a policy, whether the insurer pays in the event of an accident or not, as well as get information about the features of insurance in the office and online.

About company

JSC "Renaissance Insurance" in Russia since 1997. From the moment of development, the insurer has grown from a "middle-level" company into one of the leaders in the country's insurance market. In 2018, Renaissance ranked 13th in terms of insurance premiums in the Russian Federation with revenues of 30.2 billion rubles.

Insurer's offices are located in 19 regions of Russia. The main branch is located in Moscow. The insurance company is universal, that is, it provides services to protect the interests of clients in many areas, including auto insurance.

OSAGO - one of the most popular policies "RenaissanceInsurance", which customers can apply online since 2008. The insurer is the leader in Russia in 2018 in the sale of policies without intermediaries due to the progressive development of its own Renaissance Direct channel.

osago renaissance reviews

Sale of OSAGO and Casco policies via the Internet is one of the main channels for the sale of insurance products in 2019-2020. Due to successful sales, including auto insurance policies, as of the 2nd quarter of 2018, Renaissance Insurance holds a 2.23% market share of insurance services in the Russian Federation (according to the Banki.ru website). In the perspective of the insurer for the next 5 years - to occupy at least 5% of the Russian insurance market.

According to reviews, the Renaissance Insurance group has been one of the best insurers in OSAGO since 2016. In 2018, profit almost doubled the cost of repairs and compensation for damage to life and he alth.

Reliability indicators

When choosing a reliable insurer to purchase OSAGO, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the results of the analysis of financial activity. Ratings of insurers compiled by reputable agencies will let you know whether to trust the protection of the interests of the chosen organization.

As of June 21, 2018, the Renaissance Insurance group of companies has a high level of financial reliability ruAA-. The degree of sustainability was assessed by the leading Russian rating agency Expert RA.

ruAA- indicator is not the maximum value, but it is insignificantinferior to the rating of the highest degree of reliability - ruAAA. The maximum degree of financial stability as of May 1, 2019, according to the analysis of Expert RA, is with Sberbank Insurance, Ingosstrakh, VTB Insurance.

Insurer's profit

When analyzing a company, one of the credibility criteria is a stable profit. As of the 2nd quarter of 2018, the profit of the Renaissance Insurance group exceeded 7 billion rubles, while the share of insurance premiums from the sale of OSAGO policies amounted to almost 2 billion rubles.

According to reviews, OSAGO in "Renaissance Insurance" does not bring losses to the company by more than 47% of profit. This is important, as a loss-making insurer will not always be able to guarantee payment for repairs on time. Example: regular losses in the OSAGO market caused the financial problems of Rosgosstrakh, due to which the company has sharply reduced the volume of policy sales since 2018. Until 2016, Rosgosstrakh occupied a leading position in the OSAGO market with a total share of policies sold over 16%, and at the end of 2018 the insurer was only in 5th place (market share - 8.5%).

Peculiarities of acquiring OSAGO in "Renaissance Insurance"

Customers can apply for mandatory auto insurance at Renaissance online or at the company's office. Insurance purchased online is as important as policies purchased at a branch of the insurer.

renaissance insurance reviews on OSAGO

Features of buying OSAGO in "RenaissanceInsurance":

  • Discounts for regular customers. If the owner of the car previously insured under OSAGO at Renaissance, buying a new policy will cost up to 30% cheaper.
  • Options for legal entities. Policies are available in the section of the same name on the official website of the insurer.
  • Online payment. The calculator allows you to find out the preliminary price accurate to the ruble. The calculation is free of charge. After using the calculator, the client can immediately purchase a policy according to the specified parameters.

You can apply for OSAGO at Renaissance at any time of the day: the site works without breaks and weekends. The addresses and working hours of the company's branches are presented on the website, section "Offices and Contacts". To search for the desired branch, you need to set the region of residence.

It is more profitable to buy car insurance online: the policy will be sent to your email address immediately after paying the insurance premium. According to reviews, OSAGO in Renaissance will cost up to 50% cheaper if the client has more than 10 years of experience and has not caused losses to the insurer.

Buying insurance online: reviews

The number of OSAGO insurances that customers take out via the Internet is increasing every year. Vehicle owners want to evaluate the benefits of an insurer before taking out a policy. The study of reviews about OSAGO in "Renaissance" made it possible to form an idea about the work of the site.

What customers who tried to buy insurance online say:

  1. Online calculator works stably. The calculation is correct, except whenthe client made a mistake in the parameters (for example, he specified the wrong model of the vehicle). Calculating the cost of CMTPL using the calculator on the site takes about 7 minutes.
  2. Policies are sent to the post office immediately after payment of the insurance premium. According to the OSAGO law, as soon as the client has paid the amount for the policy, the insurance company is obliged to send a copy of the document to the e-mail specified by the client. With the exception of rare issues that were resolved in favor of customers after they contacted the company, Renaissance sends a copy of the E-OSAGO without delay.
  3. The contact center managers are polite and competent. If you encounter difficulties with purchasing insurance or logging into your personal account, a citizen can contact the support service. Applications are considered within 24 hours from the moment the application is registered online or by phone.
  4. The cost of the E-OSAGO policy is one of the most profitable in Russia. The insurer does not exceed the parameters specified by law and offers the best options for insurance coverage.

Renaissance Insurance was one of the first companies in the Russian Federation to sell online policies. Therefore, the insurer has been holding the position of the leader of the direct insurance market (without intermediaries) in Russia since 2018. According to reviews, OSAGO in Renaissance is one of the most profitable policies among similar offers on the auto insurance market. The process of applying for a policy through the website will take no more than 15 minutes.

Cost of E-OSAGO from Renaissance Insurance group of companies: calculation example

To assess the real benefit of the insurer, you need to know how much it will costbuying a policy in "Renaissance" and other insurance companies. The following vehicle parameters were used for the preliminary calculation:

  • car Hyundai Accent;
  • 2012 year of issue;
  • engine size 1.5 l.;
  • power 90 hp p.;
  • body type - sedan;
  • automatic transmission.

The car is registered and used in Moscow. The owner is a citizen whose CBM=0, 95.

renaissance OSAGO customer reviews

CBM - bonus-malus coefficient, used to calculate the number of accidents due to the fault of the driver, for which the insurer suffered losses. In the absence of an accident due to the fault of the driver during the year, due to which the company suffered losses, the KBM is reduced by 5%. As an example, an indicator characterizing accident-free driving during the previous period (before obtaining insurance) was used.

The calculation was made using the online service "Compare.ru". The results are presented in the table. The client can calculate OSAGO in "Renaissance" independently. The service is available on the insurer's website or other specialized sources.

The cost of OSAGO in "Renaissance" and other companies for better clarity is presented in the table below.

Name of insurer

Cost of OSAGO policy, in rubles

Renaissance Insurance Group












The cost of policies is up-to-date as of May 1, 2019. The amount of insurance was taken into account, taking into account the specified parameters, without purchasing additional insurance services (hull insurance, protection of life and he alth).

According to the feedback on OSAGO in "Renaissance Insurance", the cost of insurance in the office may vary. It is recommended to check the cost of a classic CMTPL with an insurance agent or by calling the contact center.

Documents for purchasing OSAGO

Purchasing a policy in "Renaissance" does not differ from the registration of insurance in other organizations. To buy or renew an OSAGO policy in "Renaissance" you need:

  1. Civil passport.
  2. Driver's license.
  3. Diagnostic card or coupon confirming the passing of technical inspection. The condition is relevant for vehicles whose service life has exceeded 3 years.
  4. Certificate of vehicle registration or passport if the car has not yet been registered.
  5. Statement. When applying at the office, the client fills out together with the insurance agent, when buying online - independently.

If insurance in "Renaissance" is issued forseveral drivers (policy with an unlimited number), each must bring their passport and driver's license. According to the law on OSAGO dated April 25, 2002 No. 40-FZ, the insurer has the right to require inspection of the vehicle when concluding an insurance contract. But, as a rule, when buying OSAGO, Renaissance Insurance employees do not require customers to provide a car for verification.

Insurance in offices: features

In 2019, more than 75% of customers prefer to purchase insurance policies in person. But in "Renaissance Insurance" every 4th policy is issued online.

Buying OSAGO in the office takes up to 3 hours, depending on the queue and the workload of agents. A prerequisite for issuing a policy is the availability of all documents from the list presented earlier. The insurance agent has the right to refuse to sell the OSAGO policy if the owner of the vehicle does not have a passport or other mandatory document.

It is allowed to issue insurance for a third party with a notarized power of attorney. The client can enter his name in the policy of another person if he has a power of attorney to drive a vehicle from the owner of the car.

Reviews on the work of managers in the offices of "Renaissance Insurance"

Purchasing compulsory insurance coverage at the Renaissance branch is one of the reasons why citizens become permanent insurers of the chosen organization. According to customer reviews about OSAGO in Renaissance Insurance, managers in branches are interested in resolving customer issues. To the work of insurance agentsalmost no customer complaints.

insurance renaissance OSAGO reviews

What they write about Renaissance managers on Sravni.ru, Banki.ru services and specialized forums:

  1. Specialists are distinguished by politeness, neat appearance.
  2. The agents are sympathetic to the problems of customers and try to do everything to make the driver satisfied with the service.
  3. Managers do not impose "extra" insurance if the client himself does not express a desire to purchase additional insurance coverage. If the buyer wishes to issue not only OSAGO, managers offer the driver the maximum possible discount.
  4. Thanks to well-coordinated work in the branch, there are practically no queues of 3 or more people.

Sometimes a visit to the "Renaissance" office for an OSAGO policy leaves a negative impression on buyers. In the negative feedback on OSAGO about the Renaissance Insurance group, buyers write that they were not satisfied with the process of purchasing insurance. Main complaints related to:

  1. Refusing to recalculate KBM. If the client made changes to the policy during the year, the calculation of the CBM can be applied taking into account the data of the previous year. The problem is also observed when switching from another insurer: in this case, sometimes the client's bonus-malus is calculated based on an average value equal to 1.
  2. Refusing to take out insurance. If clients do not have the necessary document, agents do not have the right to accept an application for OSAGO, but some vehicle owners regard this as a negative examplepolicy purchases.
  3. Incompetence and haste of workers. Incorrectly issued policy, errors in calculations cause indignation among attentive customers.

Error in the policy: what to do?

Sometimes, customers may be faced with a denial of damages. One of the reasons may be an error when applying for a policy.

You can detect a defect using the website of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers of Russia: the PCA database contains information on all OSAGO policies. If the client did not find his insurance after entering the documents, it is required to verify the correct spelling in the OSAGO sample. Information on the status of compulsory auto insurance is presented in the "OSAGO" section.

If during the check it turned out that the policy is defective, you should:

  1. Contact your insurer. The client can create an appeal in his personal account or come to the office of the company.
  2. Submit copies of documents.

Mistakes related to incorrect character input (typos) can be corrected within 24 hours. A policy with an incorrectly calculated period must be replaced. Information about the issuance of a new, corrected document is entered into the PCA database. The client will receive a copy of OSAGO within 1-2 days from the date of application to Renaissance Insurance.

According to customer reviews, OSAGO in Renaissance can be fixed within 2 hours at the insurer's office and 5 hours when buying E-OSAGO. The insurer does not charge an additional fee if the error was made due to the fault of an employee of the company or as a result of a technical failure.

Users of the Banki.ru and Sravni.ru portals wrote thatoccasionally there is a delay in sending E-OSAGO. But company representatives always respond to customer requests and resolve such issues within 24 hours.

Opinion of customers: how to find out about the activities of the company?

Sometimes customers leave complaints about employees on the Internet using the popular Sravni.ru and Banki.ru services and other specialized pages. In the feedback about the Renaissance Insurance group on OSAGO, the owners of the vehicle write which of the agents and in which city caused indignation.

ruppa renaissance insurance osago reviews

This "publicity policy" brings results: more than 90% of requests and complaints on the Web do not go unanswered. OSAGO in Renaissance insurance, according to reviews, is one of the key products, so the company is interested in maintaining a good reputation.

Cost of OSAGO in Moscow and other regions

Purchasing insurance in large cities is no different from purchasing Renaissance Insurance policies in regional centers. The difference lies only in the cost of insurance: depending on the territorial coefficient, OSAGO in the regions is paid differently. According to Renaissance Insurance clients, OSAGO in Moscow will cost 2 times more than, for example, in the small town of Kuznetsk, Nizhny Novgorod Region, since CT in the capital is the maximum in the country, and is equal to 2.

The regional coefficient is set annually by the state. The calculation is made on the basis of information about the frequency of accidents, depending onregion and traffic congestion.

The information is presented in the official document - Directive of the Bank of Russia dated September 19, 2014 No. 3384-U. It contains not only territorial OSAGO coefficients, but also information for calculating other indicators, except for tariffs set by insurers.

Find out how much it will cost to buy compulsory insurance in "Renaissance", the client can online, in the office or by calling the support service. The information is provided free of charge.

Payment under OSAGO: customer reviews

One of the key indicators characterizing the work of an insurance company is the percentage of payments under OSAGO. It shows how confident drivers can be in compensation for damages, and how the insurer behaves when necessary to meet financial obligations.

Most of the negative reviews about the insurance "Renaissance" for OSAGO are related to the payment of funds in the event of an accident (according to the comments of users of the financial portal "Banki.ru"). What users didn't like:

  1. The insurer may delay payment. Funds for repairs were paid to customers not 20 days later, but 2-3 months later. Negative reviews are related to compensation before the change in the law on OSAGO. According to the new rules, the insurer no longer reimburses money in the event of an accident, but pays for car repairs. The money is transferred to the account of the organization that the client has chosen to restore the vehicle. You can repair a car under the Renaissance policy at the partner auto repair shops of the insurer.
  2. Online, onOn the Banki.ru portal, customers complain that specialists are in no hurry to draw up paperwork for payment for an accident. Insurers are especially negative about the work of contact center employees. Some of the citizens had to wait for an operator's response for 40 minutes or more. As clients write, call center employees "feed" breakfasts about an imminent referral for repairs or refer to the alleged lack of documents, errors in the details.
  3. Incorrect damage calculation. 99% of insurers have complaints for this reason. The opinion of the car owner regarding the damage caused to his car does not always coincide with the result of the work of the appraiser. According to the feedback on OSAGO payments in Renaissance Insurance, in 3 out of 10 cases the company underestimates the cost of vehicle repairs. In 80% of cases, the reason for this is the mistake of the company's appraiser, who always inspects the vehicle before announcing the cost of repairs.
  4. Refused to accept documents. In the event of an error in the policy or the provision of an expired OSAGO, customers cannot count on compensation for damage. Some citizens regard this as a bad job of the insurer, forgetting about the terms of the contract. In Renaissance Insurance, like any insurance organization, auto repair funds are paid only to customers who are policy holders with a valid term. In the event of an accident due to the fault of the client, the victim will be compensated for repairs, but the insurer will apply a recourse requirement (refund for damage).

An error in the policy leads to a discrepancy between the information from the OSAGO AIS database. To pay for repairsat the expense of the insurer, the policyholder must correct errors in the policy in advance.

Does the company pay for OSAGO?

If we evaluate the overall picture of compensation for damage by the Renaissance Insurance group of companies, then the owner of the OSAGO policy can count on repairs at the expense of the insurance company. But, according to reviews, payments for OSAGO in Renaissance are not always carried out in accordance with the law.

renaissance OSAGO

According to the feedback from customers left on the inguru.ru portal, managers in Yekaterinburg are not entirely conscientious. So, some are trying to impose services, not giving the opportunity to receive the application form for payment.

In feedback on OSAGO in "Renaissance Insurance" in Yekaterinburg, vehicle owners sometimes mention that they were called to repair cars in a company not listed in the list of partner service stations.

In general, the insurer can sometimes violate the terms of the insurance contract, but does not shy away from financial obligations to customers. At the same time, in 2018, Renaissance Insurance was not included in the list of unprofitable organizations: income from the sale of OSAGO policies is 47% higher than the cost of repairing cars of injured citizens.

Payments for total OSAGO in "Renaissance", according to reviews, are not always made on time. Customers from Nizhny Novgorod often complain about the negative aspects associated with delayed payments (according to the website inguru.ru). According to the reviews of "Renaissance Insurance" for OSAGO, in Nizhny Novgorod, some people were not paid compensation for the complete death of the car for almost 2 months. The funds werelisted only after complaints: the insurer attributed the delay to a technical failure.

Reviews on service stations and OSAGO repair

In connection with the replacement of cash compensation under OSAGO with "in-kind" compensation in the form of car repairs at the expense of the insurance company, customers have another problem - high-quality repairs at a service station (SRT). According to the law on OSAGO dated 04.25.2002 No. 40-FZ, the client cannot choose where to send the damaged vehicle - the right of choice is assigned to the insurer.

renew the insurance policy of the renaissance

Sometimes the services rendered by service stations do not meet the expectations of customers. An example is the feedback from Renaissance clients on OSAGO in St. Petersburg (according to data from the site inguru.ru). The owners of the vehicle faced a problem: the service station chosen by the insurer did not have a license, in addition, the car service did not meet the requirements of the client. In the selected service station, it was not possible to make high-quality car repairs, which led to dissatisfaction and an increase in the timing of the fulfillment of obligations by the insurance company.

Another negative experience with OSAGO in "Renaissance" St. Petersburg is connected with the fact that car owners cannot always repair the vehicle at an authorized dealer, although they indicate this in the application when contacting the insurer. From a legal point of view, the company "Renaissance Insurance" does not violate the law, choosing a car service at its discretion. But an example explains the lack of customer focus: vehicle owners sometimes have to go to 2 centers to make a complete repair, solike the selected service station sometimes does not have the necessary equipment or a master.

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