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Message from Sberbank: "Authorization cancelled". What is it, in what cases does the error occur?

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Message from Sberbank: "Authorization cancelled". What is it, in what cases does the error occur?
Message from Sberbank: "Authorization cancelled". What is it, in what cases does the error occur?

When working with Sberbank cards, customers sometimes encounter a problem when their operation is not completed. In this case, after payment, an SMS from 900 comes with the message: "Authorization cancellation". Sberbank thus warns the owner about the presence of a failure in the system. What is the reason for the error and how to solve the problem?

What is "Cancellation of Authorization" on a Sberbank card?

Authorization by "plastic" is a confirmation of the transaction by the issuer of the payment instrument. That is, Sberbank. Cancellation information is sent to the client at the time of or after the transaction.

deauthorization sberbank

If the cardholder received such a notification from 900, he should check his balance. Sberbank returns funds for the cancellation of authorization within 48 hours. If the cash return has not occurred, it is recommended to contact the Contact Center. Sberbank hotline worksaround the clock.

Reason for cancellation of operation

A transaction cancellation notification is received in the following cases:

  1. The client voluntarily canceled the operation after confirmation by the PIN code. For example, when paying at the Sberbank office, after which the employee canceled the operation.
  2. There was a technical failure. In such a situation, the cardholder receives a notification from number 900. The message indicates that the error occurred due to the fault of the bank.
  3. Reversal of operation. In the event of repeated debiting of funds, for example, when paying for a purchase at a retail outlet, the owner of the Sberbank card can request the cancellation of the debit. Sometimes cancellation occurs automatically: in this case, you do not need to apply to the store administration.
  4. Problems with POS-terminal. A malfunction of the payment terminal is the reason why the money is first debited from the card and then returned to the Sberbank account.
  5. Internet connection problems. During the payment process, especially through the Sberbank Online Internet service, funds may be debited, but the operation will remain pending confirmation.
Sberbank hotline

Why does Sberbank use authorization cancellation?

Authorization with bank cards is needed for additional protection of funds. Thus, the issuer warns against unauthorized cash withdrawals in case of fraud.

If the client received a notification from Sberbank with the revocation of authorization, the payment should be repeated to complete the operation. Message from900 numbers are received within 24 hours with a similar error. Reversal at retail outlets is the reason why notifications can be delayed up to 48 hours.

Sometimes the client does not receive SMS at all that his transaction was canceled by the issuer. From number 900, a notification may come about the transfer of funds to the card account. This is not a mistake: revocation of authorization by Sberbank may occur without notification, especially if the client has the Mobile Bank service blocked, or the number is not linked to the card.

What to do in case of a refund?

When the bank cancels the payment, the money is returned to the client. But if the payer wants to repeat the operation, he must first check the balance.

deauthorization sberbank

If the money has been received, you should carry out the same operation and, if necessary, confirm the payment on the Sberbank hotline.

Money stuck when canceling a transaction: what to do?

When the bank does not confirm the payment, there is a risk that the funds on the card account will be blocked without the ability to continue the transaction. What to do if the cancellation of authorization at Sberbank led to a freeze in cash:

  1. Wait 24 hours. During this time, the bank can confirm the transaction or return the funds.
  2. If waiting did not help, you need to contact Sberbank employees to solve the problem. When visiting the office, you need a passport and a bank card with which the client made the transaction. To call the contact center, you must go through identification, naming personal data, information inpassport and code word.
  3. When contacting a bank or support service in case of cancellation of authorization, the cardholder, with the help of employees, must draw up an application. After filling out the application, the client will receive a notification that his issue is being considered by technical support specialists. The SMS indicates the number of the appeal and the deadline for solving the problem.
what is authorization cancellation on a Sberbank card

It doesn't matter where the payer made the transaction: the processing time can be extended up to 45 days. When paying through Sberbank Online, authorization cancellation may mean that the client needs to confirm the operation using the contact center. Calling 900 is free.

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