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LCD "Aurora", Krasnodar: location, description of the complex, layout of apartments, photos and reviews of residents

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LCD "Aurora", Krasnodar: location, description of the complex, layout of apartments, photos and reviews of residents
LCD "Aurora", Krasnodar: location, description of the complex, layout of apartments, photos and reviews of residents

Modern Krasnodar is completely different from the city of Soviet times. Today it is a metropolis and one of the most dynamically developing cities in the country. Its residents have also changed, and more and more often, when choosing between a private house and an apartment, they prefer the latter option. And all because modern residential complexes have turned into separate microdistricts with their own infrastructure, which makes it possible to provide each resident with maximum comfort on the territory of the microsociety.

LCD "Aurora" (Krasnodar) - a unique residential complex that has attracted a lot of attention. We will talk about how the project turned out, what advantages it absorbed, within the framework of this material.

About the project

So, LCD ARS "Aurora" (Krasnodar) is a unique project of an apartment building with author's architecture, being built in the very center of the city. You will certainly not find a single similar house in the region. Enoughoften this project is confused with the residential complex "Aurora Park" (Krasnodar), but the only thing they have in common is the location - both are being built in the central part of the city, in an area with a developed infrastructure of the metropolis. The project provides for the use of monolithic-brick technology, which gives the building the necessary strength, durability and endurance.

aurora park krasnodar


Moscow investment and construction holding, formed by the merger of several major construction companies, led the construction of the residential complex "Aurora" (Krasnodar), which led him to such a significant success. Many years of experience, the use of advanced technologies and innovations, the author's approach to each object - this is what is characteristic of the company. Each of its projects is unique, you will not find a single similar one not only in the region, but also in any other city in the country. Author's architecture combined with comfort, developed infrastructure and excellent location of houses is what every potential buyer can count on.


LCD "Aurora" (Krasnodar) consists of six block-sections of variable number of storeys from 17 to 24 floors, forming a semi-closed circle with a courtyard. Potential residents can choose from 532 apartments from one to five rooms.

The architecture is extremely unusual for the region. The developer opted for the Empire style, which is characterized by the presence of rich, even luxurious decor: arches, columns, bas-reliefs.


The complex is being built at the intersectionFestivalny and Central microdistricts. Location is the main advantage of the project and the rather similar residential complex "Aurora Park" (Krasnodar). Reviews of those who managed to visit the construction site emphasize that this is the best place to live in the southern city. Nearby is the central Red Street, all the most famous sights. Aurora's address: Krasnodar, Garagenaya street, 67.

lcd aurora krasnodar

At the same time, the developer managed to isolate the local area from noise, through traffic, and all thanks to the unique C-shaped shape of the building. Some complain about the lack of greenery, the terrible ecological situation in the microdistrict. But if you get to know the area where construction is actively underway, then make sure that there is simply no reason for concern: within walking distance from the residential complex "Aurora" (Krasnodar) there is a central city park, several squares. In addition, the developer provided for the improvement and landscaping of the local area.

Transport accessibility

Transport accessibility is what attracts many to the residential complex "Aurora" (Krasnodar) The Neftchilar Highway is very close, respectively, it connects the object with other areas of the city. It doesn't matter if your family has a private car or if you use public transport, comfort and mobility are guaranteed in every case. Just a few meters from the complex there are public transport stops where you can take a seat in a trolley bus, bus and shuttle bus.taxi.

LCD ARS Aurora Krasnodar

The entrance to the territory of the complex will be paved, the roadway is flat and wide, so it will be easy and comfortable to travel by private vehicle.


Residents of the residential complex "Aurora" (Krasnodar) certainly will not be deprived of infrastructure facilities. The first floors of the house will be reserved for service organizations, shops, bank branches. And the main gift for all residents is their own restaurant, which you can go down to from your apartment by elevator, without even going outside. Just imagine: you can enjoy delicious aromatic coffee with French pastries every morning and celebrate significant events in your life without leaving the territory of the complex.

Within walking distance from the new building there are kindergartens and secondary schools, including those with in-depth study of foreign languages. There are enough shops, as well as cafes, bars, restaurants. Nearby there are several markets where you can buy fresh products of the national economy. By the way, local residents prefer to "shop" here, as the Krasnodar Territory is rich in fruits and vegetables. There are enough farms here, which allows you to consume quality fresh products every day.

lcd aurora krasnodar reviews


When building a comfort-class complex, every little thing, every detail should be foreseen. The issue of security today comes first when choosing an apartment. That is why many are quite demandingsuitable for region selection. The developer went even further and equipped the entire territory of his complex, including entrance groups and parking, with a 24-hour video surveillance system. Now you can not worry about the safety of children playing on the playground, and a parked car.

residential complex aurora krasnodar highway oilmen


The project of the complex provides for the improvement and landscaping of the surrounding area. There will be trees, shrubs, flower beds prepared by the best landscape designers of the city, as well as a zone with benches and gazebos, playgrounds and sports grounds not only for children, but also for adults. Just imagine: you can actively spend your free time, enjoy the silence and pleasant coolness in the shade of trees, without leaving the complex.

Underground parking for 200 cars is provided for car owners, surface parking is organized for guests.

Apartments, layouts

LCD "Aurora" (Krasnodar) is a comfort-class housing project, which is why many are counting on improved modern layouts and spacious apartments. What can a Moscow developer offer?

aurora g krasnodar

Indeed, potential buyers are impressed by the variety of planning solutions presented: spacious apartments, kitchen-living rooms where all family members, as well as friends and relatives, can gather, isolated rooms, wardrobe. The apartments are bright and spacious. In order to properly organizespace and storage system, you do not have to clutter square meters with massive furniture. Successful layouts allow you to use every square meter of space and provide maximum comfort for all residents of the new building.


All apartments in the complex are rented with a pre-finishing finish, respectively, you can save a significant part of the money and time on the subsequent repair of the area in the residential complex "Aurora" (Krasnodar). The feedback from equity holders, of course, affects the quality of work, but at the moment they have not started yet.

Prices, terms of purchase

The cost of a square meter in a new building starts from 55,000 rubles. At the moment, a one-room apartment in the residential complex "Aurora" can be purchased from 2.6 million rubles. Not the most budget price, but given the location and level of development, it is quite justified. The developer offers to purchase real estate in installments, as well as under the military mortgage program. You can apply for a mortgage loan from one of the partner banks on the most favorable terms. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you hurry up with your choice.

Customer feedback

Who, if not the first owners of the treasured meters, will help to form the correct and most objective idea of ​​the complex. It must be admitted that the construction is accompanied by a lot of comments and reviews, many caring residents of the city actively monitor all stages of the construction process, which allows us to provide the most objective assessment.

Recently, there are a lot of negative reviews on the net, aroundThe project was actively discussed, and all due to a significant delay in the completion of the house. The extremely dubious reputation of the developer also causes concerns among equity holders. This is a Moscow company, LCD "Aurora" - its first project in Krasnodar. And even many years of experience in this area, many successfully implemented projects no longer impress equity holders. People are concerned about the future of the project, as they have invested all their savings in it. Some are considering selling their stake altogether before the project is completely frozen.

aurora krasnodar address

The rest of the project is a godsend, it simply has no analogues either in the city or in the region as a whole. Bright spacious apartments, a closed area, private parking and, of course, an excellent location - that's what captivates. As the developer himself assures, some delays in terms are associated with contractors, the problem will be eliminated in the near future, and equity holders will receive pleasant compensation for waiting and delay.


Indeed, the residential complex "Aurora" in Krasnodar is a unique project of comfort-class housing, which simply does not exist. Of course, having familiarized ourselves with it and the reviews of equity holders closer, we found out that there are a number of problems. If you are not limited in terms and can forgive the developer for some delays, wanting to get a large apartment in the city center, surrounded by all infrastructure facilities, with its own closed area and parking - pay attention to the complex. In order to make a complete impression, be sure to visit the construction site,talk to workers and foremen - for sure you will dispel all fears and doubts.

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