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Russian trains: elite RZD trains

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Russian trains: elite RZD trains
Russian trains: elite RZD trains

Under the clatter of the wheels of a train rushing into the distance, one dreams in a special way, and dreams seem more interesting. Especially if you go on a long-awaited vacation, using the services of Russian Railways. Russian trains have long established themselves as a convenient, popular and affordable form of domestic public transport. And the quality of transportation has improved a lot: the rolling stock has been updated, the volume of services provided has expanded, and the time spent on the road has been reduced. As for branded and high-speed trains, they are considered the pride, the elite of Russian Railways. Riding in them is comfortable and pleasant, they are serviced according to the highest class: the cars are clean, the air conditioners are working, the bed linen is almost new.

Branded train "Russia" (Moscow-Vladivostok)

Features of elite rolling stock

Branded Russian trains have the following distinguishing features:

  • year-round service (seasonal schedule excluded);
  • ensuring communication between the mainRussian cities (St. Petersburg/Moscow) and provincial capitals;
  • fast travel times and fewer stops;
  • presence of train names ("Tomich", "Southern Ural", "Red Arrow" and others). The name of the composition is written on route signs, in cars and other places. Only Premium trains have no names.
  • certain coloration of the compounds: previously it was individual, now a standard gray-red color has been introduced.
  • Branded train "Red Arrow"

Requirements for branded trains

As part of the "simple" Russian trains can be any wagons. The main thing is that they are serviceable and comply with certain rules. But there are special requirements for the Russian Railways brand fleet:

  • service life after commissioning or overhaul should not exceed 12 years;
  • cars must be decorated in the same style of the owner company, "premium" - in the style of Russian Railways;
  • bed sets must be new or short lived;
  • the shape of conductors is specially tailored for this composition, exclusive.
  • In the branded train "Demidov Express"

Names of Russian Railways branded trains

Along with ordinary passenger trains, transportation in our country is carried out by almost 85 branded trains. This value is floating, it depends on changes in passenger traffic. Trains of this type may be canceled or added, and sometimes underused. At the same time, severalbranded wagons are attached to the usual passenger train. On the Russian Railways website, you can find comprehensive information about branded trains, including the main one, running between Vladivostok and Moscow under the number 001/002.

The route of the Rossiya train is the longest in the country: the distance between the final points is 9.3 thousand kilometers. Another interesting branded train, "Sakhalin", runs around the island of the same name, between Nogliki and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, on a narrow gauge railway (width - 106.7 cm). It is the only one of the elite trains of the Russian Federation that is not included in the service of JSC FPC (Federal Passenger Company).

Also, among the beautiful names of branded Russian trains there are such as "White Nights", "Lotus", "Leo Tolstoy", "Textile Region", "Vorkuta", "Mari El" and many others.

Karelian Swallow

In a fairy tale in four hours. High-speed train "Lastochka"

Many travelers appreciated the convenient high-speed train, accommodating 3.5 hundred people and plying between Sortavala and St. Petersburg. Previously, this route took 6 hours and was not possible without transfers.

The launch of the train "Lastochka" solved many problems, reducing travel time by one and a half times. Comfortable carriages, picturesque views outside the windows, high class of service, the possibility of traveling with pets - these are the main advantages of the fabulous express train. Traveling by train "Lastochka" is convenient not only for residents of the region. This is a great way to attract new tourists and a safe way tomovement of school groups.

Leaving the northern capital at 6 am, passengers read, sleep, admire the scenery - so quietly get into the fairy-tale world of Karelia. The crystal clearness of its numerous lakes (60 thousand), waterfalls and rivers, the stone canyon of Ruskeala, the coniferous air of centuries-old forests and the sacred Valaam - this is an amazing climate that heals the souls of people tired of megacities.

While traveling by rail in Russia, you have to travel thousands of kilometers, cross different time zones, communicate with many people. Perhaps traveling in third-class carriages is more romantic, but branded and high-speed trains are much faster and more comfortable. Good roads to all and good fellow travelers!

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