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LCD "Emerald" (Troitsk): description, apartments, reviews

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LCD "Emerald" (Troitsk): description, apartments, reviews
LCD "Emerald" (Troitsk): description, apartments, reviews

Buying an apartment in Moscow for the majority is a dream and at the same time an unaffordable luxury. Yes, and ecology, endless fuss in this case are the lack of metropolitan options. That is why at present it is very popular to acquire modern residential complexes and microdistricts being built up in the Moscow region and New Moscow. One of them is the residential complex "Emerald" in Troitsk. The project is interesting, of course, but what can it offer potential residents?

About the project

Twenty low-rise buildings built using monolith-brick technology - this is the residential complex "Emerald" in Troitsk. Unique patented technologies and certified materials guarantee the reliability and durability of all buildings. The developer offers comfortable apartments with a variety of layouts, as well as townhouses with a small adjacent area, a garage and a separate entrance. And all this is not far from the Moscow Ring Road.

lcd emerald troitsk location


LCD "Emerald" (Troitsk) is located just 18 km from the Moscow Ring Road, get toit is possible both along the Kaluga and Kyiv highways. The location is the strength of the project, it will be convenient for those who work in the capital, because both by private car and by public transport the road will be comfortable and fast. New Moscow is a promising direction, so a metro station will appear here in the near future, which will only improve the transport situation.

lcd emerald troitsk reviews

Real estate options

The developer offers a variety of real estate options to choose from: from spacious apartments to full-fledged townhouses. By the way, the latter have been especially popular over the past few years, as they give a unique opportunity to avoid a huge number of neighbors, enjoying the silence, comfort and other advantages of country life.

apartments in residential complex emerald troitsk

All apartments in the residential complex "Izumrudny" in Troitsk are rented out with a pre-finishing finish, including the installation of an entrance door, glazing of balconies and loggias, electrical wiring and all necessary communications. The multi-apartment buildings provide space for a concierge or security post, as well as a spacious lobby.


How developed is the infrastructure in the residential complex "Emerald" in Troitsk? Reviews indicate that there is everything you need in everyday life. A shopping and entertainment complex with grocery stores, service organizations, bank branches, as well as a cafe and a fitness center will appear on the territory of the complex.

Complexoriented towards families, including those with small children. While the parents are working, the kids will be in the kindergarten, designed for 120 people. The pre-school educational institution is located on the territory of the complex under round-the-clock video surveillance, providing a high level of safety for pupils.

Service specialists control the smooth operation of all communications and engineering networks. All residents of the residential complex "Emerald" in Troitsk will have access to the developed infrastructure of the city.

lcd emerald troitsk

Property value

Surely you are concerned about the cost of apartments in the residential complex "Emerald". A one-room apartment with an area of ​​46 square meters can be purchased for 5.5 million rubles. Yes, the price is not the most democratic, but it is not a pity to overpay for comfort, the availability of finishing in apartments, as well as peace and quiet.


LCD "Emerald" (Troitsk) - a vivid example of modern low-rise complexes, focused on meeting all the needs of a modern resident of the metropolis. If you have been eyeing New Moscow real estate for a long time, definitely take a look at the territory of the complex in order to see for yourself all the advantages described and, perhaps, become the owner of an apartment or house of your dreams.

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