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How much does an eyelash extension master earn and how to become one?

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How much does an eyelash extension master earn and how to become one?
How much does an eyelash extension master earn and how to become one?

The general trend associated with eyelash extensions, leads to the fact that many women are rapidly mastering the wisdom of this profession. After all, as you know, it is demand that creates supply. For some, this activity quickly becomes the main source of income. Eyelash extension masters earn from 500 rubles per client. However, this is an average figure, which may vary upwards.

eyelash extension master training


Unlike complex professions that take years to master, becoming an eyelash extension master can be done fairly quickly. Of course, there will be some costs. The training for an eyelash extension master costs an average of 15-20 thousand rubles. It only takes a few days to master the basic skills.

Despite the fact that the training is quite fast, this profession promises girls quitehigh income with minimal investment.

This is a fairly simple type of typically female business that anyone can do. These are female students, and mothers on maternity leave, who have a lot of free time. Even those who have a full-time job can learn eyelash extensions and get an additional source of income.


eyelash extension artist income

A novice eyelash extension artist must be prepared for high competition. This is due to the fact that such a business requires minimal time and money, and is also easy to learn. No wonder so many girls rushed to learn this new and relevant profession.

However, the good news is that not all eyelash extension masters without experience stay in this area for a long time. Someone quickly gets tired of painstaking work, someone does not like to look for clients, etc.

For this reason, a good specialist who does quality work has every chance to stay in this highly competitive niche for a long time and earn decent money, ahead of competitors.

How much does an eyelash extension artist earn

eyelash extension artist salary

The opportunity to earn a decent income is the most attractive factor for most girls. If we assume that a specialist works forty hours a week, like most office workers, he can earn an average of 80-100 thousand. Provided that the master will serve four clients daily.

Amountseems impressive, but you need to understand that in practice it is quite difficult to create such an impressive flow of customers. It also takes a lot of practice to get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality.

Now you know how much an eyelash extension master earns. However, do not take this information as an indisputable truth.

Prices in salons and home masters

Let's also look at the average prices in the salons. Beam extension - from 1500 rubles. Eyelash technique is more expensive, as it is more painstaking. The cost averages from 2000 rubles per procedure.

Periodically, you need to perform eyelash correction, which costs from 1200 rubles, removal costs girls in the amount of 700 rubles.

Eyelash coloring - from 600 rubles.

Prices seem impressive and earnings potential incredibly attractive. However, you must understand that several factors affect the final cost.

What determines the price?

How much does an eyelash extension artist earn?

Firstly, a home master charges an average of 15-20% less for his services than salon employees. This is already reducing potential earnings.

Secondly, how much an eyelash extension master earns also depends on his experience. Newcomers tend to try to charge low prices to attract customers. This is due to the fact that the quality of extensions does not allow them to compete with more experienced masters.

Third, from the payment thatis paid by the client, you need to deduct the cost of consumables. The average is fifty percent. This means that from each client you will earn only fifty percent of the payment that he makes. If you buy expensive materials, the profit will be reduced by another ten or fifteen percent. However, even in this case, this activity remains attractive.

beginner eyelash extension

And the last - the region of residence greatly affects the salary of the eyelash extension master. In the capital and other large cities, prices for such services are usually higher than in smaller cities. Before setting prices, study the offers of competitors who have launched their activities in your area. This allows you to get a more objective picture.


eyelash extension stylist no experience

How much an eyelash extension master earns is not the only question that should be of interest to those who wish to master the wisdom of this profession.

The work of this specialist is quite painstaking. You have to be patient with the extension, carefully separating each lash and gluing the artificial lash to it. The whole process should take about two hours. However, this will take a long time to hone your skills.

As a rule, it takes up to six hours for a beginner to complete eyelash extensions. This is quite a long time. Not every client has the patience to endure such a lengthy process. That's why masters withoutof experience are drastically reducing prices in order to attract first customers. Not everyone gets perfect results right away. It is necessary not only to glue artificial eyelashes, but also to ensure that the result looks quite natural. At first, you may have to work for free to gain experience.

How to become an eyelash extension master?

This profession is now trending, so there are many who want to master it. Now you know how much an eyelash master earns, it remains to figure out how to become one.

So, of course, you should start with training. Beyond that, however, be prepared to spend extra on materials and advertising to get your first customers.

how much does an eyelash extension artist make

The cost of courses where you will be taught how to build eyelashes is on average from two to ten thousand rubles. In the vast majority, it will be seven to eight thousand rubles, which will have to be invested in the development of this profession. The good news is that the training only lasts a few days. The bad news is that during this time, as a rule, it is not possible to hone the technique, so you have to practice on the first clients.

Initial expenses

In addition to paying for courses where theoretical knowledge and basic skills can be acquired, the future eyelash extension master will have some additional expenses.

  • As for the purchase of materials that will be required to serve the first customers, it will costan average of five to ten thousand rubles. Some girls prefer to buy the cheapest materials, explaining that the result will be the same as when using expensive consumables. This issue is still controversial, so it's up to you to decide. In addition, the choice depends on the clients you want to attract. If the decisive criterion for them is the price, then it is better to save on materials by offering inexpensive eyelash extensions.
  • By the way, attracting first customers also requires additional costs.
  • Specialists do not recommend launching an advertising campaign if you do not understand online advertising. It is better to consult with a marketer. However, this service is likely to be paid. Your costs will average from four to eight thousand rubles.

Masters who are engaged in eyelash extensions indicate that in this profession you constantly have to learn new things. That's why you should be prepared for the fact that the cost of education is not limited to the passage of basic courses. In addition, additional training will be required. The presence of various certificates allows you to achieve respect from customers who will not only apply themselves, but also bring friends. This allows you to reduce advertising costs, but at the same time provide yourself with a job.

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