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Children's entertainment center. Business plan: calculation procedure, determination of costs and payback, reviews

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Children's entertainment center. Business plan: calculation procedure, determination of costs and payback, reviews
Children's entertainment center. Business plan: calculation procedure, determination of costs and payback, reviews

Children's entertainment centers are a popular service. And yet there is not much competition in this business. The main thing is to create the most comfortable atmosphere for children, which would be conducive to games and fun. Below is a business plan on how to open a children's entertainment center.


Why is this direction one of the most profitable investments? This idea has several advantages that make it beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  1. High demand. The childcare service is in demand, especially now that the state provides support to young families. And when large shopping centers arose, the appearance of a children's room became a necessity.
  2. Good ROI. Small investments quickly pay off, which makes this direction in demand and increases competition.
  3. Small financial investment. Of course, to open your own business, including a children's entertainment center, you will need start-up capital. But this is not so much compared to other areas in business.
  4. You do not need to obtain a license to provide educational services, and this makes it more profitable to open than a children's development center.

Opening a children's entertainment center is a great investment. With a properly designed business plan, your business will quickly become profitable. You can also open such a children's entertainment complex in small towns, because the competition there is not so high, but there is a demand for this offer.

children's entertainment center

Choose a room

An important point in the business plan for opening a children's entertainment center is the selection of suitable premises. Usually it is placed in shopping malls, where there are a large number of shops. Children do not like to go shopping for a long time - for them this is a tedious task, and adults cannot calmly look for the right product. Therefore, such a children's entertainment complex is an excellent solution for small businesses.

Shopping centers are happy to allocate space for children's entertainment, because it also increases the number of visitors. To open a small area, an area of ​​\u200b\u200b150 square meters is suitable. m. The rental price depends on the size of the leased area, the location of the shopping center and the floor on which you place your complex.

But besides shopping malls for youra separate building is also suitable for business. It will be especially good if there is a cafe nearby. How popular your complex will be depends on a well-chosen location.


Also, when drawing up a business plan for a children's entertainment center, you should consider that you need to purchase the necessary equipment. Its quantity depends on the area of ​​your complex:

  1. Trampolines, labyrinths, "dry pools" are the most popular options for attractions. They not only perfectly entertain children, but also develop dexterity, coordination of movements.
  2. Gaming video simulators - both adults and children enjoy playing this attraction.
  3. Vending machines with prizes - they allow a child to win prizes. Children love to play in such attractions, and of course, they increase your income.

These are the main types of attractions that you can install in your complex. If the rented area is large enough, you can install table hockey or football, a playroom for the youngest visitors and a children's cafe.

Image "dry" pool

Required documents

To open a business - a children's entertainment center - you need to collect the necessary package of documents:

  1. You need to register as a legal entity (LLC) or an individual entrepreneur.
  2. Agreement for the lease of premises or the purchase of space necessary for doing business.
  3. Permission from the owner of the premises (if you rent it) to maintainthis business.
  4. Documents on the technical condition and service life of your equipment.
  5. Certificates of quality, safety compliance.
  6. Sanitary books for employees.
  7. Price list of services.
  8. Instruction on the rules of conduct in the center and handling of attractions.

When purchasing the necessary attractions, the entrepreneur must take into account that they must comply with sanitary standards. Also, in order to obtain a permit to conduct activities, you need to obtain permission from the relevant services (SES, fire) and have the necessary documents on hand.

day nursery

Name for the complex

We also need to come up with an original name for the children's entertainment center. It should be on a children's theme and be liked not only by children, but also by their parents. A good marketing ploy is to add foreign words to the title.

In addition, the name must match the design of the children's center. It can contain games (then they should be in a complex), fabulous, geographical words or terms from nature. A good name is one of the important components of a company's success.


In the business plan of the children's entertainment center, a recruitment item should be highlighted. The number of employees depends on the size of your complex. For example, a novice entrepreneur can combine several functions - an accountant and an administrator.

As the center develops, the staff should also be increased.The administrator is responsible for organizing the work of other employees, informs visitors about the services and monitors the cleanliness of the premises. There should also be an employee who monitors the condition of the attractions and can inform visitors about their work.

There must be a nanny who can play with little visitors. It is good if you can hire a professional photographer who will take beautiful pictures of little visitors and their parents. Ideally, if your employees have a pedagogical education. The larger the area and the number of visitors, the more employees are needed. To increase the income of your enterprise, you can invite teachers to conduct master classes. The salary of employees depends on the demand of your enterprise.

business plan

Marketing campaign

In the business plan of the children's entertainment center, you need to work out a marketing campaign. Proper advertising is one of the main components of the success of your enterprise. Some people think that the best advertising is testimonials from satisfied customers. But this approach is effective when doing business in small towns. And in conditions of work in megacities with high competition, you need to make the right advertising campaign.

You can make a small investment in the media - this will help attract some customers. But the main emphasis should be placed on the promotion of services on the Internet - after all, most of your audience actively use social networks. Therefore, you need to make contextual advertising, create groups in socialnetworks.

And be sure to create a website for your company. Its design should correspond to the general theme of the center. It should contain all the necessary information about the company, employees, it is recommended to place photos of your rides. It is also worth handing out leaflets, organizing promotions that will increase the attendance of your complex.

entertainment for children


An example of a business plan for a children's entertainment center with calculations is given below. Be sure to note the expenses and income of your enterprise. Here are the main expenses of an entrepreneur when opening this complex:

  • room rent;
  • premises renovation;
  • buying rides;
  • registration of necessary documents;
  • employee salaries;
  • advertising campaign.

Here are approximate calculations of investments for organizing a business in a small area:

  1. Rent and renovation of premises - 500,000 rubles.
  2. Purchase of attractions - 1,000,000 rubles.
  3. Preparation of necessary documents - 100,000 rubles.
  4. Salary for two employees - 60,000 rubles.
  5. Advertising campaign - 100,000 rubles.

The total amount is about 2,000,000 rubles (this is with contributions to the Pension Fund, taxes, etc.).

attractions for children


In the calculations of the business plan of the children's entertainment center, you must also indicate the approximate profit from your enterprise. If your complex will attendevery day 200 children, and the payment for looking after them will be 150 rubles per hour, then the monthly profit will be about 300,000 rubles. This includes utility bills, employee salaries and other small expenses.

Keep in mind that the more funds are invested in the project, the higher its profitability will be. You can increase income with the help of effective advertising, conducting master classes. All this will increase the flow of customers and the popularity of your complex.

Should I buy a franchise

Many aspiring entrepreneurs choose to purchase a franchise. Of course, creating a business under an already well-known brand makes the job much easier. A businessman no longer needs to think about the design of the premises, the selection of employees and the purchase of attractions. Franchise owners teach beginners everything, help them with documentation, provide permission to use the company's website. A well-known brand will quickly attract customers.

But this option has its drawbacks. To open a children's entertainment center under a franchise, you need to choose a room that suits the requirements of the company. You also need to make a fixed investment, i.e. you will not be able to save. Then you also need to make deductions to your franchisor. In addition, it is important to be original in the children's entertainment center: this is what attracts children and parents. Therefore, it is better to develop your brand, which will compare favorably with other complexes.

holidays for children


Business idea for a children's entertainment centerturns out to be more attractive to women, because many mothers are faced with the fact that there are few interesting places for children in shopping malls. Aspiring entrepreneurs note that this is not the most budgetary option for a small business, but it is profitable.

Also, most entrepreneurs note that the most difficult thing was to find attractions in accordance with all requirements. After all, the he alth and safety of children depend on it. Businessmen in their project like the fact that there is an opportunity to show creativity and make an interesting, original children's entertainment center.

The sphere of children's leisure is one of the most popular areas. The design of such complexes should be bright, with the participation of characters from children's fairy tales. Sometimes you can invite animators who can create a festive atmosphere that will increase the flow of visitors.

How to open a children's entertainment center from scratch? The main thing is the original concept, which should take into account the interests of not only young guests, but also their parents. They need to be sure that their children will have fun and enjoyment while being looked after by a competent staff member. And master classes will be of interest not only to children, but also to adults who can get original ideas for spending their child's leisure time. You can also invite various specialists who will advise adults on the development of the child. All this will make your center popular.

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