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How much does a DJ earn: average salary, additional income, working conditions and reviews

How much does a DJ earn: average salary, additional income, working conditions and reviews
How much does a DJ earn: average salary, additional income, working conditions and reviews

Visitors of club parties know perfectly well without whom such an event would definitely not take place. Of course it's a DJ. This word is called a specialist who plays music files using special technical means. Due to the popularity of the above profession, many are interested in how much a DJ earns. Let's look into this issue in more detail.

how much do radio djs earn

Average salary

The level of income in this profession, like in most others, varies greatly. There are well-known DJs who can boast of serious fees.

However, most musicians in this field start their career by playing various tracks in school discos.

If a young DJ seriously considers this profession, he begins to work on his popularity. In the future, his income will greatly depend on the number of performances. The more often a musician is invited to various parties, theearn more money.

If we talk about the average salary of a DJ, it is not so high as many expect. It is about twenty to thirty thousand Russian rubles.

In Moscow

The capital is the most attractive option for DJs. It is in this city that a huge number of parties take place. There are all opportunities here to master the profession and gain popularity.

Besides, if you know how much DJs earn in Moscow, you can conclude that the numbers differ for the better compared to other Russian cities.

For example, even with little experience, you can get a job in a nightclub with an income of about fifty thousand rubles a month.

Extra earnings

Even with a permanent job, a DJ can increase his own income. This is due to additional side jobs.

Do you know how much a DJ makes per night? In just one set, which lasts no more than an hour and a half, a musician can earn about seven to eight thousand rubles. Agree, this is a very good fee for the specified period of work.

A radio DJ's salary can be hourly. The longer the shift lasts, the higher the income. Usually the rate starts from 500 rubles per hour.

how much do djs earn in moscow

If a musician has to be responsible for the musical accompaniment of a wedding celebration, then the newlyweds will have to pay an average of twenty to thirty thousand rubles for an eight-hour shift.

In addition to the abovepart-time jobs, a professional DJ can perform a considerable number of additional services, having income from them. For example, mixing tracks, audio accompaniment, etc.

Now you know how much DJs earn in clubs. Also, you will not be surprised by the fact that thanks to regular part-time jobs, you can have a good additional income that exceeds your salary.

Working conditions

You need to understand that the work of a DJ involves a complete lack of a normalized schedule. As a rule, you have to work at night.

However, if this is a wedding, then a DJ will be needed during the day as well.

In addition, some musicians take additional orders for the processing of audio files. You have to do them in your free time.

DJs who often have to tour should be prepared for the fact that they will need to constantly change their location. Each time you will have to reinstall the hardware and perform other additional settings. This is not always convenient.

You need to understand that the work of a DJ is not as easy as it might seem. That is why you need to be prepared for various difficulties. It is especially difficult for novice musicians who have no connections. Often, DJs are used in clubs almost for free. Because of their precarious situation, they are afraid of losing their jobs, so they accept unfavorable conditions.

how much does a dj earn per night


The profession of a DJ allows anyone who wants to succeed, if only he is ready to make enough of his own efforts and showdiligence. In addition, such a musical speci alty is considered quite prestigious. However, only promoted and popular people can count on a high salary.

High fees await those DJs who regularly organize tours. If there are no performances, then you should not count on high incomes.

The number of useful acquaintances greatly influences how much a DJ earns. For example, at the very beginning of a career, specialists have to work for a symbolic fee or even for free. This allows a novice DJ to make acquaintances and connections, develop a name for himself and gain popularity at least within his city.

how much do djs earn in clubs

How to master a profession?

Those who are attracted by the salary of a DJ in Moscow are wondering where to start. Perhaps it will come as a surprise to someone that education is not important for this musician. However, this does not mean that special training can be neglected.

The bottom line is that the DJ does not need to master the theory, but to practice each skill in practice. Some graduate from specialized courses, someone turns to acquaintances who are already employed in this profession. DJs learn all the secrets and subtleties in practice, so you should start it as soon as possible.

What determines income?

As you already understood, DJ fees can vary greatly. What influences their level of income? If we throw aside the popular representatives of this profession, it becomes almost a decisive factorevent to perform at.

radio dj salary

What are the options?

  • Night club. This is the widest segment in which almost any DJ will find a use for himself. The average rate per night starts from just a thousand rubles and increases as the popularity of the DJ increases. Professional musicians make twelve to fifteen thousand a night. Tips from visitors and a bonus from the owners of the institution are also possible.
  • Radio. On average, a shift lasts three to four hours or six to eight. In this case, the salary is calculated for each hour. How much do radio DJs earn? The base rate is four hundred to five hundred rubles. These figures can already be called attractive if we compare the fees of DJs with the average Russian salaries.
  • Weddings and other special occasions. Such orders become an additional part-time job for most DJs. You will have to work for several hours in a row, but the final fee may be ten thousand rubles or more.
club dj salary


Seriously considering this profession as the main occupation, you need to be interested not only in the level of income. After all, over time, even the highest DJ salary may seem like an unworthy reward for your own work.

There are pluses and minuses in this profession. Let's discuss the benefits first.

  • Early start. You can learn from your own experience how much a DJ earns, already at sixteenseventeen years. It is at this age that musicians can begin their careers. At first they will be expected at school and student discos. Over time, you can become a club star.
  • No age requirement. This applies not only to young young people, but also to older representatives of the profession. It's never too late to become a musician if you're attracted to a club DJ salary.
  • The opportunity to travel. If a specialist is invited on tour, he has a great prospect to travel around many countries. Moreover, such trips will take place during working hours, and it is possible that at the expense of the inviting party.
  • New acquaintances. Being a DJ involves a huge amount of communication. Therefore, it is not surprising that the DJ gradually acquires various acquaintances.
  • Fascinating work. For those who are interested in music, it is not so important how much a DJ earns. After all, the prospect of doing what they love, which brings both pleasure and income at the same time, is much more attractive for them.
DJ salary


Probably no profession can be perfect. The DJ is no exception.

  • Inconvenient schedule. Usually DJs perform at parties that take place at night. This imposes certain nuances on the way of life.
  • Loud music. As you know, high volume has a negative effect on hearing. A DJ often has to work in such conditions, so over time he may begin to notice a negative impact on his ownhe alth.
  • Expensive technology. Good musical equipment that a DJ needs costs a lot of money. A bad one will not allow you to organize high-quality sound of music. At the same time, you need to understand that visitors to clubs can damage equipment. Restaurant owners are not always ready to compensate for repairs.

Do DJs get paid a lot?

Of course, everyone has heard about the fabulous fees of world-famous musicians. However, you need to understand that there is a huge gap between the income of such a pro and a novice DJ. The latter have to develop a reputation for a long time and promote their own brand. Therefore, at least at first, you will have to agree to not the most favorable conditions, working almost for food.

DJs from Moscow and St. Petersburg have some advantage. It is easier for them to negotiate tours with the directors of provincial clubs than for local musicians. The latter, by the way, is not sweet at all.

On average, a provincial DJ is paid about a thousand rubles per night. It would seem that in a month it is quite possible to get at least an average salary. However, you need to understand that work happens only on weekends. And that is not always the case. Therefore, the amount of potential earnings is significantly reduced by reducing the number of working days.


You need to understand that, as in any other profession, here you have to fight for your own place in the sun. Beginner DJs have to gain popularity for a long time, make useful contacts and connections, competing with more experienced and well-known colleagues.

Now a huge number of people want to become DJs. At the same time, there are not so many worthy sites. In terms of competition, it is especially difficult for musicians from large cities. However, to some extent, this is offset by the high demand for their services.

In provincial towns there is little competition among DJs. However, the need for their services is low. It will be difficult for a beginner musician to break through here. Therefore, it is desirable to have an additional source of income until the DJ profession begins to bring a stable income.


Among representatives of many professions there is no consensus about their own activities. DJs are no exception.

The feedback from those who managed to get a good job is mostly positive. Creative work provides an opportunity for self-realization and brings moral satisfaction. In addition, such an activity is well paid.

However, there are opposite reviews. Those who failed to gain a foothold in the profession were dissatisfied. After all, an undiscovered DJ can only earn an average salary.

Is it worth it?

Learning about the fantastic fees of world-famous DJs, many begin to envy and decide to master this profession. However, they are greatly disappointed when they learn that an aspiring DJ has to work for little pay. In addition, further promotion and promotion require enormous time and financial costs. As practice shows, not everyone is ready for this.

Besides, you need to be realistic andunderstand that behind every popular DJ there is a team of professionals in which each of its members performs their own functions. Someone is engaged in marketing, someone negotiates with clients, etc. As a result, all this gives a result that others envy.

That's why, finding out what the salary of DJs is, you should not drop everything and go to learn this profession. On the way to high fees, you will have to go through thorns. First decide if you are ready for it. If high fees are the only thing that drives you, there is a high probability that you will be disappointed in the DJ profession. Some enter the profession at a young age, and few stay in it.

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