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How to open a shawarma shop: necessary equipment, cost calculation, payback determination

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How to open a shawarma shop: necessary equipment, cost calculation, payback determination
How to open a shawarma shop: necessary equipment, cost calculation, payback determination

In today's world, in order to have a permanent stable income, you need to run your own business. Here's how not to make a mistake with choosing a niche. It's no secret that catering is one of the most profitable businesses. However, to open even a small cafe, you need a large start-up capital, so more and more entrepreneurs stop at the idea of ​​fast food. It is good because it does not require significant financial investments, and also provides complete freedom with the choice of business format, because today absolutely everything is sold through small stationary outlets, from the most ordinary pies to restaurant-level dishes.

But as statistics show, shawarma is in the greatest demand among consumers. It is very filling and tasty, and it is also relatively inexpensive, making it an ideal option for a snack. That is why the demand for this product remains stable throughout the year, and therefore, you can make good money selling it. Let's see how to open yourshawarma from scratch, and also find out what problems you will have to face.

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how to open your own shawarma from scratch

Every kind of business comes with its own challenges. This is especially true for catering. Therefore, to do everything right, you need to carefully plan everything. Don't know how to open a shawarma shop? A business plan, or rather, its main aspects, will help you with this. The process of launching the stall itself is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • IP registration;
  • registration of permits;
  • conclusion of contracts for the supply of raw materials and garbage disposal;
  • rent or purchase of an outlet;
  • equipment purchase;
  • search for employees;
  • purchase of raw materials;
  • marketing.

But before proceeding with the implementation of the plan, it is necessary to draw up a competent business plan. Especially without it, you shouldn’t start if you didn’t have your own business before and you don’t have the slightest idea how to open a shawarma shop. But even if you do not have experience and knowledge, it is not a problem. You will be able to cope with everything by following the instructions that will be given later in this article.

Preparing documents

Let's take a closer look at this. So, you have a business plan ready. What do you need to open shawarma from scratch? First of all, you should go to the tax office and register an individual entrepreneur. Next, you will need to prepare a package of mandatory documents. Includes:

  • permission to exercisestreet vending;
  • conclusion of the SES on the compliance of the stall with all sanitary standards and requirements;
  • conclusion of Rospotrebnadzor and annex to it;
  • production control plan;
  • contracts with disinfection, laundry, disinfection and utility services;
  • quality certificates for finished products.

All of these documents are mandatory. Without them, your activity will be considered illegal, which is fraught with serious problems with the law. In the event of a check, you may be issued a large fine, and close the point of sale.

Determining the location

how to open a shawarma business plan

This aspect should be given special attention. When compiling a business plan for a small business, shawarma may not be the only product sold, special attention must be paid to finding a suitable location. It is on him that the success and profitability of any point of sale, regardless of the group of goods, largely depends. As for fast food, the following places are the most suitable for it:

  • high traffic street intersections;
  • neighborhoods of educational institutions, urban markets and business centers;
  • sports facilities;
  • close to public transport;
  • shopping and entertainment centers.

The stall has a small size, so it can be installed absolutely anywhere. The main criterion is the constant presence of people who, being hungry, want fast, tasty andeat cheap. According to experts, big sales can be achieved if you trade at crossroads, as well as near bus stops and universities.

Stall requirements

Thinking about how to open a shawarma shop, you should immediately be ready to spend a certain amount of money on decorating a retail space. And this concerns not only the appearance, which should be bright and attractive, but also meet the basic technical standards. Any space in which food is prepared must have:

  • good ventilation system;
  • bathroom;
  • washstand.

It does not matter what format the stall will be - stationary or mobile. In any case, the requirements must be met, unless, of course, you want to receive a fine.


What do you need to know about this? For full-fledged work, you will need not only a stall or tent, but also certain equipment. Some start-up entrepreneurs want to save on it, so they buy cheap or used equipment, but because of this, product quality is significantly reduced. Therefore, it is better to choose good and reliable equipment. What do you need to open a shawarma shop? The minimum set includes the following:

  • grill - 45 000 rubles;
  • hood - 20 000 rubles;
  • refrigerator - 40 000 rubles;
  • microwave - 5 000 rubles;
  • cash register - 3,000 rubles;
  • kitchen furniture - 22 000 rubles;
  • dishes - 5 000 R.

Total purchaseequipment will cost 140,000 rubles. The indicated prices are averaged and may vary depending on the region of the country. After your business starts to bring a stable profit, you will be able to purchase better equipment, and at the first stages of work there will be quite enough reliable and inexpensive devices.


how to open a shawarma

Let's take a closer look at this. Many people, when drawing up a business plan for opening a shawarma, pay great attention to finding the ideal location and premises, as well as purchasing equipment. But, as practice shows, most do not take recruitment too seriously. For continuous operation and servicing a large number of customers, you will need:

  • manager;
  • 2 chefs;
  • cashier.

It is worth noting that at first you can manage the work of the shawarma stall yourself, as well as do accounting. An assistant can be found when you have several sales outlets. When hiring staff, the following criteria are key:

  • presence of a medical book;
  • at least 2 years experience;
  • stress resistance;
  • honesty;
  • well spoken and polite speech;
  • cleanliness.

To make the stall bring maximum profit, it is recommended to work at least 10 hours a day and seven days a week. Therefore, it is worth setting a shift schedule for chefs so that they have time to rest.

Ingredient sourcing

What do you need to open a shawarma

This aspect should be given special attention. What is needed to open a shawarma shop that will bring good profit? One of the key success factors is quality ingredients. Some businessmen want to reduce the cost of meals in order to maximize profits, but the result is the opposite effect. This is due to two reasons. Firstly, no one will sell tasteless food, and secondly, if someone gets poisoned by your fast food, this will entail criminal liability.

When looking for suppliers, give preference to large companies that have been operating in the market for a long time and have a reliable reputation. Although the initial purchase price is not the most profitable, you will be sure of the safety and quality of the ingredients. When you start to make a good turnover, you can negotiate a discount with the supplier.

Products are recommended to be purchased in small batches so that they do not have time to deteriorate. It will also save storage space and reduce utility bills.

Determining the assortment

how to open a shawarma stall

If you decide to open a shawarma stall, a business plan will greatly simplify this task for you, determine in advance what you will trade. The more diverse the assortment, the more you can earn. Related products can be:

  • juices;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • tea and coffee;
  • hot dogs;
  • mini pizza;
  • sandwiches;
  • patties;
  • burrito;
  • sausages in dough;
  • burgers, etc.

But you should understand that if you have a large assortment, you may need additional equipment. For example, for making tea, you will need an electric kettle, and for coffee, it is better to purchase a good coffee maker. Therefore, competently approach planning and realistically assess your financial capabilities.


This aspect should be read first. Even a novice entrepreneur knows that advertising is the engine of trade. Therefore, when developing a business plan for selling shawarma, you must carefully consider how and with what you will attract customers. To earn consistently, you must:

  • develop a bright and attractive kiosk design;
  • buy only fresh ingredients;
  • cook delicious food;
  • come up with interesting promotions.

Besides this, experts and marketers advise to make a transparent showcase. If people see how food is prepared, then they will not only have a stronger appetite, but will also increase confidence in your stall, because they will know that the shawarma or hot dog was prepared with clean hands in sterile conditions and from quality ingredients. At the same time, you must always keep the brand. One has only to cook fast food from expired products once, and negative reviews about you will scatter very quickly. And it will be impossible to restore a damaged reputation.

How to open a shawarma shop with minimal investment? It is quite possible. If you set up a stall inin a busy place, then special advertising costs will not be required. It will be enough to hang an attractive sign that catches the eye of passers-by, and buyers will not keep themselves waiting long. You can also print flyers on a regular black-and-white printer and hand them out near schools, malls, and other public places.

Financial planning

Each novice entrepreneur is interested in the question of how much money is needed to open a shawarma shop. Estimated costs are as follows:

  • registration of permits - 10,000 rubles;
  • purchase of equipment - 140,000 rubles;
  • rent - 30,000 rubles;
  • purchase of ingredients - 10,000 rubles;
  • salary - 40,000 rubles;
  • advertising - 5 000 rubles;
  • payment for utilities - 5,000 rubles

In total, it turns out that 240,000 rubles will be enough to start. Compared to the opening of other catering establishments, this is mere pennies.

Business profitability

what do you need to open a shawarma

So what do you need to know about this? Is it profitable to open a shawarma shop? The answer to this question must be obtained even before the start of registration of IP and registration of permits. Let's try to calculate the approximate time to break even. To date, the average cost of shawarma is 150 rubles. If the place for the stall is chosen well, then you can sell about 7 finished products per hour. Thus, when operating an institutionwithout days off for 12 hours a day, the daily revenue will be 12,500 rubles, and you can earn about 370,000 per month. We subtract the associated costs, which will equal 100,000 rubles, we get a net income of 270,000 rubles. It turns out that the initial investment will fully pay for itself in just 1 month. But you must understand that in business you can never be sure of anything, so it's better to plan with a small margin of time.

Potential risks

Above, it was described in detail how to open a shawarma shop. But in the process of work, you may encounter certain difficulties for which you should be prepared. Among the main ones are the following:

  • high competition;
  • difficulty finding qualified personnel;
  • responsibility for the sale of poor quality food;
  • probability of higher prices for ingredients.

Unfortunately, not all risks can be controlled, but you can influence the main ones. It is also important to consider that shawarma is a product for people with a low level of income, so you should not overestimate the price of finished products. You will need to optimize the entire process well in order to achieve the lowest possible cost.


how much money do you need to open a shawarma

According to experienced entrepreneurs, catering is a profitable, but very difficult business. The high level of competition, regular checks, the constant rise in prices for raw materials and much more - all this contributes to a lot ofdifficulties in the process. But if you approach the body thoroughly and plan everything carefully, you can build a profitable business that will regularly bring a steady income. And gradually scaling and opening new stalls, you will forever forget about what work is. The main thing is not to be lazy and use exclusively fresh ingredients in order to sell only delicious food. If people like your shawarma, then there will simply be no end to buyers. Most importantly, don't be afraid to take risks. And you will succeed!

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